Bulk Import Attendance for All Employees, Export Details, and Edit Attendance

A few weeks ago, we launched the Attendance management feature of sumHR. We know you’ve enjoyed it, as per the feedback and suggestions received so far. Here is one more reason to rejoice. We’ve enhanced the Attendance feature of sumHR software and now you can look forward to three more things:

Bulk Import Attendance

Import Attendance HR Software You can now bulk import employee attendance details downloaded from biometric devices or saved in a spreadsheet.

Go to Setup Company (under Manage, Left Navigation bar) >> Attendance (Under Import)

Once you are on the Import Attendance page, click on the Choose File to select the CSV file. Select the relevant date format, time format and the delimiter, and then click on Upload CSV button.

Export Attendance

Export Attendance HR SoftwareWe have now configured sumHR to enable you to download the attendance data of your employees, which you can use to monitor as well as analyze trends.

Go to Setup Company (under Manage, Left Navigation bar) >> Attendance (Under Export)

Select the duration for which you want the Attendance report and then click Download. Though there are 3 default options, 1, 3, 6 months, you can also set a custom time frame.

Edit Attendance

View Attendance Log HR Software As an admin, you can edit the attendance details of the employees on sumHR.

Go to Company Directory (under HR Tools)

Click on the employee whose attendance details you want to edit. Select More
Options and then choose View Attendance Log. You can then click ‘Edit’ option on the respective date rows.

We are sure these enhancements of the sumHR attendance feature would make your HR management tasks a lot easier. Feel free to share your feedback/suggestions in the comments section below.

Jay Thaker

Jay is the Chief \”Go-To\” Officer at sumHR. He spearheads sales, support, product management and all things \”creative\”. Before this, he\’s worked in the startup teams at Burrp! and Directi.com. He loves writing whenever he gets the chance. Most often his writing will talk about sumHR, startups, leadership, motivation, inspiration and of course, HR best practices.

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