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Employee & Corporate Gift Ideas: How to Give the Best Business Gifts

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Ankkita Chauhan
November 29, 2012

The more you know an individual on a personal level, the easier it is to buy them a gift. On the other hand, knowing an employee mostly on a professional level makes it a tougher buy. Therefore, buying business gifts is the time one must really wear their thinking caps. Read on if you want to know about employee and corporate gift ideas.


If you are close friends or even just good acquaintances with your employee, your business shopping just became easier. If you know a few likes and dislikes of your employees, it becomes even easier. You may not have figured out what precisely to purchase just by knowing a few likes and dislikes, but you will have made fewer mistakes while business shopping. Hence, pay attention to water-cooler gossip before you head out to purchase this year’s office presents.


Find out what your employee really wants if possible. If it is a season for giving out presents, then being a friend in need could be the best one. If there is something that you know your employee truly needs, then trying to gift wrap it would be wonderful. For instance, if your employee can’t afford to buy tickets to a sports game or is saving up to buy a new laptop, then a ticket to the game or an electronic store gift card would truly be a blessing.

Tech savvy

Gadgets are no more a luxury. One can watch their budget by steering away from the expensive brands and gift employees MP3 players. Get creative and assemble a tech gift bag, with goodies like ear-phones, phone and laptop skins, app store gift cards, memory sticks, etc. it would be a smart present that would make every employee happy. You would be catering to their needs and avoiding them from spending their extra change on tech accessories after having spent a bomb on the gadgets itself.

Times are tough

If you and your employees have been spending way too much time on achieving targets, you haven’t had the time to think of presents or even go business shopping then a bonus corporate gift would be the best idea. It would not only be a decent present that helps your employees worry less about their domestic budget for the month but also a great reward for their hard work. To personalize their cash presents, you can give each one of them a card or a souvenir to express a personal touch.

We are sure these employee and corporate gift ideas will help you take the right decision. An HR software such as sumHR too can be a great gift to employees. Just sign up for the free trial and see the delight on your employees' faces.

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Written by
Ankkita Chauhan
Ankita is a content writer at SocioSquares. She has 4+ years hands-on experience in copywriting, marketing and social media.
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