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Startups & The Work From Home Option: More Connected Workers

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Team sumHR
August 27, 2012

Ask any HR department about the issue that gets a lot of debate, and the answer you will get is the idea of working from home. Globally, certain organizations have been open to this kind of an option, and the number sure seems to be growing. Still, many firms hesitate to offer this arrangement to its employees. There are various reasons, either it could be data security, slacking, etc. However, individuals who work remotely can be more productive and even in sync with the latest happenings. Wondering why employees who work from home are more connected?

Communication Savvy

Employees who work from home are usually more accustomed to using many channels of communication. In fact, working from home means finding different ways to communicate, so that there is always an alternative way to be in touch, in case one of the systems fails. They are also used to be connected with different people in different ways. While they may use instant messaging to stay in touch with co-workers, they may use video conferencing when contacting their managers.

Better Usage of Meetings

When individuals work from home they tend to make the best out of the things that are available. This stands true for meetings too. Most of the times, employees who work from home are connected via video conference or a telephonic conference call. And the meetings usually are of short duration. Thus, not only them but also the managers optimally use the meetings because of the time shortage.


When it comes to interaction with the leaders in the organization, how many times a day do we meet them? Forget days, even though the senior manager or the VP might be sitting down the aisle, an employee might meet him/her just once a fortnight. However, when an employee is working from home, he or she tends to interact more, especially with other channels of communication open. The same goes for the managers, who tend to take more care of employees working from home.

At sumHR, our employees who work remotely use the Streams to continually interact with each other and also their managers. What about your company? If you have a reason why or why not an employee should work from home, feel free to share it in the comments section below.

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