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India’s Top 100 Emerging HR Leaders of 2019

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Human Resources is a very important part of any business.

But, does it get the recognition it deserves? NO. Are we doing enough to appreciate the efforts of HR Professionals? NO. Should we appreciate them more often? Absolutely YES.

The purpose of this campaign is to recognize the value that the Human Resource Department provides to any organization. The effectiveness of HR leaders on the organization is huge and it is often underrated, isn’t it? We appreciate the work our HR team does because we see them working hard day-in, day-out so that our organization functions smoothly.

We strongly believe that Top HR in India are like the unsung heroes of an organisation, who do (and can do) a lot more towards the growth of a company, not only from HR perspective but also from a strategic standpoint. Hence, we have taken this initiative, to identify, appreciate and showcase achievers in the HR sphere and list them amongst India’s Top 100 Emerging HR Leaders 2019.

Top HR in India 2019

Adeline Edward, Assistant Manager – HR, Gradeup

Adeline is the Assistant Manager of Human Resources at Gradeup. She is intelligent, dedicated specialist, career oriented and has good communication skills.
Adeline is amiable as well, she enjoys her work a lot. She is very cordial and friendly with colleagues and friends. She has vast knowledge of the industry. Any employer can appoint her without any doubt in her work. She is dedicated and persistent to get the work done efficiently.

Aditi Goel, Human Resources Manager, InnerChef

Aditi has worked in five different sectors in the last 6 years. She was a Software engineer with Infosys for more than two years. Later on, she developed an interest in Human Resources and wanted to contribute to that very field. After completing her Masters in HR she started working with a manufacturing firm Dalmia Bharat Limited.

She has learned that dealing with ambiguity and thinking on the feet are two very important aspects in any field. Aditi believes that learning from her own mistakes in the process has helped her develop professionally as well as personally.  Her hunger to learn and grow hasn’t stopped, she believes that this “hunger” to improve is important to succeed in life.

Aditi Mazumdar, Manager – People Operations, Stanza Living

Self-directed and motivated professional with 3 years of experience in building HR function in Startups from scratch. Always working on new initiatives and facilitating employee value creation. Previously associated with InnerChef (India’s fastest growing Food-tech Startup) & AdPushup Inc. (a B2B startup that enables publishers to maximize the monetization from their online advertising), She is Top HR in India 2019.

Proven ability to provide critical support in building HR function and implementation of HR strategies that achieve business results. Self-motivated with the ability to excel in a fast-paced environment, manage to compete for priorities and adapt readily to new challenges.

Ajay Krishnamurthy, Sr. Manager – HR, Chumbak

Ajay is an expert in effective Human Resource Management. He currently serves as the head of Corporate HR and recruitment for Chumbak designs.

Ajay’s experiences throughout his life have helped him immensely in his professional career. He believes that taking the positives out of every situation and applying that positivity in your life will help you shape yourself better than you could’ve imagined.

Alka Suryawanshi, Head-HR, Quikr

Alka is an HR professional experienced in Management of Human Resource, Development Formulating, and implementing HR Systems, Policies, and Processes.

She is adept at employee management, maintaining healthy employee relations, handling employee grievances thus creating an amicable environment. She has worked in start-up environments starting from basics and building HR divisions.

Amitha Rkm, HR Manager, Unacademy

Amitha is a start-up enthusiast with an exciting run in Human Resource Management. She has a strong balance of business and human resource management strategy. Amitha partners with companies to attract, develop and retain top talent.

She is inquisitive, spirited and on a journey of constant learning. Amitha is committed to helping organisations positively channelize and inspire talent to engage in a Promethean culture.

Amit Joshi, Head HR, Nexxo

Amit is the Head of Employee Experience at Nexxo.

He is the Senior HR professional with 14 years of experience in the e-commerce, medical equipment, ATM manufacturing, e-learning and varied other industry domains. Amit is known for his interpersonal skills which help him well in employee management and employee engagement. Over the years, he has been associated with reputed industry leaders such as AgroStar, Screen Magic, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Diebold Systems, Gurukul Online Learning Solutions, Capengel Executive Search and People One Consulting.

Amrit Bagga, HR,

Amrit is a young and dynamic top HR Professional in India. He is known to bring the best possible output from individuals and the organisation as a whole.

Human Resources has always been something that makes him connect with people and helps him to carve himself as an effective and challenging team player. Amrit is a brilliant manager and at the same time a proactive and a sustained decision-maker.

Anjali Gulati, Director, People Konnect

Anjali lives and breathes managing human resources each day – giving direction to the organization, ideating verticals and offering to cater to the emerging talent management needs of the industry. She maintains a relationship with clients and most importantly builds a competent team.

She drew strength from her own journey through the 3Ms – Marriage, Mobility & Motherhood. Anjali’s vision resulted in the Back to the Front, which is a recognized program in the industry today to drive the gender diversity mandate in companies and workforce.

She has over 18 years of experience in Human Resources in companies like Tata Teleservices, ICICI Bank. She has an MBA in HR from NIRMA University.

Anurag Shourie, DGM – Human Resource, RJ Corp

Anurag is an insightful and results-driven HR professional. He is currently working as a Deputy General Manager – Human Resource at RJ Corp.

Anurag has 13+ Years of experience in planning, analyzing, implementing, and managing solutions in support of business objectives. His vast experience and brilliant business acumen make him an invaluable asset for his organization.

Artee Parkar, HR, Sportz Interactive

Artee is a Senior HR executive at Sportz Interactive. She’s well versed in HR operations: Managing employee lifecycle (hire to retire/exit), appointment letters, contracts, absconding and termination letters, documentation, etc.
Artee is very good when it comes to IT Recruitment: for technologies like Dot Net, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Android, iOS, C++, Unix, SQL, Oracle, QA, Web and Graphic Design. General Recruitment: Product Planners, Business Development, Content Writers, Accounts, Networking, Solution Architect, Data Analyst, and Social Media Professionals. Business partnering front end: grievance management, skip meetings, engagement activities, one-on-ones, PIPs, etc.

