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Top Gaming Companies In India That Make Your Favorite Games


The Gaming companies in India have been making exceptional contributions to the gaming development markets globally. The demands for interactive games are on the rise and gaming companies are using this in their favour.

Here’s a list of some of the top gaming companies that are connecting the world through games:

1. 2Pi Interactive

2Pi Interactive creates world-class quality games with successful game titles and APIs at affordable costs.
Founders: B.Venkat Ram Reddy, Surjyabrat Buragohain, B.Siddhartha Reddy.
Games: The Cat Monk, Hit Bit Hacker, Ants Can Fly, Tangled Up!, etc.

2. 99Games

99Games has developed over 18 games since they were founded in 2009. Their games have been downloaded over 44 million times and 99Games has received 14 awards for their innovations.
Headquarters: Karnataka.
Founder: Rohith Bhat.
Games: Sultan: The Game, Star Chef, Dhoom 3: The Game, SpellUp, etc.

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3. Apar Games

Apar Games launched in 2007 and is the gaming development arm of Apar Global Pvt. Ltd. They develop games for consoles, PCs, iOS, and Android. They’ve won 6 awards for their tremendous contributions.
Headquarters: Mumbai.
Founder: Laxmi Khanolkar
Games: Scribbled Arena, It’s Dicey, Crime Mystery, Empire Of A Billionaire, etc.

4. CreatioSoft

CreatioSoft is an Indian gaming company that makes games for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile, & BlackBerry Mobile App. They were founded in 2012 and have developed 100+ apps and games till date.
Headquarters: Noida
Founders: Rishabh Agrawal, Yogendra Pratap Singh

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5. Dhruva Interactive

Dhruva Interactive began their journey in game development in 1998 when they ported the hit N64 game- Mission Impossible to PC. They develop mobile and desktop games along with providing porting services.
Headquarters: Bangalore.
Founder: Rajesh Rao.
Games: Bazzle, GloFlo, Spooky Treats, Nano Swat.

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6. digiKhel

digiKhel is run by an independent game developer, Joel Johnson. He has developed 4 games so far and focuses on online casual games. He also helps with game design and optimizing code.
Headquarters: Bangalore
Joel Johnson.
Games: Rewind, Orion’s Gold, Comikaze Coptaah!

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7. Dumadu Games

Dumadu Games is one of the fastest growing gaming companies in India. They develop games in genres like action, arcade, adventure, casino, racing, sports, and simulation.
Headquarters: Bangalore
Narasimha Reddy
VR AG Racing for Cardboard, VR Monster Truck Extreme Dash, Slog Cricket, Beer Pong: Trickshot.

8. GamersFirst

GamersFirst is a website created by Reloaded Games for gamers around the world to access and play their award-winning titles. Players can download and play their games for free through the website.
Headquarters: Douglasville, Georgia
Founder: Joshua Hong
Games: APB Reloaded, Hawken, Battlestar Galactica, DarkOrbit, Fallen Earth.

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9. Games2win

Games2win is one of the largest casual gaming companies in the world. They own 700+ online games and have over 45 million downloads worldwide on the iOS, Android & Kindle app stores.
Headquarters: Mumbai.
 Alok Kejriwal.
Driving Academy, The Dominator Cup, Cricket 20-20 Ultimate, School Bus Driver.

10. Geek Mentor Studios

Geek Mentor Studios are independent developers and publishers of iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Web games. They develop simple, short duration games that are highly replayable.
Headquarters: Noida
Mohd Shah Nawaz, Mohd. Faisal.
Games: Go Fun Yourself, School Skip, iRunDilli, Mathken

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11. Hyperlink InfoSystem

Hyperlink InfoSystem is a top game app development company specializing in designing, producing, and developing world-class 2D & 3D games. The company complies with the highest app development standards for web & mobile and renders chief business services in stellar communication, complete visibility, transparency, & timely delivery.
Headquarters: Gujarat
Harnil Oza

12. GSN Games India

GSN Games India, formerly Bash Gaming, make top casino games for social and mobile platforms like Facebook, iPhones, iPads, and Android. Bingo Bash, their first title, quickly became the #1 BINGO in the world with more than a 1.5M users playing the game every day.
Headquarters: Bengaluru
David Goldhill (Stepped down).
Games: WorldWinner, Mirrorball Slots, Bingo Bash, Bejeweled 2

13. Hashcube Technologies

Hashcube was founded in 2008 with a sudoku website. Their flagship title “Sudoku Quest” is one of the most popular games on Facebook and has been played by over 2 million users.
Headquarters: Bengaluru
Ramprasad Rajendran, Deepan Chakravarthy
Games: Sudoku Quest, Gummy Pop, DOTGame, Sudoku-solver

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14. Hashstash

Hashstash is one of the top award-winning gaming companies in India. They make cross-platform video games and play an active role in shaping the game development industry in India.
Headquarters: Noida
Founders: Kinshuk Sunil, Manish Basethia
Games: Earth Hour India 2017, Huerons, Circulets, Ludo Live! Heroes & Strategy.

15. Ingenuity Gaming

Ingenuity works with land-based, mobile, and online companies worldwide to deliver games to all major platforms. This multi-channel game developer and studio has developed 500 games since 2005.
Headquarters: Noida
Founder: Sidharth Swarup.
Games: Bingo, Slots.

