Entry and exit points are two of the most important steps in the lifecycle of an employee’s journey.

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Self-onboarding via link

Copy, Paste, Send! That’s all you need from now on whenever you have a new hire joining your organization. Invite your new colleague to self-onboard into your company’s HRMS using a simple link, giving unique and pleasant onboarding experience that’s never seen before with a great employee management system in place.

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Multiple login options in a single employee management system.

Some organizations prefer a login process with email ID, while some prefer with employee numbers/ID and if you ask the employees they’ll probably prefer none and choose to go with their mobile numbers, instead. We’ve got everyone covered!

Popular features

Single Sign On (SSO)

If your company follows certain printing guidelines or you’re simply obsessed with ensuring perfect margins, fret not. We give you 3 presets to choose from, and the perfectionist in you can even customize the margins as you prefer.

Probation confirmation process

If required, you can create different probation confirmation approval workflows for different types of employees based on their role or department. An employee can get confirmed automatically once their confirmation pass through your required approval workflow. Employee management, like nowhere else.

Virtual signatures

Control whether employees can request for alternate exit-dates (or reduced notice periods) when resigning from their position. Based on approvals, exit dates can be automatically revised. Of course, irrespective of this, you can always custom-set a preferred exit date.

Essential features

Add employees in bulk

To help you discover the right letters and also for better structure to your letter library, we have categorized letters based on most commonly observed industry requirements. What’s more, you can create your own categorization too!

Bulk data update

You can easily upload your own letterhead image instead of using pre-printed letterhead papers. You can insert a header image and a footer image as well. Our system will ensure letter content remains within the letterhead/footer.

Probation rules

Distribute signing authorities to Department heads or Business Unit leaders, so that you can show appropriate folks’ signatues based on the purpose of the letter. Don’t bottleneck the letter signatures only yourself alone.

Notice periods

Not everyone will have the same notice periods in your organization. Configure your desired notice periods for each employee, choose whether they can resign using their self-service access and even choose whether managers can initiate resignations on behalf of employees as well.

Customizable Exit Reasons

Keeping track of the common reasons why employees leave or get fired in your organization can help immensely in designing your employee retention strategies. Using sumHR, you can either use our industry-standard list of most common exit reasons or define your own.

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