Arun Chandran, HR, Swiggy

Arun Chandran is a dynamic HR professional with more than 10 years of experience in Human Resource Management.

He expertises in establishing HR functions and practices for start-up organizations. Arun is skillful in implementing HR policies and procedures.

His Advice to fellow professionals and aspiring youngsters : “Commitment to purpose. HR being a critical function should discover a seat at the table in all the organizations”.

Atish Bhattacharya, Assistant General Manager, Greenlam Industries Ltd

Atish is currently working as the Head- Talent Acquisition and Employee Engagement with Greenlam Industries Limited.

Atish was listed among the Top HR 100 Professionals under 40 of India for 2019 by Jombay.  Atish comes with 15 Plus Years of applied and practiced experience in Human Resources, with a passion to keep learning continually.

Advice for Readers “Keep it simple- HR is about Human Resources so don’t forget the Human Touch amidst the strategies of corporate world. Work closely with Business & Think like a businessman. ‘Never Say Die’ attitude to complete every challenge/ assignments till its conquered.”

Awantika Anand, HR Manager,

Awantika has recognized that Culture and Talent are the two key enablers of the business and the organization as a whole. Talent and performance are always at board agenda.

She thrives on building a culture of Meritocracy and transparency.  In partnership with CEO and Business Managers. She has taken a strategical approach to increase our talent pool, improve the performance and sustain people within the organization.

“The mantra for recruitment should be Hire for behaviour and Train on skill rather than Hire on Skill and Fire on Behaviour”.

Bhrigu Joshi, Director – Human Resources, MakeMyTrip Group

Bhrigu Joshi has over 12 years of experience in the areas of Human Resources and Management Consulting.

Currently, he is working as a Director of Human Resources with MakeMyTrip Group. He has been identified among the top 16 Young HR Leaders in India by Peoplematters and DDI. Also, he has been identified as India’s 40under40 by Jombay. Some of his other awards include 100 Top HR in India and Asia’s Top 50 Tech HR Leaders by World HRD Congress.

Bhrigu is a well-published author on subjects like Agile HR, Post Merger Integration and Creating an Optimized Organization.

Bibin J Poovathany, HR Business Partner, GE

Bibin is a versatile and self-driven HR professional with experience spanning across Pharmaceuticals, FMCG and IT industries.

He is currently associated with GE Digital and had earlier stints in Global consumer products (FMCG startup) and Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories partnering with R&D, Sales and Software client groups.

Bibin has received multiple awards and recognition throughout his career and he has been involved in the design and execution of strategic HR initiatives for entire organization.

Chandrakant Agrawal, Senior Manager – Human Resources, Chaayos

Chandrakant is an HR professional with hands-on exposure on the strategic and operational development of Human Resources at Corporate, BU, and Regional level.

His CV is filled with over 10 years of diversified work experience with companies like FMCG, QSR, Print Media and Transformers Manufacturing Industry.

Chandrakant possesses strong human resources professional skills in HR Operations and Development, 360 Degree Performance Management System, Payroll Management and Building HR department from scratch.

Charu Purohit, Rewards Leader, Aditya Birla Group

Charu is an HR Leader with over 10 years experience in Rewards and Talent. She has worked both in Multinational set ups as well as large national set-ups with exposure to India, MEA and South Asia. She has worked in India and Middle East in matrixed environment leading remote teams and global projects.

She is passionate about setting up Rewards from grounds up in new business units, data-driven HR solutions, and flexible work environment.

Her approach to Rewards and Performance is driven by Return on Talent, ease of implementation, strong governance and extensive communication. She strongly advocates a holistic approach to rewards not restricted to compensation.

Deeksha Parswani, Human Resource, Ridlr

Deeksha is known for her persistence to solve problems and getting the job done. She is consistently tackling all assignments with dedication.

Deeksha is very friendly and extremely good to get along with her team. She is very good when it comes to cracking deals of all sorts. Deeksha is a team player and which is a great asset to to have in the Human Resource industry. She is a delight to work with. A perfect Human Resource professional for any company.

Deeksha Sharma, HR Business partner, PubliciusSapient

Deeksha is a dedicated PMO who can bring great energy to the task of coordinating and accomplishing provisional and long term company goals.

She is skilled at developing and implementing project plans, managing project scheduling and development, and providing budgeting & expenditure reports. Deeksha is a consistent performer with a proven track record of streamlining workflow and establishing a healthy relationship with employees.

She possess excellent interpersonal, analytical, and negotiation skills. Deeksha is known for utilizing a process-oriented approach towards the accomplishment of organizational goals.

Deekshith Sherigara, Assistant Manager – HR Business Partner, Practo

Deekshith is an energetic HR professional who loves working with startups and early stage companies.

His goal is to carve a niche for himself in the world of Human Resource Management and add value to strategic facet of the same. Deekshith believes in driving for results. He wants to work in a Professional Environment where his skills, knowledge, expertise and experience could be fully utilized for the betterment of the organization, to achieve operational efficiency at optimum cost and to explore and implement better means and ways to achieve the Organizational Objectives.

Deepshikha Verma, HR Generalist, Magicpin

Deepshikha is an HR Generalist with 4+ years of successful deliveries across industries like E-commerce, Technology, HRO, FMCG, Research & Analytics, early stage high growth Startup.

She is well conversed with the execution of strategic and day to day HR functions. Consequently she is known for her  organizational leadership with internal as well as external stakeholders.

Deepti Sharma, People Operations at Junglee Games

Deepti believes that in any organisation HR is the most powerful and influential department. As HR practitioners it  are defining the culture of the organisation.

The Human Resource department is facilitating the organisation to grow by growing the strength, keeping the positive energy flowing through the employee engagement programs, by being the go-to department during the performance appraisals and also while employee exit process.