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16. Ironcode Gaming

Ironcode Gaming is an independent game developer that publishes innovative games. They were founded in 2003 with just an idea to develop a computer game.
Headquarters: Noida.
Founders: Pallav Nawani, Gaurav Nawani.
Games: Pahelika Series, Angkor, Turbogems, Riotball, Lastman Standing.

17. Juego Studios

Juego Studios provides end to end game design, development, deployment, support, and maintenance. They develop 2D, 3D, iOS, Android, desktop, windows, online, and cross-platform games using game engines and technologies like Unity3D & HTML5.
Headquarters: Bangalore
Founder: Suman Balakrishna.
Games: The Hobbit, Adventure Quest, Hopster Ebooks, Many Fine Deals, Bunny Run.

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18. Mango Games

Mango Games provides game services through their in-house design, development, testing, promotions & publishing team. They make mobile games for smartphone platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows, along with cloud games. They develop all kinds of games like single player, multiplayer turn-by-turn & massively multiplayer.
Headquarter: Bangalore.
Founders: Sanjeev Kumar
Games: Teen Patti, Quiz BrainGold, Social Rummy, Poker Pop, Mumbai Mobsters.

19. Octane Tech

Octane Tech develops games with cutting edge technology and features like 3D graphics, touch-screen, accelerometer and camera based inputs, and GPS. They’ve been a full-fledged creative game and application studio focused on serving the smartphone market since 2008.
Headquarters: Seattle & Mumbai.
Founders: Sameer K. Bhatia, Prashant Bhatia.
Games: iPingpong 3D, Leap Frogger, Beer Pong, Sunken Treasures.

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20. Rebel Fiction

Rebel Fiction uses innovative technology and infrastructure to develop high-quality entertainment products. Rebel Fiction, one of the top gaming companies in India, has released over 10 multi-platform titles globally.
Headquarters: Mumbai
Founder: Varun Singh (CTO)
Games: SpellForce 2, Ra One, The Guild 2, Street Cricket, Forsaken Gods.

21. Rolocule

Rolocule develops insanely simple games for mobile platforms. They have made multiple international award-winning top quality games which are available in 110+ countries.
Headquarters: Pune
Founder: Rohit Gupta.
Games: Dead Among Us, Flick Tennis, Bowling Central, Dance Party, Motion Tennis™, Super Badminton.

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22. Runestone Studios

Runestone Studios develops fun mobile games for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, Windows (PC), Mac, Linux, Tizen, and Blackberry platforms.
Headquarters: Mumbai
Founder: Rushabh Shah
Games: Vanquish – The Adventures of Lady Exton, Saving Iza, Purrfect Jump, Saving Iza, Baby Rush.

23. Spiel Studios

Spiel Studios, a global gaming company, creates innovative quality games for all platforms. They’re one of the few gaming companies that are official developers for Sony PSP and PS2 platforms.
Headquarters: Mumbai
Founders: Mohit Raj Sureka, Raj Narayandas Sureka and Rashi Atin Agarwal.
Games: Slumber Sam, Aqua Jam, Traffic Master

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24. SuperSike Games

Founded in 2013, SuperSike Games develops high addictive games for Android and iOS platforms. They’re an independent game development studio, and have won many awards for their innovative games.  
Headquarters: New Delhi.
Founders: Arjun Gopalin, Amit Goyal.
Games: Go Kane!, One More Run, One More Pass, Yet Another Bird Game.

25. Synqua Games

One of the top gaming companies in India, Synqua Games develops games for mobile and tablet platforms like iOS, Android, BB10 and Windows Phone. They have released 60+ games that have been downloaded over 30 million times and counting.
Headquarters: Mumbai.
Founder: Abhijit Jayapal
Games: Tap Baseball, Snowball Baseball, Rescue Monster.

26. Yellow Monkey Studios

Founded in 2007, Yellow Monkey Studios develops award winning and commercially successful games. They create original games on digital download platforms where they could publish their own games.
Headquarters: Copenhagen.
Founder: Shailesh Prabhu.
Games: Socioball, HUEBRIX, It’s Just a Thought.

27. Zapak Digital Ltd.

Zapak Digital has one of the widest range of categories for online gaming fro action to strategy to dress up. This leading online gaming site offers games for free for single player or advanced massive multiplayer games with other players from around the world.
Headquarters: Mumbai.
Founders: Venkatarao Ponnada, Shibasish Sarkar, Amit Khanduja
Games: Speedway racing, Stealth Sniper, Super Boxing.

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28. Zebu Games

This mobile-only gaming studio develops games for Android and iOS platforms. Zebu Games makes deceptively simple casual games that combine skills with strategy.
Headquarters: Bangalore.
Founders: Bikash Chowdhury, Kollol Das, K Srikrishna.
Games: Follow The Dots, Goon School, Word Mint.

29. Zynga

Zynga has developed some of the world’s most popular social games like FarmVille, Zynga Poker, and Words With Friends that have been played by over one billion people since 2007.
Headquarters: Bangalore.
Founder: Mark Pincus.
Games: FarmVille, Zynga Poker, Words With Friends.

If you think we’ve missed out on any of the top gaming companies in India, let us know in the comment section below!

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