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The Employee’s First Day Experience: What Employers Need To Know

20 June 2012
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2 Tips for Admins to Enhance the sumHR User Experience

12 June 2012
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Sting Operation to Uncover Price Disparity of HRM Software in India

7 June 2012
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New Feature: Company Setup Page

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4 June 2012
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New Feature: Export Employee Leave Data

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30 May 2012
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Leave Policy Feature: New Enhancements Added

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28 May 2012
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sumHR Showcased at The Morpheus’ Open Demo Day & Future Conference

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21 May 2012
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sumHR Product Update: Personal Documents, Dependents, Pay Slips in PDF, and Org Structure

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18 May 2012
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sumHR Feature Update: Reimbursements

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30 March 2012
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sumHR Leave Policy Feature Enhanced

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29 May 2011
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sumHR HRMS Survey: Pressing Need for Organizations to Adopt HRMS

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12 May 2011
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First Look: sumHR Dashboard

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25 April 2011
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Significance of HR Software / HRMS in Organizations

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4 March 2011
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How We Reclaimed our Twitter Handle – @sumHR

2 March 2011
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How to Get Your Logo Designed: The sumHR Example for Startups

10 February 2011
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Coming Soon: sumHR – The Future of HRMS

4 February 2011
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The Origins of sumHR: How SaaS and HR Inspired Us

10 January 2011
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Hello World! We’re On Our Way…

“Solve a real problem and the world is yours.” – Aaron Patzer, Founder All of us would have ups and downs at some point in our lives. Some of us overcome the tough situations with sheer grit, while some just succumb to them. What we need to remember is that almost every problem has […]

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