Dia Ravindran, HR Manager, Numerify

Dia Ravindran is a specialist in Human Resource Management. Business partnering through HR related activities.

She is known to give credit where it’s due through her Reward and Recognition Programs. While going through the advanced functions she does not forget about her basic responsibilities like Recruitment, Talent Management, Org Design, and Development, with equal excellence.

Dia believes in the Development of employees, Knowledge processes and systems, Employee Engagement.

Divya Basavaraju

Divya specializes in End to end process of Recruitment. Interacting with Hiring Managers. She has vast experience in Human Resource Management industry.

She is skilled in Handling a team of Recruiters. Assisting them with the recruitment process, explaining the requirements. She passes her experience on to her team so that their efficiency and work improves along with these experiences.

Dr. Harshad Jadhav, Head Of Human Resources, Nestlé Skin Health

Dr. Harshad Jadhav is equipped with MA in HRM. He has also completed an 18-month Organizational Development Certification Program (ODCP) from Indian Society for Applied Behavioural Sciences (ISABS).

He has a strong grounding in Human Resource Management but at the same time, he constantly strives to learn new things and bring forward interventions with a mix of traditional and contemporary approaches.

Harshad’s efforts and strong contribution over the years has enabled him and Nestlé Skin Health to win a lot of accolades and awards both internally and externally. Some of the awards he’s won are as follows”,


  • Top 40 HR Leaders under the age of 40 by Jombay in 2018 (40 Under 40)
  • 100 Top HR Minds by World HRD Congress in 2018
  • 101 Top HR Minds by World HRD Congress in 2019

Dyutima Kapoor, HR, Bain Capability Centre

An HR professional with approximately 3 years of work experience and the expertise within the hr domain of management consulting. She has worked with one of the BIG 3 of management consulting. Her attention to detail and eagerness to grow has helped her grow with the firm. She believes herself to be a small part in the organisational puzzle but certainly not an irrelevant one.

Farooq Badami, Head, Global ITI

Farooq is an HR professional with over 25 years of experience in the Industry, Training Organizations and ISO Certification Companies. He has crafted a broad base of human resources skills as a generalist and as a specialist predominantly in organizational development in India and Saudi Arabia.

Farooq believes he skilled in creating solid human practices with specialties in employee engagement, recruitment, change management, training and leadership development, succession planning, talent management while also imparting management and technical training to the employees.

Fulsmita Bhattacharjee, People’s Expert, Get My Parking

Fulsmita is a Human Resource Department Specialist with 4.5 years of professional experience and a demonstrated history of Scaling with startups.

She specializes in planning and designing HR Business Strategies that help the Human Resource Management process of the organization.

Fulsmita believes that employee satisfaction is the key to the smooth functioning of any business. She carries out Employee engagement Programs to maintain employee satisfaction. Fulsmita is known for her Talent Management,  Performance Management, and Talent Acquisition.

Garima Konda, HR, L&T

Garima Konda, currently working as Branch Lead – HR with Larsen & Toubro, Defence is an alumna of IMT Ghaziabad with 5 yrs of experience in Human Resources. She has partnered with businesses to design and implement impactful people initiatives spread across the spectrum of HR.

She has been recognized as ‘Young Achiever’ across L&T Group of companies for her efforts on successful business partnering. She is also a winner of Emerging HR Leader award – ‘Are You in the List’ 2018 by People Matters & DDI.

Her journey so far has been exploratory, insightful & rewarding and she firmly believes that anything can be achieved if one has the vision and immerse oneself completely into it!

Harish Mahadevan, Head of Human Resources, CredR

Harish is known for his expertise in achieving a perfect balance between Business needs and Employee Happiness. He has led several large scale HR interventions, Change Management initiatives, Leadership & Management Development Programs in high matrix environment.

Harish is proficient in the understanding of Businesses and has an exceptional ability to conceive, implement and sustain transformational people interventions for delivering business impact.

With various Talent Assessment and Selection Certifications, Harish has been the key to crafting Organisational specific Talent Strategy for sustainable Business growth.
His Message to all Readers: Focus on Execution to the last mile.

Himani Gera, HR, Policy Bazaar

Himani Gera has 7 years of experience as an HR Professional. Working as a Business Partner and Recruitment Team Lead in

She is primarily responsible for managing Technical and Senior-Level Hiring in her current role. Apart from being a passionate recruiter herself, Himani works closely with PolicyBazaar Leadership team to strategize hiring plans.

Isha Pandit, Associate Vice President – HR, Rebel Foods

Isha Pandit is the Associate Vice President of Human Resources at Rebel Foods. Isha is not only a result driven and intelligent team player but also an inspiring professional.

Isha is an excellent perfectionist who is always ready to put all her energy and stamina to get the job done. Works towards maximal employee satisfaction. Can focus on many tasks at once.

Jitender Panihar, Chief People Officer, MoEngage

Jitender is a new age, divergent, and an unconventional leader who loves experimenting, exploring and solving problems of varied nature. Reflecting in his personality, thought process and credentials, He is a PolyMath – Management Consultant, People & Talent professional, Thought Leader, Cricketer, Passionate Speaker, and Explorer!
Professionally He is delivering change and transformations with multi-industry exposure across Indian & APAC geographies. Fast, Agile and proven leadership in Strategy & Business, Human Resource Management, Advisory and Leadership Development.

Karuna Casuba, HR, Urban Ladder

Karuna is currently handling the Human Resources at Urban Ladder. Karuna believes the biggest strength of any HR person is their connection with people.

In her 8 year journey in the HR industry, she has learned a lot and is still keen to learn a lot more. Being a part of the journey and a team that has taken the Urban Ladder to be a ‘Great Place to Work’s certified institute is one of her greatest achievements.

