sumHR HR Software & Mumbai Coworking Space Covered in MiD-DAY

September 9, 2012

One of India’s most prominent tabloids, Sunday MiD-DAY, covered sumHR and the Mumbai co-working spaces that we are offering to budding entrepreneurs and startups.

Here's an excerpt from the SMD article: "But the cherry on the cake came last January, when they launched sumHR, an HR management software aimed at startups and small businesses to centralise all employee data, streamline HR processes such as leave tracking, provide an employee engagement platform, and improve collaboration within teams."

sumHR has been gaining a lot of traction amongst many small businesses and startups, who are using the HR software to manage leaves and attendance. Streams, the enterprise social network of sumHR, too has captivated the users. Many new features will soon be added to the HR software.

To read the entire article about sumHR and Mumbai coworking space, click the image above or head to this link.

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