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HR software, popularly known as human resource software, helps monitor and manage employee data. There are various HR functions in an organisation, like payroll, recruiting, tracking development, and performance. Human resource management software enables companies to manage such related processes throughout the cycle of employees. It ensures that the company fully understands its workforce and is regular in complying with various labour regulations as well.  This article contains a detailed comparison between various features, pricing and plans of sumHR and greytHR.

What is sumHR?

sumHR is a cloud-based HR and payroll management software that provides modern solutions to Human resource processes. Starting from employee onboarding to improving the human resource capital of business, it manages all with a click. sumHR enables some powerful checklists to ensure smooth onboarding of employees into the company and set up various milestones throughout their journey. 

What is greytHR?

greytHR is one of the popular HR management software which provides automation of human resource processes. In terms of employee engagement, it is an effective business tool. It is also a payroll software for Indian companies which ensures one-click payroll generation. It relieves companies from cumbersome excel worksheets and reduces the chances of clerical mistakes and errors.

Although greytHR is a popular software, there are several HR management software that cater to the distinct needs of different businesses. Businesses select such software that satisfies their conditions, be it in terms of budget pricing, features, integration, user ratings, videos, etc.

Summary of comparison of sumHR and greytHR


sumHR ‌serves startups and medium and small enterprises. Both the software helps SMEs and agencies to streamline the HR and payroll processes.


Some of the popular features of sumHR include –

The sumHR software provides an integrated platform for all important HR data. The comprehensive data enables the storage of all employee information in one place. Avoiding the hassle of maintaining different spreadsheets, this human resource management system also allows reviewing HR analytics. One-click MIS reports generated by the software can be very insightful for the business. 

  • Attendance in mobile integrated biometrics

The software ensures the efficient monitoring of employees’ attendance through the clock in and out facilities. It enables the development of a flexible leave policy that is progressive for both company and the employee. A time attendance report allows for tracking the work of employees and ultimately the goals of the company.

  • Quick and reliable automated payroll

sumHR provides an efficient solution for payroll calculations through its robust processing engine. It enables unlimited salary structure feed and correct calculations of tax. It not only helps the business but employees get timely salary payments, which boosts their morale. 

  • Flexible benefit plans 

sumHR eases the businesses to adopt a flexible benefits plan for their employees. This user-friendly software allows the employees to select from various allowances and components of salary and it takes the form of their salary structure. Businesses can also apply a limit to the FBP component depending upon the grade of the employee.

  • Carry forward unused allowances

The software allows employees to carry their un-utilized allowances of the current year forwards to the succeeding years. This ensures that the entitlements of the employees do not lapse merely because they could not use them in that year. 

  • Paperless HR management

sumHR provides an engine that records data and maintains that data in the HR drive. Companies may set a routine for HR mails, and the software handles its creation, signature, and sending it to the desired recipient as well. This automation saves time and lets them focus on more pressing matters.

  • Salary account with multiple benefits: On demand Salary, Health insurance from ICICI Lombard, 1% on all transactions & more.

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Pricing and plans

sumHR Pricing Plans


greytHR Pricing Plans

greytHR provides four different plans and pricing for different sizes of enterprises. 

  • Starter 

The starter plan only applies to enterprises that have up to 25 employees. It is a zero-cost plan with lifetime validity. The services of the software are also limited concerning payroll functions. It allows basic HR functions to be managed but disallows claims and GPS-based attendance. 

  • Welter

The plan applies to an unlimited number of employees. It is billed at a minimum of Rs. 1495 per month. It allows core HR and payroll services with employees’ self-onboarding at additional payments above the minimum price cost of the plan. It disallows the feature of attendance management of the employees. 

  • Super

Super also applies to an unlimited number of employees with Rs. 40 per employee charge. The minimum price of the plan is Rs. 2495 per month. Like welter, it allows all basic and additional features, including attendance management. The expense claim feature of the plan is activated after paying an additional amount per employee per month.

  • Cruiser

The fourth plan of the greytHR allows every service for the enterprise for 100 per month per employee. The minimum price of the plan is Rs. 4995 per month. Additional payment is only required if the business wants to avail of the feature of GEO attendance. All other features, basic and popular, are included in the plan.

Add-On Feature of sumHR

  • Salary account

An additional feature of sumHR includes that it offers free-of-charge software if an employer ensures that 50% of the employee salary account is opened with the sumHR. The feature for such a salary account includes a lifetime zero balance account with 1% cashback on all debit cards and UPI spending through such a salary account. 

It also allows tracking financial insights through MF tracker, debt tracker, and other personal management tools. The rewards earned in the account can be instantly converted into cash or gold. Additionally, it provides free health insurance cover from ICICI Lombard 2 Lakhs base plan OR 20 Lakhs super top-up with a 3 Lakhs deductible. The health insurance also includes the following:

  1. Cashless hospitalisation expenses for inpatient treatment
  2. COVID19 hospitalisation expenses for inpatient treatment
  3. 30-day pre- and 60-day post-hospitalization expenses
  4. 150 daycare treatments
  5. Ambulance charges (up to 2500 INR per hospitalisation)
  6. 2 online consultations per year

In case an employee spends on forex trading, charges of up to 1 lakh/month are free. With a salary account in sumHR, any day can be the salary day. Salary is provided on the date demanded by the employee. 

Additional benefits include on demand salary, 1% cashback on all transactions using the Salary accounts & more.

Final words

Under the specific requirements of the companies, sumHRand greytHR can be their match. They have distinct features with different pricing plans which can suit a diverse range of enterprises. Compare and choose the right software.
SumHR is a cloud-based HR software and Payroll software that is modern, fun, and exceedingly simple to use. It’s a cloud-based system that streamlines HR and payroll processes for startups and small and medium businesses. To get your free HRMS click here

Frequently Asked Questions on sumHR

  1. What all platforms is sumHR available on?

sumHR is available on web app desktop platforms and IOS, android mobile platforms. 

  1. How is the customer support service of sumHR?

The customer support service of sumHR is believed to be very reliable and helpful. They provide support through phone, email, and training. 

  1. Which language does sumHR support?

sumHR supports the English language.

  1. What is the minimum price of the plan of sumHR?


  1. Can employers have free salary accounts for employees with sumHR?

Yes, the condition is that the employer will have to open a minimum 60% for his employee’s accounts with sumHR to get it for free

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sumHR is an all-one HRMS Platform to automate all HR Processes. With sumHR, create a tasteful employee experience, track attendance & leaves, setup & manage payroll, definie & monitor goals, generate & schedule reports, and so much more. We’re on a mission to improve the impact of HR teams in SMEs across India.

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SumHR is a flexible and configurable end-to-end HR Software/HRMS which help HR teams automate the HR Processes, and improve the employee's HR experience.

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