Kavita Bajaj, HR Manager – Projects, Saint-Gobain

Human Resource professional with an MBA in HR and 8 years experience in multiple areas – Talent Acquisition & Management, L&D , Organisational Development, Compensation, Rewards & Recognition, Employee Engagement and Performance Management. Has worked across industries spanning e-commerce, manufacturing, broking and consumer durables.

She is self-motivated and result oriented and has successfully developed and implemented strategies related to talent management and organisational development in demanding business environments.

Kevin Freitas, CHRO, Dream11

Kevin’s background includes more than a decade of business, consulting, and human resources experience with technology companies. He enjoys coaching and partnering with senior leaders to lead business, culture and organizational transformations.

In his latest role, Kevin Freitas was the HR Leader for InMobi’s sales organization across China, Japan, Asia-Pacific, and India. He also led specialist functions like Culture, Learning, Engagement, Recruitment and Employer Branding.

Khalid Raza, Staffing Lead, EY

Khalid Raza is an experienced HR Leader with over 15 years of experience in setting up and leading global teams, processes and systems. He has also worked with Altisource and a decade with IBM.

In 2016, he was named in Top 25 HR Executive under 40 by Workforce Magazine, becoming the first Indian to get this recognition. He is an avid blogger, speaker, cricketer, and travel enthusiast.

Komal Munshi, Human Resources, Foodpanda

Komal Munshi is currently managing the Human Resources at Food Panda.

She is adept at managing the tasks of Human Resource Management. Komal is great with people and that is an immense skill in the Human Resource Industry. Her ability to remain calm under pressure and solve problems with ease is commendable to say the least.

Krishna Kishore Chivukula, Senior VP – HR, Greenko Group

Krishina Kishore is the current Senior VP of Human Resources at Greenko group. Over three decades of multifaceted experience in the Strategic Human Resource function and Organizational Development in the diversified Verticals, domains of IT/ITES and other sectors, as Head of HR function. Handled multiple projects effectively in a complex and fast paced environment. Leading Innovation, Organizational Change & Development, Managing Client Relationships – Internal and External, Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, Organizational Diagnosis and due-diligence, has been the forte.

Kusum Parmar, HR, Desynova

Kusum Parmar is a dynamic HR Professional. She is handling the Human Resource Management at Desynova.

Kusum has over 6+ years of extensive experience in Human Resource Management. Broadly people management, Recruitment, Performance Appraisal, Compensation, Policies and Procedures. She also takes care of general Administration and personnel management.

Lalitha K L, Senior Manager, Anviti Insurance Brokers

Lalitha is the perfect HR for a start-up. She is currently plying her trade as a Senior Manager  – People, Performance & Culture.

She is very positive, energetic, and has a positive ‘can-do’ attitude. She demonstrates a sense of urgency and acts with speed. She has very high values and can be trusted to always do the right thing. She is very low maintenance and you do not need tact or diplomacy in dealing with her. She is uncomplicated and straight.

Mandipa Paul, Manager HR, NSHM Udaan Skills

Mandipa is enthusiastically working in a semi-corporate environment requiring multitasking various key responsibilities.

She does this while keeping excellent commercial approach for problem-solving, optimizing and training teams, proactively developing new business strategies and ideas, providing customized academic guidance to students to prepare them for future endeavors. Now she’s looking forward to maximizing her multi-layers of Human resource, admin, and management skills.

Maruthi Isukapalli, Sr Manager HR, Apollo Medskills Ltd

Maruthi Isukapalli is currently working as a Senior Manager of Human Resources. As an HR manager in a young start up, Maruthi had his hands full with recruitment requests from all departments.

He’s able to provide short listed candidates across the country without compromising on the quality of the candidates. He’s considered to be a good HR manager with skills to acquire best of the profiles required by the organisation. He works without conditions and has a positive approach to business. Highly recommended.

Meheli Roy, HR Business Partner, Dunzo

Meheli is the current HR Business Partner at Dunzo. Looking to leverage her team orientation, stakeholder management experience, and strong communication skills in a dynamic workplace.

She believes that one of the key requirements for any Human Resource professional in an organisation is the ability to build relationships with people across all functions and to make an impact on the bottom-line through these relationships, an ability which she believe she posseses.

Mehul Mahant, Manager – Human Resources,

Mehul has a friendly and approachable personality, which is a must have to be a successful HR person. He is currently plying his trade as the Manager of Human Resources.

He is a very fast learner. If any task is assigned to him, he always tries to do it before the deadline without compromising with the quality of work. He is a role model for his team members, and people always approach him for assistance and training.

Mini Nair, Head Human Resources, Schbang Digital Solutions

Mini’s experience includes People, Account and Vendor management, Senior level & niche positions and Bulk Hiring, Full recruitment life cycle implementation, Salary/Rate negotiations, Contract negotiations with third parties, Manpower Planning, Sourcing Strategies, Background checks, Employee Referrals, Internal Job Postings and Career Progression. Overall leadership and responsibility for the full spectrum of HR activities and initiatives for the start-up.
Play a very strategic role in terms of understanding and defining common goals and driving the entire organization towards the same.
Develop and institutionalize employees to come together and build a happy, highly engaged team.

Mitali Agrawal, Manager Human Resources,

Mitali is an HR professional with 12 years of experience across various HR Domains. She has strong hindsight and is known for her emphatic and persuasive attributes. She’s also proficient in managing multiple stakeholders and working in Startups environment.

One thing that Mitali loves and enjoys the most in the Journey as an HR Leader is that she gets to be a part of every team in an organization.

Monika Gunalan, HR Business Partner, Freshworks

Monica enjoys working with startups. She’s worked with some fantastic founders and HR leaders which has helped her broaden her horizons. Her current role is that of an HR Business Partner at Freshworks involves working with Business leaders to drive people strategies that are aligned to the business goals.

Her advice to the readers would be: “If you want to stand out as an HR professional, you need to have good business acumen so that you can truly be a partner to the business at a strategic level and help them grow. Else, it would be difficult to have a seat at the table. More importantly, build genuine relationships with employees and stakeholders that you work with. It’ll definitely help you in the long run.”

