How the Virtual Phone System Is Helping Global Recruitment Process In The HR Industry

Team sumHR
August 3, 2017

To work in an appropriate manner, HR industry requires accurate recruitment. The success of any organisation depends on its ability to acquire and retain high-quality human resources. With the advent of a competitive job market, making a fair recruitment is becoming more challenging. Poor recruitment decisions affect the organisational performance, limiting achievement of goals. Right recruitment in HR industry provides the organisation with a pool of qualified candidates working towards the betterment of organisation.

Moreover, the rapid pace of globalisation of organisations has made the recruitment process further demanding. The head office of an organisation lies in one city of a certain country and they want to grab their HR from some other country to get the best employees.

Advances in social, mobile and cloud technology have resulted in the change of traditional recruitment process. Recruiters are opting for unconventional interview techniques. Virtual telephone system is one of them. Here are some reasons why Virtual Telephone system are becoming rampant as an interview technique.

1. More convenient

A face-to-face interview requires a number of procedures to be fulfilled. An arrangement, scheduling and follow up at the company's end. Whereas interview utilising a virtual phone system can be conducted then and there, thus saving valuable time.

2. Savings on traveling

The virtual phone system is a boon to candidates as it saves their traveling time. As we all know ‘Time is money’, time wasted is money wasted. The candidates can sit back at their own doorsteps and engage in the interview with the recruiter. It also minimises the travel risks.

3. Cost saving

In this era of uncertain economy, cost saving has become the need of the hour. The virtual telephone system enables the candidates to connect with the recruiter from wherever they are. Thus helping in cutting cost on hotels, airfare, and other expenses. Virtual phone systems are more affordable over the PSTN services for the organisations. Landline phones need connection fees, line rental charges, monthly bills, splitters, jacks and various other technologies that are expensive to install. Whereas the virtual phone system can be utilised for a comparatively lower monthly cost.

4. Recording made possible

This system of recruitment makes the recording of the whole interview process possible. This recording can be utilised for further reference in making the best choice.

5. Better communication

Virtual phone system provides superior quality calls to make the interview process more smooth. Accidental call drops and wrong number calls are no more a problem using this phone system.

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6. Polished and professional look

A virtual phone number helps add to your goodwill. An official number, like 1-800-ABCDEF, helps you give a more professional and legitimate look. It helps to attract better workforce willing to work with you.

7. Increased candidates

The recruiters can interview more candidates than in a one-to-one interview. This leaves them with more choice to choose the best one.

8. Upgraded software

One of the biggest issue with the traditional landline system is that they have stopped any research on new and upgraded technology. Whereas the virtual phone systems are coming up with the latest technology. New and latest software are coming up. This makes the recruitment process more convenient.

9. Multi-point interviews across different time zones

The challenge of different time-zone and location can be overcome by using virtual phone system. People from different time zone can come forward and collaborate; they can also connect seamlessly for the interview.

10. Collaborative interview

A virtual phone system allows two or more recruiters sitting at two different places to interview the same candidate at the same time. There are applications available which interconnect the calls using the conference calling. This allows all the people in the interview to talk collectively.

A virtual phone system in the global recruitment process in the HR industry requires both the recruiter and candidate to prepare for the interview in the same manner as they would do for a traditional interview. It is an interview with a modern twist. It is hands-down the best way to connect the recruiter and the candidate and enhance the recruitment process.

Author Name: Mehul Shah

Bio: Working as Digital Marketing Manager at CallHippo, Mehul Shah loves to share his knowledge about Cloud based Virtual Phone Systems. Mehul has reviewed software in segments including small business, startups, and enterprises.

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