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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there any setup or implementation fees?

Yes, we charge a nominal one-time setup fee calculated based on your employee count.

Is it possible to upgrade or downgrade at any time?

You can upgrade/downgrade mid-way in an ongoing subscription, we will adjust your billing on a pro-rated manner accordingly.

What does the implementation/setup services include?

Implementation process includes configuring HRMS policies/processes, setting up employee data, uploading payroll history, integrating biometric devices, and also training sessions with your HR team.

Is there a minimum commitment period or any cancellation fee? What about refunds?

No. We don't require any minimum commitment or cancellation fees on your subscription. However, there are no refunds for any unused period, if you decide to cancel mid-way through an ongoing subscription.

Does sumHR integrate with biometric devices? Is it free?

Yes, this is one of our fortes. sumHR is already integrated with most biometric devices. We charge a nominal one-time integration fee. In case your device is incompatible you can reach out to our team.

Do you have special discounts for SMBs, Startups, NGOs or Non-profits?

Of course, we're happy to encourage small businesses. You can avail special discounts if:
(a) you have govt. authorised certification for your SMB/MSME/NGO/Non-profit status, or
(b) you're part of a startup incubator program and haven't raised more than $250k in funding

Are there any discounts?

Of course! We all love discounts, don't we? If your employee count is above 100, we offer slab based volume discounts that make our pricing very economical. Remember to ask our team for discounts!

Can I create my own plan by selecting the modules I need?

Yes, you can bake your own unique plan with your choice of products from our list. You can pick & choose what you need. Request our sales team to tailor-make a plan for your company.

Do you offer Payroll outsourcing and statutory compliance services (like PF, ESI, TDS etc.)?

Yes, of course! For our India & UAE customers, we offer an end-to-end payroll outsourcing and compliance services also.

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