Moving HR Management from Spreadsheets to HR Software: For Startups/SMBs

SumHR Team
September 4, 2012

A few years ago, spreadsheets started becoming a norm in offices, and have been used for a plethora of purposes. While using them for HR tasks is a good idea, it can lead to trouble later on, as certain errors can be costly when it comes to employees. The HR department of an organization is one of the most important ones. In startups and small businesses, it becomes even more significant. However, smaller companies tend to have just one person handling everything HR, be it recruitment, retention, leave and attendance documentation, and even appraisals. So, why shift to an HR software?

Employee Databases

Spreadsheets and other documents are only good if you have a team that is around six to seven people. After that, things can become more complex. Keeping records is important and when it comes to employee information, there are lots and lots of forms to be filled. However, if you use an automated system, such as the one sumHR offers, not only do you make things easy for the employee, it becomes easy for you to manage as there wouldn’t be any data entry work for you. Small businesses and startups usually use printouts of forms, which are then filled by the new employees, after which the person in charge goes and again fills the same information in a spreadsheet. This can be avoided by using an HR software.

Attendance Management & Leave Management

As information about attendance and leaves is related to the payroll, it is imperative that such data is kept secure and confidential. It is easy to manipulate information in spreadsheets. There have been instances when employees have accessed official spreadsheets and manipulated data. And even if you trust your employees, the other issue is the spreadsheet itself. Be it any spreadsheet software, copy and pasting data can be a little tricky sometimes. In case you make an error and don t realize it at that time, you could end up with a huge crisis later. Another drawback is that it is hard to gather data from multiple spreadsheets, in case needed for analysis. Using sumHR, you can easily export leave and attendance data for insights and trends.

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