Namita Pasbola, Senior Manager – Business HR, Hurix Digital

Backed by 11 years of human resource and operations experience, Namita loves to reach out to people and create possibilities where none existed. A professional who engages in creating a healthy employee-management interface facilitating growth. As a student of Bernier Transaction Analysis and an internationally certified practitioner of New Code NLP, she instantly connects with people and is a big believer in people’s potential. She is committed to bringing them a better quality of life every day.

Namrata Gill, Vice President of Human Resources, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories

Namrata is an Engineer turned Human Resources Professional. Mother to one, mentor to many. She is the current Vice President of Human Resources at Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories.

Namrata is driven by my fundamental belief that passionate people are the primary drivers of business results. She has worked towards turning organizations into passion hubs for people in order to maximize individual and thereby the collective potential of an organization to deliver distinctive and significant impact.

In a rapidly evolving business context which is a result of changing demographics, the rise of digital technology and socially driven employer-employee relationships, what keeps her awake at night as an HR leader is to build disruptive yet viable solutions to the talent challenges that organizations face today.

Nanthini Bp, Head – HR & Community, Fame Technologies

Nanthini is currently heading the Human Resource and Community at Fame Technologies. Her vast experience and persistence to improve all the time has helped her reach the level she is at today.

To be a Manager where she can contribute her skills in the best possible ways for the development of an organization and achieve growth in her professional career. This sort of experience is getting in Fame Technologies and having an awesome working environment.

Neeraj Prabhakar, Senior Human Resource Business Partner, LexisNexis India

An accomplished professional with 15 years of experience managing HR Delivery across employee life cycle & translating business objectives into a set of strategic HR actions. Competent in analyzing metrics including data on retention and employee experience to recommend HR Process Improvements (HPI) and lead changes in organization design, people development, talent attraction, talent management, and talent engagement plans for the business.

Proven track record in implementing some of the best HR practices & stakeholder management in a highly matrix & agile business environment

Nidhi Karla, Senior HR Business Partner, Star Sports

Nidhi is an HR Professional with extensive experience of 10+ yrs in HR Business partnership roles & central project lead for high impact & transformational projects in e-commerce, Media, Telecom and engineering sector.

Across all her stints, she has had multiple opportunities to work with business leaders to drive people agenda, build and shape HR practices in organizations, Drive change in ‘mergers and acquisitions’, handle amalgamation of different cultures seamlessly.

As a person, she is committed to improve ‘Personal effectiveness’ & ‘leadership by inspiration’ . “

Nilesh Godle, Senior Manager – HR, Truweight Wellness Pvt Ltd

Nilesh is not only well versed in recruitment, he has always initiated a lot of online and offline employee engagement activities for his organization.

In such a short span he has managed to build a good rapport with the employees. He has an entrepreneurial approach in his way of working.

Nitin Mittal, Manager-HR, USV Private Limited

Nitin is a dynamic HR Professional with 14 years of rich experience. He is currently managing Human Resources at USV Private Ltd.

He has a clear vision for his roles and responsibilities. A very strong asset for the HR having a mind that’s open to ideas and easy to communicate to.

Nitin Mittal is hardworking and respected by his colleagues for his willingness to help anyone anytime he can. He is very well organized, diligent in her work, easily reachable, and always on time.

Pawan Kumar, Human Resources Manager, Awfis Space Solutions Private Limited

Pawan is experienced in HR Administration, Operations HR and knowledge of HR related areas like Performance Management and Compensation & Benefits and Operations. Excellent business acumen, willingness to take on any task or responsibility and seeing it through completion on time, budget and exceeding expectations. Ability to successfully communicate and work with all levels of management, outside client/business managers, vendor management and qualified talented professionals. Ability to lead various corporate & business initiatives and internal event management.

Extraordinary team player with Outstanding Communiqué, exceptional Time Management Skills and dynamic ability to work with multiple projects and teams in fast-paced environments. Managing External and Internal Auditor for the HR function.

Pooja Sharma, HR Manager, Taglr

Pooja Sharma is currently is plying her trade as the Manager of Human Resources at Taglr HQ.
She is carrying out responsibilities like Recruitment and joining formalities. Pooja is also skilled in sourcing profiles as per company requirements. She also schedules interviews after filtering out the best candidates while recruiting.

Pooja Singh, HR Manager,

Pooja Singh is an HR professional with expertise in Talent Acquisition and Employee Management.

Pooja is currently managing the overall HR functions including payroll. Further to put her profile in a nutshell, She is a startup enthusiast, who’s always seeking out for new opportunities to experiment and explore with her own capabilities.

Pooja T, Head of Human Resources,

Pooja is a gold medallist MBA HR from IMDR, Pune. She is currently the Head of Human Resources at Blue Stone.

With an overall experience of 10 years, Pooja has been with start-up ecosystem for the past 5 years wherein she has lead HR teams, scaled up high performing organizations and contributed to people growth. Her forte is to be able to engage with people across all levels and create meaningful and relevant people practices. She has played a pivotal role in setting up and leading organization culture, performance and learning initiatives.

Prachi K., Sr. Manager-HR,

“Nothing surprises me, as I work in HR!

Prachi is the current Senior Manager of Human Resources at Healthians. Her journey in the start-up industry has been exciting and full of life learning experiences.

She started out in the HR industry from zero and has now worked with about 600 people. What are the challenges and in between them, how we have achieved and progressed day by day! Healthians is a give it back to society model as we continuously strive to make India more healthy.

Pravin Kutty, Head – Human Resources, Snapdeal

Pravin has 20 years of experience in Service Delivery and Human Resources packed up with a Graduate and PG degree in Information Technology. It gives him an edge as an HR Tech enthusiast and Process re-engineering expert.

His openness and ability to build things from scratch makes him a Startup specialist. Pravins innate ability to partner with Business and managing Employee Relations keeps him closer to people. Conformance to a strong governance approach and metrics helps me stay ahead.

