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Employee Management System for Startups/SMBs: Free Yourself from Worries

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Jay Thaker
November 22, 2012

An employee management system consists of crucial work-related and important personal information about an employee. In a nutshell, it is an online inventory of all employees of an organization.

Employees are the strength of any organization, and it is more so in case of a growing business. It is crucial to handle this aspect of your business well. A good employee management system can actually make a world of difference to an organization, especially true in case of startups and small businesses, where the focus should be on growing the business more than anything else.

Top 5 reasons why an Employee Management System is important for your startup or small business:

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In case you are thinking of whether or not to go for an employee management system for your growing organization, these 5 points will make you think in the right direction.

1. It's a ready source of information:

Employee Management System performs as a readily available source of information between the organization and the employee. Contact information, salary information, posts, work schedule, education information etc. is what most database systems consist of.

Such information is readily available through HR software like sumHR.

2. Highly efficient system:

Employee management systems are highly efficient. A member of the organization can easily retrieve information about his/her colleague whenever required, and that too on short notice. One can avoid making calls to the employee out on vacation just to retrieve an address to send an important letter.

3. Reliable accuracy:


Since the information is mostly fed in by the employees themselves you can be sure the information is accurate since it’s straight from the source. Moreover, an employee can access their information at any time. Therefore, he/she can keep it updated and correct mistakes, if any.

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4. Updated data:

The information added to the employee management system can be available for as long as an employee is working in a firm or if needed, longer than that. Also, if at any point in time, the employee data changes the employee themselves can make the alterations. As a result, obsolete data is a rare find on such systems.

5. Employee management system allows confidentiality:


Specific information about the employee can not only be set to be kept private from public viewing but can also be set to be kept private from anyone other than the admin of the software or the head of the organization. Therefore, it is safer to have an employee management system in an organization, big or small, than have your bank account information lying in some drawer of a dingy desk.

Softwares such as sumHR are easily available online. It can ensure availability, efficiency, accuracy, updates on time-bound information, confidentiality etc.

You can worry less about managing a bulky dilapidated file or calling up your employees at inconvenient times or even be stranded without crucial information with the employee management system of sumHR.

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Jay Thaker
Jay is the founder at sumHR, an HR Software which helps organisations automate their HR operations and provide employees with a memorable HR experience.
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