10 Worst Mistakes Every HR Manager Should Avoid


It’s often said that mistakes provide great learning opportunities. However, it’s much better not to make mistakes in the first place. Human resources management in itself is a complicated process. sumHR frees HR managers from all management worries and help streamline HRMS process, but certain things cannot be rectified by sumHR either, like the common mistakes HR managers make.

Top-10-hrmistakes-every-hr-manager-should-avoidSo, here are the top 10 commonly made mistakes by HR managers. I hope HR managers are all ears for this one.

1) Micromanaging


It is a common trend for HR heads to delegate work to employees and then continually supervise them in every step of the way. Supervision is necessary to a limited extent. But if you go overboard, it will have different effects on different people. Some would do anything to earn the trust of their manager and some would get used to being micromanaged. Employees should be accountable for their own work. The challenge is to eliminate the need for HR managers to hover over their subordinates.

2) Playing favorites

Avoiding these top 10 HR mistakes will help get through difficult tasks as smoothly as possible, while protecting the company from potential litigation and other damages. Identifying potential problems sooner can make a world of difference in the success of your business.

Let us know in the comments section if you agree with these mistakes. Please feel free to add on to the list if you have some valuable opinion.

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