Priyanka M.A, Associate Manager – HR,

Priyanka has 5.8 years experience of working as an HR Professional across the full spectrum of an Employee’s Lifecycle. She has been fortunate to work with some great Organisations – both MNCs and Start-up alongside great leaders and mentors!

She’s always thrilled to face challenges and got numerous opportunities to explore uncharted territories with so much faith from my managers.

Priyanka thinks, “No day can be the same day with a monotonous routine, having said that it is up to each individual to create an impact with any given task. We have a huge responsibility in aiding the achievement of both the Organisation’s goals and Employee’s goals and development. I strongly believe in HRs being fair than being nice. We are responsible to maintain the very essence of the Organisation, it’s Culture and reflect the Values of the Firm.”

Priyanshi Awasthi, HR Business

Priyanshi believes that she has been lucky to get a flavour of almost all domains of HR in a career which spans 5 years through formal roles and special projects, all while working in Deloitte. She was named an ‘Emerging HR Leader’ as part of one of the most prestigious awards in the Indian HR industry – People Matters ‘Are you in the List’ – in 2018.
She believes that HR needs to become more agile and constantly reinvent itself given the dynamic work landscape we find ourselves in today. Each HR business partner needs to articulate today what the future of work, the future of the workplace and the future of a workforce will look like for their businesses for them to truly become proactive advisors.

Rahul Massey, Senior HR Manager, Meesho

Rahul is vastly experienced in the HR Industry and is an epitome of persistence and dedication. He’s been climbing the professional ladder throughout his career and has no intention of stopping.

He expertizes in Talent Acquisition and Human Resource Management. Rahul believes that Interpersonal skills are very important in the HR industry. Having clear communication plays a vital role in maintaining a professional as well as personal relationships.

Ranjana Anand, Head Of Human Resources, Finesse Global

Ranjana has an extensive HR Business Partner expertise across industries like Information Technology, Aerospace Engineering, Advertising, Research & Analytics. She is experienced in POSH training, Conducting HR Audits and HRIS Implementation.

She has worked in Dubai and Bangalore, with strong knowledge of developing and implementing Human Resources Policies & Process Guidelines. Ranjana also specializes in Talent Acquisition, and Induction, Performance Management and HCM, Payroll Management, Rewards and Recognition, and many more important aspects of Human Resource Management.

Ranjit Shinde, Senior Manager HR, Bharat Serums and Vaccines Limited

Ranjit is a Senior HR Business Partner having more than 14 years of diverse experience across different HR functions with stints in Biopharmaceutical, IT, ITeS, Logistics, Services, eCommerce, and Insurance.

He has experience in Operations & Sales prior to getting into HR hence understands the finer details of what business demands and expects to be delivered.

He has led large scale recruitment to ramp up project based hiring for Canadian and African projects, designed competency skills matrix for the IT organisation, ensured 99% certification for the plant employees as per LSSSDC RPL certification for 2017, implemented end to end HRMS modules to replace the legacy systems in current organisation.

Ranjitha Rajalakshmi, HR, Razorpay

Ranjitha is a seasoned HR with a demonstrated history of working in the Fintech and a few other SaaS company, Skilled in employee Onboarding, Employee Engagement, CRM, Grievance Handling, HR Reports, Employee Communication and HR Policies.

She aspires to work closely with Senior HR Professionals, business side & people to develop innovative people solutions to support & handle business complexities. As a dynamic HR she’s a data-driven person and believes that “Technology impresses those who’re not grown with it, but Data impresses everyone”

Ravindra Dandekar, Head Of Human Resources, MyGlamm & Sanghvi Brands

Ravi started his career with IT software company and in last over 12 years he has gain rich experience of working with versatile industries like real estate, pharma, FMCG. In his all stints he has handle larger breadth and width of HR Department’s roles/responsibilities which includes Talent acquisition, Succession-Career planning and Talent Management, Employee relations in manufacturing, corporates and field set up, helping organizations to build wow effect/experiences for employees, helping in building the best place to work for organization, building performance-based work culture and pro-employee policies.

Currently, Ravi is managing Global Human Capital for Sanghvi Group which has catered its business in Ecommerce, Retail, Lifestyle, Health and Wellness sectors globally. His objective over here is to build a self-sustainable HR platform which will help organization and employees both in a longer run.

Rashi Gupta, Senior Manager HR Business Partner, Tata Motors Ltd

Rashi is an HR Professional with 7 years’ experience in Manufacturing and Automotive industry across different domains of HR – Commercial, Corporate, and Plant HR.

Currently working in HR Business Partner role at Tata Motors Ltd. Rashi is driving people interventions for 300+ employees. She is also managing CV Commercial cadre engagement program and driving HR projects in commercial. Rashi has hands-on exposure in manpower planning, recruitment, and PMS as well.

Reema Bose Suri, Head HR & Administration, Sun Pharma

Reema Bose is an HR leader with 15 plus years of experience in partnering with leadership teams across telecom and pharma to build, transform and deliver the people charter for the organization.

She is a Human Resource specialist with extensive exposure in handling the entire spectrum of upstream and downstream HR functions. Reema was selected as part of Airtel’s Management Trainee Program (Young Leader Program) and was also the first such Young Leader to independently head the Human Resources function of a unit (as Head Mobile Services, Delhi and NCR region).

Currently, she works with Sun Pharma, the 5th largest global pharmaceutical company leading HR & administration for their R&D Business based at Gurgaon.

Ritu Pandya, Head Human Resource, RAW Pressery

HR and Training are defined in many ways because its one huge umbrella. But, when it comes to defining an HR and Training professional, all adjectives fall short of description.

To Ritu being a freelance HR and Training consultant truly means doing what she does best and satisfying her passion for creating organized and conducive work environments. Creating a pool of accomplished and skilled resources does justice to her merits and quenches her thirst to share best practices.

