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Thought the ‘Abki Baar’ memes have died off? You might want to think again. We, at sumHR, have done the unexpected with our ‘Abki Baar sumHR’ campaign. HR firms traditionally shy away from innovation marketing. Watch us be the first to shed that veil!

1. NaMo wants you to vote for sumHR.

Entrepreneurs and Narendra Modi

2. Rahul Gandhi believes sumHR will leave behind a strong lineage

Entrepreneur and Rahul Gandhi

3. Mr. Kejriwal thinks sumHR will sweep it out this season.

Entrepreneurs and Arvind Kejriwal

4. Laloo Prasad Yadav wants you to jump onto the sumHR bandwagon.

Entrepreneurs and Laloo Prasad Yadav

5. Mamtaji promises to rally for sumHR on any given day.

Entrepreneurs and Mamta Banerjee

6. Jayalalitha would never want sumHR to leave!

Entrepreneurs and Jayalalitha

Smiling much? Share the love! Also, if you’re an firm in need of a superhero to manage your Human Resources, opt in for a free trial of sumHR. It’ll be a fun ride! 🙂

Disclaimer: None of the politicians featured here are associated with us in anyway. We do not intend to offend any one. The memes have been made solely for entertainment and marketing purposes. Please view this post with a smile if you’re none of the above, and with a pinch of salt if you are.

Liked it? Spread it!

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