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How To Improve Employee Engagement With HR Software

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June 7, 2017

Disengagement at the workplace is a problem that majority of managers have to deal with! According to a recent survey by ET, a whopping 59% of employees do not feel appreciated at work. That means that over half of the total employees in organizations feel that their efforts are not valued and that they are not getting due recognition for their valuable contribution. Temporary increments, bonuses and perks may work by boosting the morale of an employee for a few days or weeks, but are ineffective in the long run. Employee engagement levels run low, and that will impact productivity, satisfaction and ultimately retention of talented workers in the organization. Hence, it is vital for managers to capitalize on the various benefits that can be accrued through high engagement levels.

(This article is written by Sanjay Darji, currently a Software Analyst at SoftwareSuggest.)

So, let’s have a look at some employee engagement strategies that will help in enhancing engagement levels:

1. Enterprise Social Networking

There should be an integrated internal platform for employees to connect over professional work related matters. This will promote better overall communication in the organization, without any barriers or hindrances. An enterprise social networking system can lead to fruitful interactions and brainstorming amongst employees. It can also prove to be useful for networking with employees of different departments and cross functions.

2. Performance Management System

Employees want to know how they are performing and yearn for constructive feedback. A sound and objective performance management system constantly provides objective information to workers about their performance. There are periodic meetings between employees and their supervisors to provide constructive feedback regarding work performance. Mentoring and Coaching are also effective ways of providing performance management feedback to employees to improve work productivity.

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3. Reimbursement Management

Employees often spend personal monetary funds for organization related tasks. Complex administrative procedures in reclaiming their money can leave employees demotivated and disgruntled. The reimbursement procedure should be made seamless, simple and quick, so that employees do not have to go through a cumbersome and time consuming process to get reimbursed for money spent for organizational purposes.

4. Efficient Payroll

The compensation system of an organization should be fair, timely and in accordance to industry standards. Money acts as a huge motivator and if employees feel that they are getting adequate, well timed compensation, they will be further propelled to put in their best at work. Incentives, pay and benefits largely influence and mold employee behavior at the workplace, and can help in increasing engagement levels exponentially.

5. Shift Planning

Work timings of employees should be regulated in an efficient manner to promote optimum productivity at the workplace. Employees should be assigned convenient shifts, customized according to their needs. Shift policies should be uniform in nature, and weekly holidays should be given to all workers so as to rejuvenate themselves. Telecommuting and work from home are good options for employees with family commitments and will help in engaging workers to their work in a meaningful way.

Employee Engagement is the new buzzword in organizations today. In the current dynamic business world, it is essential that managers aim at maximizing engagement levels, in order to provide their organization a competitive advantage. These simple strategies will go a long way in harnessing engagement levels at the workplace.

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