100+ Online HR Tools & Resources for HR Professionals

Team sumHR
January 9, 2014

If you are one of our breed (that is to say, a human resources manager) or if you are a new born (just stepping into the HR world), then perhaps you have a huge load of work on your plate and lots and lots of queries. If there are times when you feel the need of a third umpire, or an agony aunt, or a reporter on the current happenings in the HR world or simply a fellow kinsman to chat with, then be sure to lay your eyes upon this “rescue” list.

Listed here are some useful online HR tools and online resources for everyone having anything to do with HR:

Websites HR Professionals Must Visit

New) StartupHR Toolkit

Startup HR Toolkit comprises ready-to-use HR templates for different stages of the HR process. The aim is to help you manage your HR processes independently. The toolkit has been carefully structured and designed by sumHR based on our experience of managing the HR operations for startups and established companies. You can customize them as per your preferences and needs.

1) CiteHR

A site for all the HR people to share, advice, ask, and read everything related to human resources.

2) HR World

A resource and community for HR professionals working in a startup, SMB, or an MNC, providing them with in-depth content.

3) Workers Compensation

A centre for regulatory and compliance information for the worker’s compensation industry.

4) compareHRIS

A guide for HRIS buyers that also provides reviews on the same.

5) LawLogix

For I-9 and e-verify queries.

6) Bersin Lexicon

Basic definitions of all HR related terms.

7) HR Knowledge Base

For finding answers, solving HR queries, legal compliances, customized HR products, free and low-cost resources etc.

8) HRM Asia

Website for HRM in Asia, which has many resources for HR professionals.

9) Leadersdirect

Deals with everything related to leadership qualities, managing teams, etc.

10) Metro Nirvana

A wellness provider catering to organisations and individuals aiming to bring wellness at the workplace.

11) Labour Law Reporter

A journal on labour laws and HR management.

12) BLR

Provides business and legal resources, free newsletters, webinar announcements etc.

13) Entrepreneur

An HR guide for entrepreneurs with tips on how to train, engage, manage, and hire employees.

Associations /Societies HR Professionals Must Join

14) The HR Club

A network for HR professionals that has over 40,000 members.

15) National HRD

Body committed to promoting HRD in India and enhancing the capability of HR professionals across the nation.

16) HRindiaonline.com

The first government recognized online media providing business critical information, analysis, expert views etc.

17) India HR Forum

Human resources forum for Indian HR professionals.

18) Management Paradise

An online forum used by many HR personnel to express views and share content.

19) American Society For Training And Development

World’s largest professional association dedicated to the training and development field, which also offers CPLP certification.

20) International Society for Performance Improvement

A society for performance improvement that offers CPT certification.

21) SHRM

One of the largest associations in the world for HR (with 250,000+ members) that offers everything related to HR along with chapters to develop leadership, managerial, decision making, and public speaking skills.

22) International Public Management Association for Human Resources

An international association for HR professionals.

23) FedEE

A support organization for HR professionals in MNCs that also provides employment law data, labour market trends, HR professional development guides, and an advice line.

24) North American Human Resource Management Association

With over 300,000 members, this association provides support and resources to HR professionals.

25) World Federation of People Management Associations

A global organization aimed at bringing HR professionals together from various national associations.


A premier American society catering to the interests of healthcare HR professionals.

27) Business Intelligence

Provides reports and business analysis to various organisations on critical business projects.

Tools/Services HR Professionals Must Use

28) HR Certification Institute

Offers HR certification in PHR, SPHR, GPHR, and SPHR-CA.

29) CIPD

An independent and not-for-profit organisation for HR and people development.

30) Janta Khoj

A resource for employee background checks and background verifications (India).

31) KnowledgeStorm

A top-ranked online resource for technology solutions and information.

32) Businessballs.com

Free resources for business training, organisational development, templates, tools, exercises etc.

33) United States Department Of Labor

For all your labor law related queries.

34) FindTheBest

Helps in comparing various services offering background checks.

35) Free Management Library

A free library that provides online articles for individuals, groups, and organizations.

