Holiday Calendar List 2019: Time to pack your bags

holiday calendar list 2019Holiday calendar list 2019

Do you think seven long weekends would be enough to fulfil your wanderlust dreams? Maybe, maybe not! But think about how refreshed you’ll be at the end of each holiday, and the stories and the memories you will bring back for your colleagues in the office and your friends on Instagram! With the help of our annual holiday calendar list 2019, start planning your holidays.

This year’s list is here for you to start planning that weekend getaway to Goa that you’ve been waiting for since last summer. While we have no dearth of Indian festivals and holidays, they are always better if they come on a Friday or a Monday! Even though the New Year’s Day holiday was only a non-working weekday, the weekend after that was the first of the long weekends in 2019. The next one may be a little far way in the first week of March but in the meantime, why not use the Shiv Jayanti holiday in February to get rid of the Monday blues by catching on some sleep and Netflix?

When on a budget, you can also prioritise your leaves with the help of the sumHR’s app and make better use of the holidays. Be it applying for your leaves in advance or utilising the balance leaves, the app will sort it out for you. While travelling could be a great option for the long weekends, the single ones that fall right in the middle of the week or on a Sunday could be a great way to spend some quality time with the family at home and rejuvenating yourself.

April will again bring yet another extended weekend starting on a Friday! And use it well guys…because no more long weekends until August (July will be difficult but there’s always Saturday and Sunday to get us going…cheer up!). September looks like the month where you would want to plan your leaves wisely such that you could end up with almost five days away from work! Now how is that for the previously mentioned Goa trip?

Now that sumHR is here for your convenience, go and send your HR department your leave application and make the best of it for a smooth and hassle-free 2019, without having to worry about the next holiday!


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