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8 HR Issues You’ve Dealt With And How To Eliminate Them

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Ankkita Chauhan
May 1, 2017

HR teams are constantly facing problems while enforcing policies or facing the backlash by employees. Apart from this, HR issues also include dealing with daily struggles like complaints against pesky coworkers, all the while handling tedious spreadsheets and data. Here’s a lighthearted take on 8 HR issues every HR exec has faced and how to solve them:

hr issues

1) Payroll

Just like a period, payroll takes up almost a week of every month of your life. The former is something you HAVE to go through, but the latter can be fixed with a simple step. Men, though unrelatable, you get the gist of this.

Payroll isn’t just about processing someone’s monthly salary. There’s a lot that goes into it before you actually reach that step. Usually, during the last week of the month, HR teams are found in their rooms acting like the CBI cum Math Prodigies. For every employee, HR has to calculate the amount to be paid based on the policies and deductions. Late marks, leaves, fresher’s DOJ, and other calculations are carried out. Not just these, there’s also IT, PT, bonuses, loan advances, provident funds, and other computations.

An extremely easy solution to this HR problem is automating payroll completely. While employees do need their salaries, they also need HR to be available for current affairs in the organization that needs their attention.

Process payroll at the click of a button. Focus on what’s more important - the people.

2) Shift Planning

Certain situations demand unique solutions. Let’s take an example. Your company has a customer base that’s across the country. Now suppose you have an election in your city. It would be unethical of you to force your employees to skip voting and come to work. But you also can’t lose out on lakhs of business. In such a situation, shift planners would play an important role. You can change the shift timings of all employees for that particular day to a later time, e.g. 12 pm. That way, they would have enough time to vote in the morning and also make it work without having an unnecessary late remark.

3) Employee queries

Imagine this: You’re handling a crucial issue and an employee approaches you asking…… Actually, wait, don’t imagine this. If you’re an HR, you’ve definitely experienced it. Employee queries are something you can’t run away from. “How many leaves do I have left?”, “Where’s my salary slip?”. “Is FancyPants coming in today?”. How many times have you been plagued with such questions?

A quick fix to all data related employee queries is to have the information present in one place. With an HRM software, you can have automated salary slips, a list of employees on leave, leave balances, company holiday lists, and much more - all in one platform!

If you’ve been facing any of the HR problems mentioned, try out our HR & Payroll software to say goodbye to your woes.

4) Appraisals

Like a retail worker getting off at 5 pm has his eyes dead set on the clock come 4:55 pm, employees eagerly look forward to their appraisal meetings. As an HR, you have several employees to keep track of. But the employees will only focus on one. Themselves. This can mean that sometimes you lose track of what date an employee must have an appraisal meeting. Or, you’re perpetually cross-checking for quarterly/half-yearly/annual appraisals. While doing this, it’s easy to skip setting a reminder, or to completely forget you had a meeting.

The solution to this HR issue? A performance management system. With this feature, you can create review cycles based on your company policies. Once an employee is onboard, you can simply assign a review cycle once and forget about it. The system will automatically notify you when the appraisal is due. You can also select reviewers and approvers for the performance review. These systems also come with a rating scale and the option to create your own feedback form. Feedback forms can be customized based on the employee’s job profile, making your job easier.

Find out how a performance management system will make your life easy.

5) Reimbursement

All these days you’ve said, “Bro, go ahead for the client meeting. We’ll pay you for the cab later.” Well, it’s payback time. In all honesty, it’s not just client meetings that employees need to be reimbursed for. Whether it’s a phone bill or a flight cost, managing reimbursements via emails can cause a lot of confusion. Following up, responding to the trail mail, confirming payments, etc, can make it a dreary task.

A reimbursement feature offers a single spot to handle every reimbursement request. After creating a reimbursement policy, you can assign it to employees, again, based on their job profile. You can create multiple policies for teams, levels of seniority, etc. The policy can be customized down to the point where you can set sections for images as proof or even fill in the compartment your seat was in. Approval and compensation rights can also be given to relevant people so you only need to overlook the process.

6) Attendance and leave tracking

Spreadsheets or attendance journals are extremely time-consuming and unproductive. An attendance and leave tracking software will provide you with all employee details on their profile. If you connect this to a biometric system, the software will automatically integrate all clock-in and clock-out data. This makes it easy to track late marks, attendance, and leaves taken. Employees can also apply for leaves directly through the software, once again sparing you the hard work of cross checking leave request emails at the end of the month.

7) Managing Employee Data

Having any information you want on your fingertips is like having a little piece of heaven. Now, imagine having all employee data, from the date of joining, to the leave they took 3 years ago on a particular date, to their birthday. An employee directory would make your life much simpler. A directory as easy to access as your friends list on Facebook, but with a lot more information. Employee directories come with any HR & Payroll software as a basic feature.

8) Recruitment

With the rise in startups and businesses, every organization is looking to hire only the best talent for their companies. In this race, the pressure is increasing on HR teams to recruit the right talent from a pool of available candidates. But finding the perfect fit can be hard, more so for specialized positions.

Recruitment firms offer hiring services to take the load off of HR departments. These startup hiring firms have dedicated teams for Tech, Non-tech, Bulk, or Product requirements. Since they work only on hiring, they have a self-built database of candidates looking forward to exciting opportunities. Through this, they provide you with relevant resumes and cover all details like the CTC, years of experience, industry, etc.

If there’s any HR issue you’d want us to provide a solution for, tell us in the comment section below!

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Ankkita Chauhan
Ankita is a content writer at SocioSquares. She has 4+ years hands-on experience in copywriting, marketing and social media.
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