36) HR Professor

Basic definition of HR related terms for beginners and students.

37) KPI Library

Has over 6,500 key performance indicators in many industries.

38) J.J. Keller

Provides safety and human resources products and services.

39) Free Plan Templates

Helps in planning templates for just about every HR function.

40) HR Learning Centre

Provides employment law training programs.

41) National Labor Relations Board

Offers free and low-cost HR law resources.

42) Vector Group

A global management consulting firm (focuses on indentifying and resolving challenges faced by SMBs and MNCs across many industries) that provides free resources.

43) HR.com

A job board for all HR professionals to meet and network.

Blogs/Articles HR Professionals Must Read

44) Creativity At Work

Gives advice on how to calculate your return on investment in performance management.

45) International HR Forum

A blog on all issues related to international HR.

46) Evil HR Lady

With 10 years of experience in HR, this writer has worked for a Fortune 500 Corp and also has a huge list of HR blogs and resources on her website.

47) The Cynical Girl

Blogs about HR and recruiting with a tinge of humor yet pretty thought provoking.

48) Women Of HR

Aimed at the development of women in the HR profession that has great information on how to navigate through the world of HR.

49) HR Hero

Offers articles focussed on employees, employers, recruiters etc, in addition to legal advice and compliance tools.

50) HBR Blog Network

The very well known Harvard Business Review offers articles and resources on everything business centric (including HR).

51) Human Resources.About.com

Has various articles on every aspect of HR right from how to recruit a candidate to how to retain employees and everything in between.

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52) Operations Inc

Mr. HR has advice and tips on carrying out responsibilities of an HR efficiently, training employees on proper safety, and health measures.

53) Systematic HR

An intersection of HR and technology, this blog deals with innovations in the field of HR.

54) HR Bartender

The writer shares her insights, views and opinions on HR, workplace cultures, and tips on creating an environment conducive to the organization’s success.

55) HR Minion

A funny take on the views, experiences, and insights of an HR employee on the various aspects of the field and ways on how to go about stuff.

56) HR Ring Leader

An out of the box blog encouraging HR personnel to innovate the HR-Employee-Client relationship and also offers advice on making presentations more interesting.

57) Lean HR

Has anecdotes on the world of HR and provides employees and managers with great learning perspective.

58) The Tim Sackett Project

With 18 years of experience, the writer’s blog is about his collected wisdom from his colleagues, his family, and in total from the field of HR.

59) No Excuses HR

Helps its readers to take actions and steps on making the workplace better by dealing with problems hands-on.

60) Unconventional HR

A veteran with 25 years of experience, the writer shares her insights on every aspect of the HR industry.

61) Lance Haun’s Blog

A community director for ERE Media, the writer shares his opinions and strategies to help the less experienced HR personnel.

62) Lisa Rosendahl’s Blog

With 20 years of experience, the writer shares her experiences and insights on her blog.

63) Ask A Manager

A blog that answers questions asked by its readers and provides useful insights.

64) SBA.Gov

The blog gives advice on all the laws to be considered before building your business and teams.

65) HR Zone

It is the home of HR with many blogs and discussion forums.

66) Open Education Europa Blogs

The blog post features a list of 183 Learning Management Systems.

67) HR Outsourcing Basics

Basics on outsourcing HR functions for businesses that do not have time to carry out the HR functions internally.

68) HRM Today

Provides HR research reports and HR related articles.

69) Salt And Light

Lists out 30 tips on being an outstanding HR professional.

70) HR Coffee Talk

Blogs and interviews by well-known HR professionals.

71) I Wish I Knew: HR Professionals Give Advice to their Younger Selves

A useful article for young HR professionals to get hand-on advice.

72) Steve Boese’s HR Technology

A blog on HR technology.

73) Slaves Inc Blog

A blog on workplace humor.

74) Personnel Today

Articles on everything related to HR, right from labor laws to HR jobs.

Books HR Professionals Must Have

75) Games People Play

The book draws a relationship between human behavior and its effect on the organization, and provides with suggestions and insights on how to combat various challenges at the workplace.

