Promotion – sumHR – Employee Attendance, Leaves and Payroll Management Software. Automate your HR Management using our awesome HR features. Sum up your HR! Fri, 10 Aug 2018 08:07:23 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Here are 3 Public Holidays in 2017 That Every Employee is Going to Loathe Sat, 07 Jan 2017 06:28:46 +0000 Most of the public holidays in 2016 landed on weekends, breaking all our teeny-tiny hearts. We’re glad 2017 has taken some cues from Shawn Mendes to treat us better. Alas, no relationship can ever be perfect. And we’re all going to have to deal with the few holidays in 2017 that have ended up being on a Sunday.

1) New Year 

YES. NEW YEAR. The one day that we really, really want on a weekday. Let’s face it, all our bosses are gonna get sloppy drunk and they know it too. This means it’s a guaranteed holiday for all of us! But sadly, all thanks to whoever decided the calendar (looking at you, Mayans), we’re all stuck with this one landing on a Sunday. Hope you guys enjoy going to work the next Monday. I’m 100% looking forward to it (:


No, really. I am.

2) Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti

Now, this one’s in Maharashtra only. And me being a Mumbaikar expecting to chill because Shivaji was born, am extremely disappointed. My birthday lands on a Sunday, totally cool. One less leave deducted from my balance. But a historic figure whose birthday might give us a holiday? C’mon, that has to be on a weekday.



3) Mahavir Jayanti

Jain people, we’re grateful to have you in our lives. All thanks to you, we get a holiday every year in the name of Mahavir Jayanti. But sadly, you couldn’t help us out this year. It’s okay, we’re not mad at you. Just sad that we’re missing out on another reason to stay in our warm cozy bed with a mug of coffee on a weekday. Have a marathon of our favorite TV show, go through a rollercoaster of emotions… Sorry, I got a bit carried away.



*wipes a tear away*

2017, even though you couldn’t give us these three holidays, we have very high hopes from you with regards to everything else.

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20 Smarter Ways to Get a Promotion Mon, 20 Apr 2015 10:14:51 +0000 Stuck at the same position for a long time? Do you feel the urge to get promoted? Newer responsibilities and cravings for a shiny future? Spot on! You’re in the right place. Promotions are like chocolates. Everyone wants more of it. Promotions are the sweet course of the meal. There isn’t anyone who does not crave for a promotion. No matter what position you are at, you desire to get promoted further.


Everyone preaches about working hard to earn a desired position. However, then there are people who do all the hard work but are still stuck in the same position.

Are they doing something wrong? That’s the actual question here!

Here are 20 tricks that will bag you a promotion faster.

[sociallocker]1) Learn from every mistake : Only God gets things right the first time.. “By seeking and blundering we learn,” ― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe . Don’t be disappointed on making an error. Take it in your stride and use it to improve your set of skills.

2) Correct Your Attitude : This matters the most. Your promotion majorly depends on your attitude towards your job. The way you feel about yourself is contagious and people always want more of a positive feeling.

4) Prepare to Deliver : Preparations are a must. Starting with a clear picture of what the project needs and then crafting it with your style is what invites a promotion. If your project turns out to be bad, kill it. Unlike when it comes to people, mercy killing is a law when it comes to work. “The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.” ― H. Jackson Brown Jr.

5) Want To Add Your Style? Wait! : Do what’s necessary first and then follow it with your craft. Excitement is good to get your job going. But don’t get over-excited and start crafting projects in your style. Complete the basic needs of the project and follow it with your decoration. Many get carried away by this dilemma!


6) Be consistent. Be dependable : When looking for people to fill in crucial positions, managers always select people they can depend on. So keep your work consistent. There is no victory in doing a brilliant job on one project if you follow it up with a couple of howlers.

7) Value time : If you don’t submit your projects on time, no matter how extravagant you prepare it, you’ll never move ahead of your current position. You’ll only move backward. Finish your projects on the quoted time. Deadlines sound deadlier when you’re late. Time is everything, live by it.


8) Seem like a workaholic : Let’s be fair. Managers love people who work hard or at least seem like they are. Be regular with your work. Take breaks, but smartly. You don’t want to end up taking breaks that lead you late remarks. Be in the good books and a promotion is sure to be heading your way.

9) By Heart This Word : ‘Follow-up’ with your manager regarding your done lists. This involves the records of your achievements and other tasks that you’ve succeeded at. This makes you more visible and lets your boss know what a good job you’re doing.

10) Any Feedbacks? : Get feedbacks on your projects and tasks. This is for improvement and to get better opinions on your work. You may not be right every time! You will make mistakes, a lot of them. The worst could happen if you don’t realize you goofed up. For this, getting ample of feedbacks is a must.

11) Evaluate Criticism : Feedbacks involve positives and a lot of negatives. Talking about the negatives, you don’t need to consider all of them. This time, you need to evaluate criticism and pick the correct ones.

12) Take advantage of the Receptive mood : Rendezvous with your boss and have an informal chat regarding your promotion. Make sure you don’t press it too hard. If you do, you’d probably land up in an awkward situation. People are more relaxed and definitely not very busy when out of the office. Your boss will be more responsive to your promotion in his receptive mood. Make sure you make the most of it.


13) Set Up A formal meeting : Talking to your boss about your promotion in the office might be a big deal if you discuss it with him for just a few minutes. Instead, set up a formal 1 hour meeting, talk about your achievements and other projects done by you that signals him to give you a promotion.

15) For the Lazy lads : Fathom out important decisions and sort out the tasks that seem to be never-ending. Don’t get stuck somewhere. If you can’t work hard, just work smart. Results are what matter in the end, anyway.

16) Be a team player : You may be successful at working alone, but working in a team is much more difficult. Running with a team and being a co-worker indicates your spirit to work in any situation without people being a matter. Make sure you run a team and be successful at it. This too can bag you a promotion.


18) Seek excellence : Don’t comfort yourself at the desk once you bag a promotion. Prove yourself how you deserved it. Make the most out of it. Excel in your current position to get going and welcome newer opportunities. Be proactive at work.

20) Don’t let emotions ride you : Sometimes, it’s hard to keep your emotions under control. However, nobody likes working with the emotionally unstable. Keep your emotions aside and focus on results. This is a sure shot way to make you a more likeable person to work with.


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