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A Guide To Travel, Work and Make Money Through Freelancing On The Go

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April 6, 2017

There are several case studies and stories of people traveling the world, making money, and building careers on the go. More and more people are opting for the freelance route to a fulfilling career. Several companies are also going office-less and hiring employees from around the world. With internet availability in most parts of the world, it is no longer impossible to travel and work together. Here’s our guide to travel, work, and make money through freelancing on the go:

Freelancing on the go

This is a guest post submitted by Garima Juneja (Coworking India Magazine)

1. Determine your skillset and strengths

A majority of people simply choose a career in which they pursued a degree. While it’s the right thing to do, it couldn't be the best thing for everyone. If you are a science graduate but have your heart in being a writer, freelance is one place that values experience and passion more than degrees. Freelancing gives you an opportunity to make a career in the skills that you are best at. It is important to determine which skillset(s) you are going to pursue.

2. Get yourself acquainted with websites that have freelance jobs relevant to your skills

There is no dearth of websites that act as a marketplace to connect freelancers and employers. However, different websites are suited for different purposes. While websites like Upwork & Freelancer are widely popular for jobs in varied fields, others including Fiverr are for smaller tasks that can be accomplished within $5. While Upwork remains the top choice for freelancers and employers, several other Upwork alternative websites are also present that can help you score freelance jobs in the niche you prefer.

3. Build your way up on freelance websites

It is important to build a good profile on freelance websites. You can select the freelance websites that you wish to be active on and start applying for jobs on them. You can start by applying with a lower quote to beat the competition, build reviews on your profile, and then work your way up. With competition on a very high toll, it is only wise to start with jobs that require less experienced professionals and also might pay a little lesser. The experience and income level can thus be increased with a fully reviewed and experienced profile and portfolio.

4. Create a lead funnel and a sales routine

When you start applying for jobs on freelance platforms, do not forget to create a bigger lead base than required. If you already have received a response from 5-10 clients, don't stop applying to other jobs. Leads to conversion ratios are usually small and it is important to create a lead funnel and follow up mechanism.

5. Plan your travels efficiently in advance

Now it comes to the travel part. If you want to work while traveling, you will have to spend wisely and create time schedules for yourself. Some booking sites that could help you get good accommodation for a lesser price are,,, You can always check which hostels have wifi included and especially go for those. Always schedule your work and leisure time beforehand. Anyone who says you can pick up your bag, go anywhere and work along the way was lying. All good travel freelancers plan their travel way ahead.

We shared some stepping stones to work, travel, and make money by freelancing on the go. Several people have found success on YouTube, Instagram, and creating their blogs. You can find your own way as you go!

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