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Free Tools and Techniques for Effective Time Management while Hiring Candidates


Talent acquisition is undoubtedly one of the essential tasks for any organization. The businesses have a specialized department known as the HR department, which takes care of hiring and onboarding candidates. A resourceful workforce is the essence of a successful organization. Every employer wants to tap into the potential of its employees to generate the best outcomes for the organization; thus, the hiring process is vital for the organization.

In this article, we will come across the most effective and efficient time management tools and techniques to streamline hiring HR professionals and the organization.

Best Techniques for Hiring

In this section, we will come across the most rewarding candidate sourcing techniques that offer effective hiring of the ideal candidate to organizations. 

  • Online Job Postings

Online advertisements of your open roles and jobs are a fantastic way of grabbing the attention of the most eligible candidates. With job boards, you can allow your ads to be displayed on multiple online portals and reach potential candidates through emails, newsletters, and other job alerts. This increases your job ad’s audience base, which reaches a more relevant audience and attracts large numbers of active job seekers. 

  • Social Media Platform

Another outstanding way of attracting talent proactively searching for a job is through recruiting on social media. Platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have become popular and help connect promising candidates with relevant job roles and posts. The organizations can visit the profile of the candidates and identify if they match the firm requirements or not. This is a cost-effective way that helps organizations reach multiple potential candidates without making a lot of effort or expenditure.  

  • Recruitment Database

Every organization must have a recruitment database. It should contain information regarding potential candidates who either applied in the past or were sourced through various channels. This acts as a talent pool from where you can handpick the talent best suited for your job role. 

If you have an extensive database, you might not even spend any money on advertisements or connecting with Human Resource Companies, etc. 

  • Employee Referrals

Your present employee base can help you get acquainted with more talent from the required niche. You can ask your workforce to bring in the best talent across the industry to your firm and reward them for the employees who are selected and stay with the firm for longer periods. 

The employees know very well about the job role and thus can bring in the best-suited talent. Offering your personnel a referral bonus is an efficient sourcing method that saves your time, effort, and money and is an amazing way of carrying out employer branding. 

  • Recruiter Network

If you have a specialized HR department for your organization, they might have a good recruiter network. A recruiter network includes all the sources which bring in the best talent through multiple platforms with good time management skills. 

However, if you do not have an HR department, you can partner with a recruitment agency, which has extensive candidate pools of active and passive candidates. They can offer you the best candidates along with significant information such as their employment history and salary details. They offer you amazing services within your budget and save a lot of time and effort on your part. 

You can develop a robust hiring strategy using the techniques and tips mentioned above. Based on the strategy, you can implement your hiring plan and acquire the best talent in your industry. In fact, if you have a recruitment agency working for you, you might not even need a game plan. It will take care of every step of the hiring process for you!  

Tools for hiring with Time Management

In the present age of cutting-edge technology, it would be foolish not to incorporate the usage of some amazing tools in your recruitment process. Below is a list of some effective tools which can make your hiring process easy and cost-effective. 

1. sumHR

An all in one FREE HR Software to manage your payrollattendanceOKR & performance & more on web & mobile app.

2. Talentbin

This is a candidate database or a resource pool. It contains a million profiles, out of which you can sort your search and find the fitting candidates for the job. This tool works by finding passive candidates through social media recruiting and offers a lot of information about the candidates to the organizations. 

3. Zillionresumes

This tool, again, is a voluminous database that gathers and stores resumes from thousands of sources. Here, you can discover hard-to-find candidates with resumes that match your criteria. 

4. Carbonmade

If your organization believes in hiring employees after going through their previous work samples, this is an excellent tool for your hiring process. Here, you can find the works of multiple candidates across niches, such as designers, writers, architects, photographers, developers, etc. Based on their work, you can decide on the candidates who match your requirements. 

5. AngelList

This platform is highly beneficial for startups and can help them find quality candidates. The candidates listed on AngelList are generally interested in a startup environment, and here, the hiring organization and the hires can contact each other directly. 

5. Meetup

Meetup is a popular choice where organizations can host and attend events. Here, you can get a list of attendees and reach out to interesting people to hire them for your organization. 


These tools help you bring all the employees on board, who can thus provide referrals for hiring under your employee referral program. This tool sends messages and incentives to the employees who participate in the referral program and helps you keep track of referrals and rewards. 

7. People Search

People Search is a Chrome extension that helps you acquire complete information available on the internet regarding a potential candidate. It gathers data from multiple social or professional networks and provides you with their resume and contact information, making hiring easy and streamlined for you. 

7. Twitter

Twitter is an amazing application and platform with which you can grab the attention of the relevant audience. You can generate posts with the relevant hashtags, and you will find your inbox flooded with queries regarding hiring. With its advanced search, you can ensure that you target the most relevant audience.

8. Behance

It is a tool with an extensive network of creative professionals across industries. Here, you can get access to the works and portfolios of talented people and post jobs to get their interest in your job role. 

Mistakes to be avoided in Time Management

To ensure that your recruitment process is full-proof, you must ensure that your hiring strategy is error-free. Some organizations depend only on the interview process to assess the skills of the candidates, which is wrong. Similarly, mentioned below are a few mistakes you must NOT make to carry out a cost-effective hiring process with time management techniques. 

  • Creating an Inaccurate Job Description

If you wish to attract the relevant candidates, it is important that your job description is comprehensive and descriptive of the job role. It should describe the purpose of the job and the key areas of responsibilities, along with the list of duties and the job title. It must also mention the key skills demanded by the organization for filling in the position. 

  • Not recruiting from Within

Sometimes, organizations fail to recognize the underlying talent in the firm. Offering a loyal employee a highly professional or demanding role can prove to be rewarding for the organization. They are well-versed in the organizational goals, corporate culture, values, and objectives and can get updated with the role faster than outsiders. This saves the time and cost of the organization. 

  • Using Unconscious Bias

A recruiter must not bias against the candidate based on background, ethnicity, age, social class, gender, or other parameters. This shrinks the existing talent pool and the chances of hiring the best talent. 

  • Hiring Less Qualified People

Managers are often afraid to hire a qualified candidate who is more experienced or qualified than them. They might feel a threat to their position. However, hiring experienced and highly skilled personnel can add more value to the organizational processes and help the existing workforce and their skills. 

  • Waiting for the Perfect Candidate

Instead of waiting for someone perfect, recruiters must focus on the candidates that fulfill most of the criteria. Keeping your team understaffed for too long in the wait for the perfect employee is wrong and poses a bad effect on their productivity. 

  • Expecting Too Much, Too Soon

New hires need time to adjust to the organizational atmosphere and comprehend the organizational goals. If the managers start expecting a lot from the employees in the initial days or weeks of their hire, it puts unnecessary pressure and burden on the new hires and makes them work in bad faith. The managers must give them time, let them blend, and increase their target with time. 


The workforce that your organization comprises plays a decisive role in the success of your organization and its goals. Therefore, you must carry out the hiring process with a lot of attention, care and time management. With the help of the techniques and tools mentioned above, you can ensure getting the best workforce within your budget and, with limited efforts, drive growth and revenue in your organization.  


1. What are the essential tools for hiring?

To make hiring easy and effective, HRs often use tools such as job boards, chatbots, CRMs, mobile applications, interviewing software, etc. 

2. What is a recruitment sourcing tool?

The tools and applications which are used by HR to find potential candidates for the job are known as recruitment sourcing tools. 

3. What are talent acquisition tools?

The tools used to make the process of hiring easy for the HRs are known as talent acquisition tools. 

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