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HR Management: How to Tackle Different Types of Employee Personalities


Every work place, organization or any generic social gathering for that matter consists of a mixed bag of personalities. If it wasn’t for this heterogeneity, life would pretty much be like an extremely boring and long movie that you’re forced to watch simply because you need to be polite to your date.

If you take a look around (when at your workplace) you can determine your employee’s most perceptive trait by thinking of the first word in terms of personality that comes to your mind when you see them. Example: artistic, observant, lazy, cheerful etc. 

Identify these personality traits in your colleagues and employees and enforce better employee management. You can delegate much better, enabling your organization to work like a properly maintained and oiled machine.

The Honest Bunch

If you truly are a lucky employer, you have at least one genuinely honest person in your workplace. The idea is to simply encourage such people in the workplace to continue being just the way they are no matter what. Avoid being too harsh with such people. After all, they are just being honest with you. Whether they’re maestros at what they do or not, they possess a trait that’s deserving of a pat on their back.

The Point-Dexters & Perfectionists

If they’re the typical point-dexter nerds they are very much likely to be perfectionists. This is because these employees possess a decent amount of knowledge on several subjects that they just know what the better way of doing things is. The best thing to do with this category of people is never over look their suggestions and if something isn’t upto the mark, encourage and trust them to make it perfect.

The Hard Workers

This is the most dependable category of people. It usually is due to spontaneity that people are hard working. Never take advantage of this good trait by over loading them with work just because they have the ability to cope up with it. Instead, reward them for their work and encourage them to be better at what they do. Give them a holiday now and then too. This will not only encourage them to do better but also cause their colleagues to try to work just as hard too.

The Office Clowns

By all means never ever fire the office clown for ‘goofing off’. If they do not produce quality work, create a liaison in ‘stress management’ if you have to. They lighten the mood when everyone in the office is in a horrendous mood, suffering from Monday blues or just can’t cope with their problems in and out of work. They are nothing but stress-busters. So, “Who ya gonna call?”

The Artists & Experts

The artistic bunch or connoisseurs are driven by the love for what they do. Understand what they love doing, and give them only that to do. Due to their sheer passion for what they do, assigning them work they dislike will just be inviting mood swings and eventually cause them to disappear from the work place (sometimes without notice). Instead make them do what they love and they surely will deliver and outlive your expectations.

The Go-to Guy

Termed as ‘the helpers’, ‘the troubleshooters’ etc. call them whatever you may but they’ll always be there on your rainy day with an umbrella. Acknowledge them in the workplace for their good traits. Everyone loves laurels and when they need help themselves, return the favor to the best of your ability.

The Quiet Bunch

You shouldn’t mistake their silence for being “anti-social”. The “anti-social” bunch already failed the interviews so you don’t need to worry about that. Most of the silent ones just need to spend more time with the ‘office clowns’ to loosen up. They are very good listeners and you can count on them to be very observant and catch every detail that you have missed! Such people work wonderful in quality control.

Understanding each other is the key to maintaining a ‘laid back’ work environment and hence causing your employees to dread Mondays much less.

And yes, you too can make your Mondays more fun by managing these employees efficiently. Just have a look at sumHR, an awesome HR software for managing your human capital.

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