[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Human Resources Department deals with the most important and sensitive resources of any organization- People. No matter what an organization deals in, be it manufacturing, trading, etc., it requires human resources at all levels, for basic functioning. They play an integral role in completing all the projects within the stipulated time. Because of this importance, it becomes even more essential for a company to have...

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[ninja_form id="12"] sumHR as your Payroll Outsourcing Company sumHR provides affordable Payroll Outsourcing in India. It suits the payroll management needs of businesses across various industries. With our payroll outsourcing, you can be assured of minimum paperwork and maximum result. Payroll Management is a very important process but it's time-consuming as well. We take the burden of Payroll Management off your shoulders, thanks to our Payroll Outsourcing...

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