Of Rockstar Sales Reps and Startups

Ankkita Chauhan
November 28, 2012

A rockstar salesperson is defined as someone who performs like a rockstar on stage in all his glory. Basically, he/she enables the organization to rake in the moolah at breakneck speed.

Handle the pressure

A rockstar salesperson is one who can show grace under pressure. He can tackle deadlines and manage to maintain a decent sales record – just like a rockstar handles the pressure of performance.

Exhibit charm

Charm is one of the main characteristics that make a rockstar likeable and attract fans. A good salesperson should be able to charm people but not in an annoying and indecent manner. He/she must exhibit charm and good mannerisms in order to attract clients and have exceptional sales records.

Sense the tone

If a client is in a bad mood or simply in a hurry, a rockstar salesperson should be able to sense it. Sales should be made when both the client and salesperson have time, and are in a position to conduct business. Trying to make a sale to an anguished client may go terribly wrong. Not only will the sale not be made but the salesperson can also lose the client.

Brand loyalty

A rockstar salesperson should be able to establish brand loyalty amongst his clients. He/she should be able to make a good enough impression and never cheat a client. An honest salesperson won’t find it too hard to not only make a sale but also gain the loyalty of his/her client.


A rockstar salesperson should deliver. He/she should be polite to consumers and give them the required attention. He/she should offer any after-sales services that the company may offer. Even though the sale is made, good after-sales service usually ensures brand loyalty.

Special attention

A rockstar rep should treat every client with special attention. He/she should make them feel wanted by the firm and value their business. This will cause the client to have an inclination towards the firm and its product/service.


A rockstar salesperson should be able to juggle deadlines, sales targets, attend to existing consumers, find new clients etc. He/she should be able to do this with ease and have the knack to handle all his tasks promptly and with ease.

Through proper employee management, hiring a rockstar employee should be easy enough. One would simply need to find a people person who possesses a knack for all of the above-listed points.

Written by
Ankkita Chauhan
Ankita is a content writer at SocioSquares. She has 4+ years hands-on experience in copywriting, marketing and social media.
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