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Employee Motivation: Everything You Need to Know About it

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Team sumHR
June 24, 2019
How to motivate employee

As humans, we’re constantly looking for a strong reason to do something. Generally, that strong reason is what gives us that motivation to get things done. The need for motivation never goes away, does it? Both kids and adults need motivation albeit different kinds of motivation but the core idea is the same nonetheless. Similarly, Employee Motivation holds a certain amount of significance when it comes to the working class people.

Motivation is a part of our lives as humans. We need the motivation to push us to do something whole-heartedly. We set goals that motivate us to achieve them because we believe in what we want. Motivation backs that belief and boosts your “will” to work for it.

Employee Motivation is a big thing these days and it plays an important role in the success of any business.

Nowadays, employees are no longer motivated by having a job that just helps them make money, they want much more than that now. They want a purpose, a strong reason for them to wake up every day and head over to the office and work productively.


"Employee Motivation" generally reflects an employee's commitment to his job. It shows how engaged an employee is to the work that he does on a daily basis. An employee these days looks for much more than just money when it comes to jobs.

"Employee motivation" is generally of two types, motivation from within and motivation through external factors. Some people might want recognition whereas some might want internal satisfaction about achieving a goal, everyone has different reasons that act as motivation for them to get out of their bed and work productively.


Normally, there are two types of motivation. One is Intrinsic motivation i.e. internal motivation and Extrinsic motivation i.e external motivation.

Intrinsic Motivation

Intrinsic motivation means nothing but internal motivation. The motivation comes from the inside of any human being. Intrinsic motivation originates through strong beliefs and reasons that motivate people to get things done.

Extrinsic Motivation

Similarly, Extrinsic motivation means external motivation. The motivation that comes from external factors. Extrinsic motivation originates through external factors like recognition, appreciation, etc. It is generally connected to rewards & recognition.


Employee motivation is a very vast concept. It’s very beneficial not just for the employees but for the entire business. Because it is always better to have a motivated employee on your side. Employee Motivation helps you in ensuring that your employees are focused and productive in their work. It becomes easier for motivated employees to effectively carry out their jobs and achieve their targets.

Employers make sure that they don’t take employee motivation for granted. Employee Motivation is a vital part of any business today. Improved productivity and efficiency are always great for any business. Employee Motivation also helps in reducing costs as well thanks to the increased efficiency that leads to optimum utilization of resources. It also ensures employee satisfaction and thus reducing turnover. Motivated employees also come up with new ideas and initiatives because they don’t feel that they’re opinions are not important, they feel that they’re valued by everyone.

Organizations that have big goals need motivated employees to help them achieve those goals. Employee Motivation is directly related to employee satisfaction. It should be an employer’s priority to make sure that the employees are motivated and satisfied. This will only help the business to prosper and grow steadily.


  • Empower employees and give them a chance to put their opinions forward.
  • Transparency in communication.
  • Respecting employees regardless of their position, race, gender, etc.
  • Involving people in decision making that affects them and their work.
  • Appreciating employees for the work done.
  • Providing fair compensation.
  • Engaging employees and letting them know that they’re not just workers but they’re much more than that.
  • Providing employees ample opportunity to grow as individuals as well.

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Improved Productivity

Employee Motivation boosts an employee’s willingness to work. A motivated employee will always look to achieve the targets in the most efficient and effective way. Motivation affects productivity because it helps in improving focus and ability to do a job.


Learning needs motivation, if you don’t have that motivation to learn something, you’ll never learn anything. Motivation increases interest and improves the attitude to learn. If someone doesn’t want to learn something, then he won’t learn it regardless of the consequences.

Self-Disciplined Employees

Employee Motivation also promotes discipline. Discipline is an important checkpoint on the path to success. Employee Motivation tends to improve discipline positively. Self-discipline is much more effective than the discipline imposed by a senior. Motivated employees discipline themselves in order to stay on track to achieve their goals.

Improved Engagement and Retention

Employee Motivation also improves employee engagement. Motivated employees make sure that they’re not taking unnecessary leaves. They want to use their time and efforts effectively and hence they lower absenteeism.

If an employee feels engaged and motivated to work for the organization and the employer then the employee would try to work at the same organization for a long period of time. Employee Motivation reduces employee turnover.

Employee Motivation promotes a positive work atmosphere. A positive work atmosphere is one of the most important factors of a successful organization. Employee motivation may consume time but the benefits that you’ll reap will be immense.

These different reasons are all good, yet when it truly comes down to it, there is just a single thing that makes the difference, the primary concern and the belief in something.  A superior organization is one that will stick around for quite a long time to come and even flourish. There is no doubt—to ensure that your employees are cheerful and motivated.

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