76) The Empowered Manager

The book outlines the presence of politics at work and how it can have a positive effect on the professional development on an individual, and also argues that politics, if practiced in the right manner, can actually be empowering.

77) First Break All The Rules

The book is aimed at giving a fresh approach to the various nuances of business and encourages out of the box thinking for overcoming hardships.

78) The HR Answer Book: An Indispensable Guide For Managers And Human Resources Professionals

As the name suggests, the book answers questions every employer faces with changing economy, trends and new challenges.

79) The Leadership Lessons Of The Navy SEALs: Battle-tested Strategies For Creating Successful Organizations And Inspiring Extraordinary Results

The book consists of real-life stories from military and business world and is a great morale booster for increasing productivity.

80) Good To Great: Why Some Companies Make The Leap… And Others Don’t

A good book for managers and CEOs with examples and stories of excellence and failures.

81) Execution: The Discipline Of Getting Things Done

The book shows how to get jobs done and deliver results, regardless of you being an entry-level employee or someone running an entire company.

82) The Five Patterns Of Extraordinary Careers: The Guide For Achieving Success And Satisfaction

The book explores the reasons why some people like Lou Gerstner, Senator Elizabeth Dole, Dan Rosenweig, etc reach pinnacles of glory and while others, equally talented, fail to reach their maximum potential.

83) Getting Things Done: The Art Of Stress-Free Productivity

The book aims at improving your personal productivity and accomplishing targets without fretting.

84) Flight Of The Buffalo: Soaring To Excellence

A book on employee empowerment and how encouraging your employees to their maximum potential can enable the organization to soar heights.

85) New Pioneers: Man and Women Who Are Transforming the Workplace

The author has studied companies from 30 states and brought forth an analysis on which new approaches are creating business success.

86) 1501 Ways To Reward Employees

The book lists out the many opportunities you have everyday to reward and appraise your employees.

Linkedin Groups HR Professionals Must Join

87) Linked: HR

The largest community and is the most active when it comes to group discussions.

88) The Recruiter Network

A networking and informational resource for HR and recruiting professionals and aims at elevating the Human Capital industry.

89) HR Professionals

The group has members at various levels, right from students to senior HR managers who discuss various aspects of HR.

90) Corporate Recruiters

A leading group for recruiters, and helps connect them to share ideas and leverage Linkedin’s potential in hiring.

91) Networked Recruiter

A group dedicated to expanding your professional network and sharing best practices in the field of recruiting.

92) Human Resources Professionals Worldwide

A networking group for corporate HR professionals all over the world.

93) HR And Talent Management Executive

Provides a platform to exchange research and best practises in recruiting, performance, compensations, benefits etc.

94) HR Focus Expert Group

A community for HR experts and professionals to discuss payroll, talent management, legal, compliances, benefits etc.

95) Twitter, Google Plus And Facebook For Sourcing And Recruiting

A group dedicated for people interested in finding appropriate and skilled candidates through social media.

Magazines / Publications HR Professionals Must Read

96) People Matters

A leading knowledge and media platform in the HR space that provides information, best practices, trends, and industry news.

97) Business Manager

Started in 1998, Business Manager is focused on HR and IR issues and aims at making HR managers fully equipped to deal with practical problems.

98) HR Professionals

A magazine aimed at educating and informing HR folks and is available free of cost to SHRM members.

99) Human Capital

India’s first business HR magazine launched in 1997 reflecting vies, opinions, ideas, best practices, and current trends in HR.

100) The HR Director

A publication that provides in-depth HR analysis, HR strategies, current news, etc to HR directors and senior HR managers.

101) SHRM HR Magazine

An SHRM publication that you can subscribe to, irrespective of being a SHRM member.

We’ve tried to list out as many important and useful resources as possible. If there are any you think we missed out, feel free to mention them in the comments below. Also, if you are a HR professional wanting to shed off your load of work, why not give sumHR a try!

[Note: The listed items are not numbered in terms of their relevance or ranking. The numbers are solely for ease of reading purposes.]

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