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Improving Hiring Process: Leveraging Social Media as a Tool

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When hiring new people, you only want the best for your company. The company’s hiring process and employees determine its future and its overall success or failure. Thus, hiring the right people for the job is essential. Employees are also the face of the company when it comes to the public. Therefore, they play a significant role in branding your company right. 

But where can you find the right talent and prospective employees for your firm? This is where powerful social media tools come into the picture.


Let us understand how to use social media to get the right talent for the company

1. A Linkedin Presence is a Must

LinkedIn is a social media platform specially created for businesses and working people and their recruitment process. It is a great place to look for like-minded people, people working in different companies, and people looking for jobs. Having a solid LinkedIn profile will boost your social presence and help potential employees look for the company and know more. 

To complete the hiring process checklistthe LinkedIn profile must be completed and presented up to date, including the core company values, company network, crucial roles, growth opportunities, etc. All the latest news and events of the company must be highlighted here. This way, when potential candidates look up to your company, they know exactly what they would be dealing with and the progress that the company is making. 

LinkedIn uses a search engine algorithm where it aims to pair the right talent with the perfect company. You never know who might be looking for jobs while working in other companies. The LinkedIn job posts section is ideal for announcing that your company is now hiring. For more reach, one can also interact in various social groups related to the company’s interests. 

2. Social Media Platform for Hiring Process

LinkedIn is a social media channel that is not meant solely for recruitment but is a large job market for social recruiting. It also helps you to develop connections and look for a like-minded crowd, along with job listings and social recruiting efforts. 

On the other hand, there are several recruitment platforms that skip this connection stage and directly work with job postings. First, the company needs to create its page or account and update it here. Further, they can now post their requirements as a job post. Then, people who are interested in applying can directly do so on the portal. 

The company then gets all the details of the people who applied and can select an ideal candidate from the list. This can also be a part of the employee referral programs, where the engaged employees generate employee referrals and bring in prospective candidates through social media networks.

3. Boost Your Social Media Presence

Reaching out to a larger group on social media channels and increasing your presence for social recruiting efforts is all about marketing right. You need not spend a considerable sum of money when it comes to the marketing and recruitment processes. Rather, focus on the algorithm of the social media sites you are interested in. Here are some things that can help you catch up with the algorithm.

  • Use Popular Hashtags – Hashtags are a great way to look for interested people and passive candidates on social media sites. These are key terms that prospects search for in their search engine. For instance, while hiring for the digital marketer position, use the hashtag #hiringdigitalmarketer. This way, your post shall reach the right person, making your recruitment efforts advantageous. 
  • Post Regularly and Consistently – Consistency is the key to boosting your social media presence. So make a schedule and post as per that on a fixed time. This helps the social media sites’ algorithm identify you and your page to boost viewership and add value to your recruitment process.
  • Being Trendy – Trends are something that quickly catches up with people. Most users love to experiment and do new things on multiple social media sites in their hiring process. Thus using trends can help your page reach a larger mass. 

4. Videos and Images Grab More Attention in Hiring Process

Catchy images and videos impact the viewer’s mind, whether active or passive candidates in the hiring process timeline. They catch more attention than regular text posts on multiple social media sites. Include all the relevant data about the post as well as your company. You can also add catchy images and caricatures to lure potential applicants. 

Images and videos can be easily customised as per the company’s taste and the brand’s colour template. Not only this, images and videos are much easier when it comes to marketing and circulating among people. It is easier to reach a larger mass of people and get them excited about applying for the position.

5. Be More Active and Interact With People

Keeping your social media pages updated with relevant information about the company and job opportunities is essential to attract potential employees. At the same time, posting from time to time about the various events, open job role activities, and achievements of the company on all social media sites is also needed for a good hiring process in HRM. These help people be connected with your company and increase your brand value. 

At the same time, with constant posts and updates, people get reminded about the company, and this helps in scaling and widening the company network. At the same time, it helps prospects understand more about the company and helps them make informed decisions. 

Social platforms are a place with high-quality talent pools, where frequent job searches are done. Showing interest and interacting with people gives the company social value and social networks and helps you reach a wider audience. It helps people around you know that the company respects individuals and is socially liable towards them.

6. Understand and Use Metrics

Metrics are an important part of hiring process and social media platforms that speak a lot about employee engagement. They help the user understand who is interested in their posts, their target audience, and the crowd from where their prospective employees are coming. Metrics also help the user understand the right time to post and the correct time to interact with people and help in effective social media recruiting

Metrics collects relevant data from the posts the user does and from the interaction it gets. It collects information like the time of posting, number of likes, number of comments, number of people who reshared the post, etc. Based on this, it develops insights that are easy to understand and user-friendly. If used appropriately, metrics can help boost reach tremendously.

6. Use a Good Filter System in Hiring Process

When putting up job posts in social media recruiting, receiving only suitable applicants is impossible. Therefore, to choose an ideal candidate for the job role, the talent acquisition team must have a filter system that works as per your need in your social media recruitment strategy

  • For each position, the company must have a list of credentials necessary. For example, an entry-level employee position could be a graduate degree in a relevant field. First off, be sure to include these details in the job post application. This is also known as the eligibility criteria. It helps people be aware of what you are precisely looking for. 
  • Next, ask them to answer specific questions. Most recruitment sites, as well as LinkedIn, have an option where you can customise and add a set of mandatory questions for each applicant to answer. 

If not, you could add a note to the job post mentioning that the candidate must email the CV along with the answer to these questions. This way, you can ensure that the applicant has read the job post. Also, the answer to the questions can help you judge the qualifications and skills of the employee.

  • Lastly, before making a final decision, always rule out the people who are not eligible. This helps you save confusion and make informed decisions. 

7. When on Social Media, Always Personalise

Adding a personal touch to the social media profile is a must for social media recruiting and a robust online presence. This helps the people be aware of the social beliefs of the company. At the same time, a personal message to prospects is always a great idea. 

You can reach out to them, mentioning the details about the job, why it would be a perfect fit for them, and asking about their availability. Further, you could even ask them for references if it is not feasible. This helps the company boost its reach through a good social media recruitment strategy and connect with the right people rather than blindly relying on people to reach out to you. 

8. Promote the Work Culture on the Social Media Platform

When on social media, your talent acquisition team can do wonders to attract more and more people to come and work for your company through your social media posts. Ask all the current employees of the company to come and join the social media page. Further, ask them to promote the company’s posts and interact well. This helps the page gain more viewers and interaction. 

Additionally, update the page with exciting activities in your office, such as social meetings, competitions, debates, and parties. Showing the company’s fun side helps people understand there is more to working in this company culture. At the same time, you can also host events and competitions online that will help you connect with people. Including your company’s packages and hampers as gifts and prizes will help make people more aware of your products and services.


In hiring process, the perfect candidate will not just come knocking on the door. It is essential to spread awareness of the company and let people know about its whereabouts, achievements, work culture, etc., to get people excited about working in the company. 

Further, people should be made aware of the various job opportunities here by the talent acquisition team. The best way to connect with people is through social media marketing. Make the most of your social media platforms and your social media posts. 

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