Product Update: HR Drive

Ankkita Chauhan
February 16, 2017

Two months, two updates. February is being extremely good to us. To spread the love, here’s a permanent solution to simplify data management.

Let's face it. Paperwork is messy. We hate it, and we know you do too. It's always better to have everything online and one search bar away. That document from 2015 you need today? It's still there, right where you left it. "Data theft", "confidential files", "lost documents" are not just a bunch of scary words when it comes to organizational data. An easy way to handle this is simply uploading them in a secure drive and letting them be. And that's exactly what we're offering you.

To rid you of any further paperwork that you might have, sumHR presents:


Directory Page

HR drive can be found in the “Company” tab at the top. With sumHR’s new feature, admins can upload as many documents as they want. A single dashboard is present where each and every file saved is visible. Admins can add folders and subfolders to save files systematically. Name them to make the folder descriptive of its content. Files with extensions of word documents, presentations, images, excel sheets, etc. are compatible with our feature.

Folder Moved to Trash Successfully

Every file that is deleted by the admin gets stored in a separate “Trash” folder. These files are not permanently deleted till the admin does not delete them from the folder too. They can also be restored from trash if they have not been permanently deleted.

Successful File Deletion Message

Using HR drive, admins can share files with as many people as they want at the same time. You can either share by selecting any/all of the 6 options available:

  1. Name
  2. Department
  3. Office Location
  4. Designation
  5. Employee Type
  6. Reporting Manager
Single File Share

HR drive comes with a preset folder “Shared With Me”. If there are multiple admins with sharing rights to a file, they can only see the files shared with them by other admins in this folder. Employees do not have access to uploading or deleting files. They can only view the files shared with them by the admins.

Employee View (Shared With Me)

If a file has a particularly long name, you simply need to hover over it to see the full name. This makes it easier to find the documents you need without opening multiple files to find the right one.

But that’s not it! sumHR can also help solve your payroll processing, leave tracking, and performance management issues.

If you’re interested in making your life a lot easier and uncomplicated, give us a call on +91 922 221 3195 to try this feature out!

Or you can simply log on to and we’ll get in touch with you.

Written by
Ankkita Chauhan
Ankita is a content writer at SocioSquares. She has 4+ years hands-on experience in copywriting, marketing and social media.
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