Export Reimbursement Details using sumHR

October 29, 2012

HR softwares are good at documenting information. However, what good is it if you cannot export the data for analysis? For any manager, being able to generate a "report" makes all the difference. Carrying forward this though, we have enhanced the reimbursement feature, allowing Admins to export the reimbursement details.

Go to “Setup Company” (under Manage, Left Navigation bar) >> click Reimbursements (Under Export) to go to the Reimbursements Report page. On this page, you can either select the pre-defined durations (for 1,3 and 6 months) or select a custom date range, as per your requirements. Click download after selecting the duration and voila! The data will be available for download as a .xls file.

In case you have any feedback/suggestions about exporting details of reimbursements, feel free to share it in the comments section below.

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