Product Update: Employee Reimbursement Module

This Diwali, we’re gifting your employees the joy of applying for reimbursement with ease. Our team at sumHR has worked hard towards creating a new module, “Employee Reimbursement”, just to make your life a little more relaxed.

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Business expenses are different for every employee based on their job role and requirements. Some are required to travel while some are required to make phone calls. With every employee having different expenses, it gets complicated to a keep track of who has spent what and where. It becomes hard to pay off reimbursements when you need to track every email and message. Calculating the amount paid off in employee reimbursement at the end of the month also becomes a tedious task; you need to find and cross-check every application and see what was & wasn’t rejected for whatever amount. To completely eliminate this, sumHR has a brand new feature for you.

Presenting: Employee Reimbursement System

sumHR’s Employee Reimbursement System is different for admins and users.

For admins:

How it works?

Admins are the only ones with access to create new policies for employee reimbursement. So you can create multiple policies to assign the respective employees/departments/teams. Every policy comes with 4 categories: work travel, communication, general expenses, and custom. The last one allows the admin to customize or create a new category based on their specific needs. The categories can be detailed down to the point where an employee can choose whether he traveled first class or second via rail.

Enabling these categories means these are the only categories the users will see if the policy is assigned to them. This way you can only assign a certain category to an employee who needs it. So admins can determine which employee is allowed to apply for what kind of reimbursement. Great way to reduce a long list of options that aren’t needed!

Admins get to select who gets approval and compensation rights, more power to you!

What does the dashboard look like?

reimbursement for hr

Admins can view every request whether it’s pending, rejected/revoked, approved or compensated. To make things even easier, you get a category wise graphical analysis of the number of requests and the amount of rupees paid.

For users:

How it works?

Employees can send reimbursement requests easily through the dashboard with the click of a button. While applying for reimbursement, users can only see the options made available to them via the policy assigned.

If a user is a manager, they can also view their reportee’s reimbursement requests. Although they cannot approve/reject any requests if they do not have authority to approve.

What does the dashboard look like?

reimbursement for employees

Users also get the same view as admins. But unlike admins, users can only see their own requests.

If you’re interested in making your life a lot easier and uncomplicated give us a call on +91 922 221 3195 to try this feature out!

In addition to this, sumHR can also help solve your attendance management, leave tracking, and performance management issues.

Or you can simply log on to and we’ll get in touch with you.

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