Ruchika Sawhney, Head Of Human Resources, Coverfox Insurance

Ruchika has been in the industry for more than 11 years as HR Generalist with start-ups, medium and large-sized organizations into IT, ITES and Fintech space.

Her major experience has been in attracting and retaining talent, interventions toward better employee engagement, and designing performance management systems. Ruchika specializes in Recruitment, Employee Engagement, Retention strategies, Performance management systems and change management

Rupal Nargolia, HR Manager, Affinity Global Inc

Rupal is an experienced Human Resources Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry.
She is skilled in Payroll, HR Operations, Employee Engagement, Payroll Processing, and Recruiting. Strong human resources professional with a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) focused in Human Resources Management from Sheila Raheja School of Business Development and Research.

Sameera Singh, Sr.Talent Development Partner, Adobe

Sameera currently handles the Talent Development at Adobe as their Senior Talent Development partner. The cornerstones of her career of 13 + years have been continuous learning with lasting impact.

Sameera has made sure that with every role she’s able to reinvent herself and gain subject matter expertise in areas of talent management and coaching. This has intrinsically led her to work in a variety of industries and matrixed organizations in Technology, Banking, a multi-specialty conglomerate, Research & Advisory and HR consulting practice and contribute through roles in Talent Management, Organizational Development and Coaching.

Sangita Gupta, Director HR, Furlenco

Sangita Gupta is currently plying her trade as the Director of Human Resources at Furlenco. She’s a sincere and hard working HR professional who goes out of the way to excel in her responsibilities.

Sangita is a pleasing personality, she builds good relationship and does not set boundaries in her area of work. She has been recognized at the highest level in the organization for her passionate commitment to work.

Sanket Lad, Manager – HR, Piramal Enterprises Limited

Sanket Lad is a business HR manager at the consumer products division of Piramal Enterprises.
With the strength of business acumen and HR expertise, he has helped in linking HR Focus areas to business challenges. His capability and
insight to have “ears to the ground” have helped in understanding stakeholder expectations and fulfilling them and meeting the business challenges. This has been acknowledged around the year through rewards and recognition.

He has received Piramal Excellence awards for the Best Business HR in the consumer products division
of Piramal for 3 consecutive quarters. Also has received Neev HR Award for FY18-19 for upholding Piramal Success factor – Think Big in
identifying and implementing solutions to drive employee productivity

Sapna P, Manager HR, The Better India

Sapna is a Human Resource professional with over 10 years of work experience managing the entire gamut of HR & Recruitment. She’s the current Manager of Human Resources of The Better India.

Sapna has experience in working with startups and large organisations, to help build their teams by hiring the right talent and setting up appropriate policies and process .

Seema Vijay Singh, Chief Human Resource Officer, NestAway

Seema Vijay Singh is the Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO) at NestAway Technologies. She has been with NestAway for the past 3 years and has is responsible for the entire spectrum of the human resource function, including talent plannings, enhancing operational efficiencies and driving people transformation initiatives across the organization.

She has played an important role in diversity hiring at NestAway and continues to enable the community with various responsibilities and learnings. She engages with experts constantly to understand the evolving needs of young talent in the country. With over 20 years of experience, her insights and expertise have enabled organizations to create robust people practice.

Shipra Pandit, Senior Manager – HR, JUSPAY

Shipra’s journey has been all about self – learning and being self-sufficient in every step of her way. She has been very energetic and creative with her thoughts and their implementation. Shipra is an intuitive player when it comes to innovative ideas and their respective challenges. She loves sketching, reading and spending time with her family.

Shreyoshi Chatterjee, Senior Manager – HR, bigbasket

Shreyoshi Chatterjee is a Senior Human Resource Manager at BigBasket. She has 4+ years of experience of HR experience across sectors – IT, Manufacturing, e-commerce.

Shreyoshi is also a part of Young Advisory Board – NHRD – Bangalore. She’s passionate about learning and working on projects that add value to business.

Shruti Shetty, Senior Manager – HR,

A people’s person with around 8 yrs of experience in managing different aspects of HR as Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Employee Relations, Performance Management, and Change Management. She’s currently spearheading Recruitments and HR Partnering at

Advice to readers: “To be a good recruiter, one needs to be a talent partner. You need to be a stunning colleague to your Hiring Manager and have a partner with him in business growth. A recruiter is a partner with talent skills and should act as a liaison between the candidate and the HM, which means a recruiter need to source, evaluate, sell the job opportunity, engage the candidate and get the best Talent on board by being an amazing Talent acquisition business partner.”

Sudipto Kar, Senior Manager – Group Human Resources, Tata Sons

Sudipto Kar is a part of the Group Human Resources team at Tata Sons. At Tata Sons, he is responsible for driving Organization Effectiveness initiatives and Digital Transformation for the organization and at a Tata group level.

Prior to his current role he has worked with Capgemini India in various HR functions (HR Business Partner, Senior Leadership Hiring and Sub-contract Recruitment) and Larsen & Toubro Infotech in Organization Design.

Sumith Sumithran, Head of HR, CleverTap

Sumith is the Head of Human Resources at CkeverTap. Sumith is a true HR professional. He is a dynamic, vibrant and cheerful guy ready to serve his internal customers without any excuse.

Sumith thinks that maintaining customer and employee relations is vital for the success of any business. He has the potential of becoming a great HR leader. Sumith is a very cooperative and down to earth individual who understands the practical problems of employees and ready to serve them anytime.

Supriya Singh, Manager Talent Acquisition, OLA

Supriya Singh is the currently working as a Manager of Talent Acquisiton at OLA. She is a very vibrant and jovial person.

Along with her knowledge, she is know to bring a lot of fun to the workplace. She has exceptional work ethics, dedication and commitment. Supriya has always made great effort to understand at-depth the skill sets required for the profiles and she has speedily identified the right resumes for the position. Any company would greatly benefit from her expertise, knowledge and excellent people management skills.

