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Why Your Organisation Needs an HRMS Online, Right Away?


HRMS (Human Resource Management System) is generally known to cover a huge range of HR concepts and strategies. HRMS is a software capable of offering tremendous assistance to companies to ease their business and payroll processes. With the ever-evolving technological advances around, it has come to be known that HRMS online is the latest in the line.

HRMS – Yet another buzzword… Or something more?


The HRMS is a comprehensive HR program that enables the smooth functioning of almost all processes starting from recruiting and training assistance to salary and benefit planning, analytics, payroll, and performance statistics.

The terms HRMS, HRIS (Human Resource Information System), and HCM (Human Capital Management) may sound synonymous. But, there are subtle differences between the terms.

Understanding these differences is crucial for an organization to be able to manage its human resource needs. 


HRIS software is designed to manage people, policies, and procedures. This covers recruiting, core HR, benefit administration, absence management, compensation management, training and development, workflow, self-service, and reporting.


HCM software includes every element of an HRIS, but adds Talent Management and global capabilities such as multi-lingual, multi-currency, country-specific formatting and possibly localization.


HRMS software typically covers every element of an HRIS and includes the capabilities of an HCM. Two characteristics of any true HRMS are payroll and time & labor management.

Yeah, all that is fine! But why use HRMS?

It is high time that companies understand the importance of using reasonably-priced HRMS software for the smooth functioning of their business.

HRMS is important to your organization. Here’s why:

#1. HRMS can be online:

HRMS for small business and startups has become a viable option with the proliferation of cloud HR systems. Managing HR tasks by way of manual practices is difficult in the long run. Imagine being able to access your HR management system on-the-go, anywhere, any device?

Plus, you do not need to setup any hardware nor worry about backups. Everything is online and backed up on cloud servers.

#2. HRMS is actually cost-effective:

Generally, companies with a smaller employee size often think of HRMS as being ‘unnecessary’ and perceive it as being expensive. But in due course of time they find it cumbersome to work in a non-HRMS platform.

Plus, since the system can be set online, it really cuts down the costs as also mentioned in the point before.

#3. Improved organizational productivity and efficiency:

Automation of HR business processes helps in achieving greater levels of productivity and efficiency for the company.

Yes, it makes a lot of sense to have an HRMS Online for your organization:

The recent advances in technology, especially with the cloud servers and everything to with the ease of access and use of the internet; it has led to the development of a viable HRMS online systems for the organizations.

Now that an HRMS can be setup online, it provides for anywhere, anytime, any device access & monitoring of the business process.

Here’s what an Online HRMS has in store:

As already seen above, HRMS combines the features on an HRIS and HCM and manages to be the human resource management system you actually need.

HRMS online covers the following:

• Payroll Management

• Absence/Leave Management

• Self-service (Candidate / Employee / Manager)

• Performance Management

• Recruiting

• Reports

• Cloud based, anywhere-anytime-access on the go

• Employee Management

Here’s what more than a good HRMS online can offer:

Pivotal benefits of using an online HRMS for an organization:

Simpler and Optimized Processes:

A good HRMS software should ideally account for providing a focused and optimal solution for the business, making the complex processes easier and simpler.

Don’t depend on spreadsheets anymore:

Working with spreadsheets to manage the HR processes of an organization is a very tedious task and has associated maintenance costs – HRMS Online helps to say bye-bye spreadsheets!

High scalability and usability:

Online HRMS software provides high usability for the end-users when compared to the conventional HRMS software. It is also highly scalable in that it provides for the growth of the business. As your business grows and processes expand so does the software.


Security and privacy are one of the key advantages that an online HRMS software offers for an organization.

sumHR’s HRMS online solutions:

Our online HRMS software is perfectly crafted to meet the HR business needs of Startups & Small Medium Business. It offers simple, affordable and powerful HR solutions for the organizations.

Major features of sumHR - HRMS Online

Some of the major features of sumHR are discussed below:

• Easy data management: sumHR presents simple, easy, and effective way to manage the voluminous HR data and processes by eliminating the complexities that arise when the data gets overwhelming and the formulas become confusing for the HR personnel.

• Cloud-based online solution: sumHR is one of the best cloud-based payroll software for startups and small & medium business. As it is delivered over the internet, it allows customization and upgradation of the software as per the needs and scale required.

• Ease of use: sumHR’s HRMS online software was designed keeping in mind “ease-of-use” as the principle concept. It is really simple to understand and offers an edge over the conventional HRMS as it does not require days or weeks of training to use sumHR software and is similar to using Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter.

•Robust software: sumHR uses world-class coding standards to ensure that users get a top-notch experience when using the HRM software. It is a robust product for all the HRM needs.

• Cost-effective: Organizations looking for “low-cost high-value” product can definitely take up sumHR software. The pricing is very simple, transparent, and reasonable – per employee/month. There are no license fees, no setup charges, and no lock-in periods.

• Scalability: sumHR has a scalable architecture, which takes care of the time-consuming software upgrades. The changes are directly made to the server.

• Enterprise Social Networking: sumHR provides a very useful and a much-needed tool which enables free and easy communication within people in the organization, irrespective of their team, departments, or locations. It not only lets people get to know each other better, but also improves collaborative work.With “Streams” feature, employees can share updates, democratize decisions, schedule events, create work/interest groups, create tags & tasks for a message based on the context.

• Safety & Privacy: sumHR is a SaaS-based solution, safely housed in the Amazon’s AWS servers. State-of-the-art, 3-level security for data protection is used. Data stored here is monitored 24/7 and is placed at three different locations around the world.

And most important of all, sumHR includes it all – attendance monitoring, biometric time & attendance systems, leave tracking, payroll management, employee data and HR analytics.

You can try our HRMS solutions for free, right here.

Currently we are working on other modules like Performance Reviews and Social Recruitment as well. Owing to its ease of implementation, it has gained widespread popularity among customers.

We hope this article helped you in understanding why one should opt for an Online HRMS over an usual HR management system.

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We’re on a mission to elevate HR teams to HR Heroes, one SMB at a time.

sumHR is an all-one HRMS Platform to automate all HR Processes. With sumHR, create a tasteful employee experience, track attendance & leaves, setup & manage payroll, definie & monitor goals, generate & schedule reports, and so much more. We’re on a mission to improve the impact of HR teams in SMEs across India.

Our comprehensive end-to-end HRMS includes

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SumHR is a flexible and configurable end-to-end HR Software/HRMS which help HR teams automate the HR Processes, and improve the employee's HR experience.

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