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5 Ways to Keep Employees Engaged on Your Enterprise Social Network

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Team sumHR
July 3, 2012

Yesterday, we told you why it is important for startups, SMBs, and growing companies to use enterprise social networks. We had also promised various techniques that a startup or an SMB can use for efficiently engaging with the employees on a business social network. In sumHR HRMS, the Streams feature for social networking for employees was developed keeping employee engagement in mind.

Now here are 5 ways how you can keep your employees engaged on your enterprise social network:

Status Updates

Post regular status updates to interact with your employees. It could be anything, maybe the creaky door was fixed, the weather, or if the office pantry just got a new microwave. You can also post motivational, leadership, or funny quotes. In sumHR, we have also included the ability to tag employees. So, if a status update relates to someone in your team, you can always tag them.


In addition to Status Updates, it is a good practice to comment on posts made by employees. In sumHR, updates such as birthdays or employees hire anniversaries are automatically posted by the system. However, members of the senior management and internal HR always make it a point to wish or congratulate the employees by commenting on the posts, thus giving that personal touch.


It is said that a picture speaks a thousand words. Be it Facebook or Twitter, research says that users tend to look at images than text. Who says you can’t replicate that same technique on an enterprise social network? In fact, you can post relevant pictures and videos for better engagement. The image or video can be informational or funny, and should invite the employees to comment.


As indicated in a previous post, you can use polls to interact with your employees and know their views about various issues. Employees appreciate it when they are made part of the decision making process. Regardless of the management-style at your organization, you can always use this feature either to gauge employee morale or ask opinions on small but important issues such as venue for picnics or the cuisine for that quarterly party! In sumHR, we integrated our Ask feature in Streams to enable better polling and interaction.


You can take employee engagement to the next level by holding competitions on your company social network. Use Status Updates or Polls to ask trivia questions to your employees. To make it more interesting, you can also keep prizes for the person who correctly answers the quiz. This not only engages the employees, but also offers an incentive to them for visiting and using the enterprise social network.

We are sure that the above techniques will enable you to for efficiently engage with your employees on a business social network. Feel free to list out any other employee engagement activities carried out on your enterprise social network!

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Team sumHR
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