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How to Write Emails to Employees: For Startups & SMBs

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Ankkita Chauhan
November 6, 2012
Write Employee Email

Emails to employees are a very crucial communication tool, and what you say in those emails is just as important. This mode of communication with employees is mostly consistent of instructions and attachments. It is important that your emails convey the message with clarity.

Here is how you can write effective emails to your employees:

Be specificWhen writing to your employee it is important to be specific. Don’t beat around the bush. Your employee has very little time to spare just like you do. Get to the point as soon as you can.

Maintain clarityWhen you email your employee, be clear about what you want your employee to do. Be descriptive about the things that may be complicated. Attach documents with bullet points, pictures etc. wherever needed. Don’t be vague because how the job is done is based on the instructions you give out.

SingularityIf you have a set of things to email on the same topic or an allegory of a host of topics, send it in one email. Create a PDF or Word document if you need to. This will decrease clutter for you and your employees. It will be easier to keep records of assignments handed out via email and maintain continuity.

Stay professionalRemember, it is a business email to your employee. Keep personal matters out of the email. You will have a plethora of other opportunities to socialize. Hence, a professional tone should always be maintained in the email.

Avoid tardinessDo not send an email too late to an employee. Maintain a considerable interval between the time of sending the email to the time of deadline of the assignment. Give your employee a fair amount of time. Avoid sending late emails with narrow deadlines.

Be politeAdd a little warmth and politeness to your emails. This will motivate your employee to work better. Amend a simple "Have a nice day!" or a kind greeting in the end. There’s no reason why even a professional email shouldn’t be polite. Employee management involves treating each other with kindness, even in an email.

Internal communication is the key to smooth functioning employee management. Therefore, it must be handled with professionalism, honesty, and kindness.

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Ankkita Chauhan
Ankita is a content writer at SocioSquares. She has 4+ years hands-on experience in copywriting, marketing and social media.
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