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How to Build a Great LinkedIn Network

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Team sumHR
August 31, 2015

As you know, LinkedIn is a social networking site for a business that is more professional and concerns more with the user's professional aspect rather than social or generic aspects. As part of our career tips series, here's how you can build a great LinkedIn network and profile:

More than a resume

With so many potential employees today and so few employment opportunities, it is necessary to keep a resume as simple as possible. It isn’t possible to mention all professional characteristics, hobbies, extra-curricular activities etc. on a resume. On LinkedIn, one can update such information. On some occasions, such information is what seems most lucrative to recruiters, and is in fact what the recruiter could be looking for.

Link it

If possible, one should connect and link their LinkedIn profile to as many networks as possible. Connecting it to a social network, work profile, an organization’s website etc. helps expand your parameter. The purpose of LinkedIn is becoming more popular as a professional networking site. It is about bringing your special skills and interests in the light in the most systematic and professional way. If making your professional self-popular is the motive, then linking your LinkedIn profile to as many sites as you can by serving your purpose and popularising your professional self online.

Advertise your qualifications

One of the greatest advantages of LinkedIn is that you can publish your qualifications on the site in a very professional way. After which all that would be left is for people to like what you bring to the table. You can make your professional information known in a place where such information is what people are looking for.

No nonsense

You can avoid stumbling on useless information that does not pertain to an individual's professional life. Also, putting up personal information isn’t a compulsion on LinkedIn. Therefore, coming across as a professional will be easier as you can just upload professional information about yourself.

This is how you can build a great LinkedIn network and profile. And If you're looking for an exciting career opportunity, head over to our careers page.

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