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sumHR update: Payroll, Comp-off, Account Page, Automatic Division Of Paid/Unpaid Leaves

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Jay Thaker
March 31, 2014

It's been nearly six months since we rolled out a major update for sumHR. As usual, we have been super busy and this time we really wanted to get one of the most important modules of an HR software running -- payroll! We are delighted to announce its beta launch, as well as a few more important updates:

Beta Launch Of Payroll Module (v1.0)

It's been an embarrassingly long time since we had initially promised to launch this feature, and it's also been an extremely long wait for all of you who've requested the payroll module. To be honest, we had under-estimated the requirements of this feature before announcing about it. Nevertheless, we've just released a basic version of our payroll module today. You can check it out in your account under the "administration" section.

What you can expect from the Beta Payroll Module (v1.0):

1) New payroll profile page (for every employee).
2) Define different salary structures.
3) Define pay cycle (monthly or custom date).
4) Leave Without Pay (LWP) / Loss Of Pay (LOP) days.
5) Consider actual rent for HRA exemption.
6) Consider exemption for Medical allowance.
7) Calculate Leave Travel Allowance (LTA).
8) Consider deduction for investment for tax calculation.
9) Calculate Employee PF.
10) Generate payslip (view online and PDF).
11) Create individual transactions for employees (over & above salary).
12) Employee IT Declarations page.

This is only a "basic" and most fundamental release which may not be power-packed and feature-rich but enough to get your payroll work done (read: general salary slips). We cannot thank you all enough for your patience, support and feedback in building this feature.

NOTE: We've not yet created tutorials or guides to help you do it yourself so, please contact us (or email to get your payroll software settings configured.

Compensatory Off

This is a really cool new feature we've added to our leave module. In fact, a much needed feature and a highly demanded one too by most of our users. So, the key options and characteristics of the Compensatory Off feature as below:

Comp Off

(Click to enlarge)

1) Choose applicability - you can decide who'll be able to earn and apply for compensatory off.
2) Choose whether compensatory offs can be earned on - either weekly offs or holidays, or both.
3) Minimum hours to credit 1 comp-off - you can also set a minimum number of working hours required in the employee's attendance, in order to credit 1 compensatory off credit.
4) Credit per day on accumulated hour - this cool feature lets you decide whether the comp-off credit should be calculated for worked hours within 1 non-working day, or worked hours accumulated on more than 1 non-working day.
5) Validity - you can also set a validity in number of days, within which the employee needs to use the earned compensatory off.
6) Maximum leaves per month - decide the limit (maximum number) of compensatory offs an employee can take within 1 month.
7) Maximum consecutive leaves per month - set a limit of consecutive compensatory off leaves an employee can take within 1 month.
8) Allow/disallow half-day.

New Account Page

Several customers were constantly requesting for a page where they can get a breakup of their costs, and a list of options to choose their required HR modules. In keeping with this demand, we've launched a new Account page. Using this page, an Administrator will be able to:

1) Account status - there's an account summary section on this page, which provides basic info about the account status like "Account creation date", "Account expiry/renewal date", etc.
2) Choose to switch ON/OFF HR modules - we've always maintained that our product is designed with the policy to give customers the power to "use what you need" and "pay for what you use". So now, on this page you will get a list of all our available HR modules, which you can choose to turn ON or OFF. Whatever is turned ON will become visible to everyone in the account and the moment any module is turned OFF, every feature related with that module will become inaccessible to everyone in the account.
3) Account Summary - this particular section provides a snapshot of the some very vital stats related to your account, such as "No. of Modules selected", "Price per employee/month", "Total no. of employees with/without self-service", and a "total monthly subscription cost".
4) Administrators - we've launched a new section to allow you to define duplicate administrators in your account. The users you specify here will become full-power administrators.

Just click on the "Accounts" button in the top navigation bar and you'll land on your own Account page.

Account Summary

(Click to enlarge)

Automatic Division Of Paid/Unpaid Leaves

Up till now, our leave policy features were such that whenever employees wanted to apply for leaves exceeding their available balance, and given that the rules for that policy permit applying for such leaves, the employee had to apply for 2 separate leave applications. One for the paid duration of leave, and another leave application to signify the unpaid duration.

This particular process caused lot of inconvenience to employees and the HR teams with our customers. Hence, we decided to build an enhancement which will automatically divide a leave application (once approved) into its paid and unpaid duration as per the employee's available leave balance. Of course, this is assuming that the administrator has enabled "over-utilization" rule in the leave policy, and kept condition as "count excess leave as unpaid".

Here's a sample of how this feature takes effect in your leave application:

Over utilization of leaves

(Click to enlarge)

We are sure that the Payroll feature will help you better manage employee salaries and do away with those unreliable spreadsheets. In case you have any feedback/suggestions, feel free to us the comments section below.

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Written by
Jay Thaker
Jay is the founder at sumHR, an HR Software which helps organisations automate their HR operations and provide employees with a memorable HR experience.
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