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Top 5 Websites Every HR Must Know

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Team sumHR
March 13, 2019

In this dynamic world of Human Resources, it’s not easy to keep up with everything that is going on in the industry. After spending most of the time running payrolls, and conducting training for newbies, there’s hardly any time left to get caught up on industry news, process, software, trends, and insights. However, when you finally do find the time to do so, how would you know where to look? No reason to worry anymore, As

We’ve covered the top 5 websites that every HR must know about.

StartupHR Toolkit

Startup HR Toolkit comprises ready-to-use HR templates for different stages of the HR process. The aim is to help you manage your HR processes independently. The toolkit has been carefully structured and designed by sumHR based on our experience of managing the HR operations for startups and established companies. You can customize them as per your preferences and needs.


sumHR is a modern, delightful, and extremely easy to use Human Resource Management Software that helps startups and SMEs streamline their HR & payroll processes. sumHR helps businesses with simplifying the Human Resource Management process and helps the business run smoothly and efficiently.


SutraHR is a well-known name in the recruitment industry, thanks to their immense contribution to the growth of the Human Resources industry.

SutraHR is backed with cutting edge technology, proprietary database and a passionate team, What sets them apart? An indomitable team coupled with the best of technology is a combination which is a rarity in today's business world. An exhaustive database, that is a result of years of relentless work put in by the team. We also believe that the awesome work culture at Sutra is why our people deliver good work, every single day.

Undercover Recruiter

The Undercover Recruiter is a global recruiting and talent acquisition blog. The blog is very informative about all the industry news, trends, and insights.

The Undercover Recruiter blog is a gold mine for everyone related to the HR industry. The blog is as informative as one would want it to be. It covers all the HR industry related topics with proper precision


CiteHR opens up a realm of connections that otherwise would take years to develop. CiteHR allows everyone to share/gather ideas and resources. It helps you connect with the people who are experts in the industry. Since the platform is focused on people, the problems they are having, the work they are doing, the businesses they are trying to build - the focus is on being helpful. Your opinion matters not just because you’re a known personality, but because you have a valid opinion on the subject matter.

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Team sumHR
SumHR is a flexible and configurable end-to-end HR Software/HRMS which help HR teams automate the HR Processes, and improve the employee's HR experience.
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