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Update! Attendance Feature Enhancements & Primary Email Address Modification

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Jay Thaker
October 22, 2012

It’s been quite some time since we have made enhancements to the basic features of sumHR. We have received a lot of feedback and while our engineering team has been hard at work developing the HR software, they've made some nifty but important changes to it. Here are the two exciting enhancements we rolled out this week:


1. The attendance clock-in option has been provided on the dashboard page itself for easy access and quick action.

2. Tracking attendance for 'work from home' and 'out duty' is now easy and possible! Employees can now send a request to their reporting managers for making changes to their attendance record. Any modifications to previous date attendance logs can be requested by employees for managerial review/approval. Here are the details:

A user has to go to "Attendance" (under Dashboard, Left Navigation bar) and click on the blue-colored Request Button (below the green-colored Clock In/Out Button). On the pop-up form, the employee can select the Request Type – Clock in Request (for the same day) or Update Attendance (for changing past logs). After selecting the type, the user has to fill all the details in the form and click the ‘Submit’ button to send it to their reporting manager for approval.

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And also, we've got a much-awaited feature to modify the primary email address and change the self-service status!

Admins can now change the default email addresses of the users. Go to "Company Directory" (under Dashboard, Left Navigation bar) and select the employee whose details you want to edit. Click the "More Options" button and select 'Change Self Service & Email'. Enter the new email id. In case you want to change the account to non-Self Service, select ‘No’ from the dropdown menu next to Status.

Note: Only admins can change the email address for users.

We are big fans of your feedback. Do feel free to share your views about these enhancements.

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