Supriya Sudhakaran, Senior Manager HR Business Partner, PhonePe

Supriya is the Senior Human Resource Managere and a Business Partner at PhonePe.Supriya is blessed with the perfect combination of dedication, hard work, and commitment.

She possesses excellent analytical skills with a natural ability to work in groups. Supriya comprehends complex issues well, and works hard to explain the same to the others in the team. Her collegues and juniors describe her as a very down to earth, result oriented and well organised person. Supriya is a very motivated HR Professional who sets high standards for herself and her team.

Surabhi Sheshadri, Sr. Manager – Leadership & OD and Diversity & Inclusion, Boehringer Ingelheim

Surabhi is a specialist in Talent, Leadership and Organization effectiveness. She also specializes in Diversity and Inclusion thanks to her experience in design and implementation of strategic interventions.

Surabhi’s strategies have helped organizations in multi-cultural contexts and diverse industries. A culture and change champion, a paradox navigator driving innovation in HR through collaboration defines Surabhi perfectly. She Believes in the power of positivity and gratitude and strives to make a difference in the lives of people through Coaching.

Swati Sharma, Lead HR, Myra Medicines

Swati is a very experienced and skilled HR professional. She is currently leading the Human Resources at Myra Medicines.

Swati specializes in Strategic HR & corporate management, Talent Acquisition, and Talent Management. Swati is also skilled in Employee engagement,Human resource operations, Statutory compliances, Training and Development, and Employee life cycle management

Tanushree Ray, Head HR, Livspace

Tanushree is an Experienced HR leader with a demonstrated history of working in the various Industries.

She is experienced in taking up and executing strategic initiatives like aligning HR practices to drive profitability. Her talent management strategy is efficient and result oriented. Tanushree currently carries out Leading and handling all the recruitment efforts at Livspace.

Tapas Acharya, Vice President Human Resources, ReNew Power

Tapas Acharya has more than 23 years of multifarious experience in Human Resource Management.

He specializes in Strategic and tactical planning, Organisation Design,  Talent Management, and PMS. Tapas is also skilled in Leadership Development and Change Management.

His additional skill set includes Employer Branding, Recruitment, Industrial Relations Management, and Team Management

Upashna Pradhan, Sr Manager- Talent, HPS Lab Designs Private Limited

Upashna Pradhan is an experienced HR professional with a demonstrated history of working in the e-commerce and internet industry.

She is skilled in Recruitment, Employee engagement, and Human Resource Analytics. Strong human resources professional with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) focused in HR from University of Pune.

Vaishali Parmar, Senior HR Manager, Avenues Payments India Pvt.Ltd

Vaishali is experienced in manpower management, recruitment involving screening, short-listing and interviewing.

She is skillful in implementing HR policies and conducting training programs towards enhancing employee productivity and building committed teams.

She possess strong communication and interpersonal skills, A dynamic go- getter & quick learner with ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines.

Vaishnavi Gulhane, Sr HR Executive, Hotelogix

Vaishnavi is a very confident and enthusiastic person with 6+ years of experience in the field of HRM. She has completed her postgraduate MBA programme successfully to enhance her career prospects to develop managerial and intrapersonal skills by gaining both, theoretical and practical knowledge of business concepts.

Vaishnavi is adept at people management, maintaining healthy employee relations, handling employee grievances thus creating an amicable transparent environment.

Veena Amin, Sr Manager – HR, Xoxoday

Veena Amin is the Senior Human Manager at Xoxoday. She is an experienced HR Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the internet industry.

Veena is skilled in Executive Search, Team Building, Technical Recruiting, HR Policies, and Screening. She is a strong human resources professional with a PGDBA focused in HR from Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning.

Vinayak Kallimani, HRBP Talent Acquisition, CoWrks

Vinayak’s background includes entrepreneurship and human resource experience with start-up companies. He is an HR Leader with brilliant business acumen.

Vinayak enjoys partnering with stakeholders to lead hiring and human resource practices. In his current role, Vinayak is the HR leader for CoWrks in managing human resource practices and hiring great people for the technology team.

He is presently, pursuing an Executive Program from IIM-Bangalore. He also holds a Certification from Korn Ferry Hay Job Evaluation Method and Certification of Business Acumen from INSEAD – Singapore.

Yamini Galhotra, Sr.Manager, HR, Shuttl

Yamini is  the Senior HR Manager at Shuttl. She is an extremely thorough professional.

Yamini is a perfectionist of sorts who wants to deliver 100% every time and in everything she does. She’s am honest and committed team player. Yamini is an indispensable asset to any organization thanks to her immense skill assets.

Yukti Mittal, HR Business Partner, Digit Insurance

She is skilled in Employee engagement and Employee communications. Yukti is also known for her specialized expertise in HR Analytics, Talent Planning, and Talent Acquisition. She is a ‘go-getter’ and is known for her persistence. Yukti is loved by her colleagues’ thanks to her immense interpersonal skills.

India has been at the forefront of HR evolution across various industries and verticals, and there are several veterans of this field who have spent years of their career laying the foundation of a strong HR industry. These veterans act as role models for the next generation of HR leaders and their contribution to this field will never go unnoticed.


The aspiring young HR achievers listed are following the path of their veterans and paving their own style of HR leadership. The main purpose of this campaign is to motivate and inspire these upcoming HR professionals as well as inspire the next generation of HR leaders of India.

The above list is displayed in alphabetical order. It is *not* displayed in any particular rank, preference or seniority. please drop a mail at

Research Methodology:

Professionals shortlisted for this recognition were identified after thorough research and evaluations. Factors weighed-in to derive this list include, but are not limited to, experience in the HR field, noteworthy achievements, past work positions held, special projects executed/completed successfully, growth of the companies they’ve been part of, employee reviews on social platforms, employer branding initiatives, recruitment activities, and more._
For questions, contentions, or comments about this research, you may email us on

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