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Product Update: Introducing - Review and Approve Request Applications via Email

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Jay Thaker
October 16, 2014

For several weeks some of our high volume customers have been pushing us to enable approval and rejection of leave or attendance requests via email itself. Earlier, our Human Resources Management product was designed on the on-product usage model like any other online platform (like Facebook, Twitter etc.) which notifies the user about an event via email and prompts them to 'log into the product' to take appropriate action about it.

However, in today's rush hour traffic habits and "on-the-go" lives, a lot of managers and supervisors don't have the time or patience to log into their online accounts (HR Management Software account) in order to review and approve/decline a leave application. Well, I didn't think the same till I personally felt the need for it too. So, we sat down and built it for today's ever-busy managers and supervisors.

I'm very happy to introduce - Email Actions on sumHR!

Now on, every time an employee requests for an update in his attendance logs or a leave request, you will get all the necessary details within your email itself. What's more, managers/supervisors can approve or decline this request right from your email itself - yes, you heard me right, no more opening a new tab, going to the request page and then taking action on it!

A lot of our team members are already hooked onto this new feature, so I'm hoping you will love it too. :)

Here's a snapshot of what our new and improved request emails look like:

Attendance Update Request Email

sumHR product update

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Leave Request Email

sumHR product update

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Written by
Jay Thaker
Jay is the founder at sumHR, an HR Software which helps organisations automate their HR operations and provide employees with a memorable HR experience.
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