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5 Best Ways to Create a Great Office Atmosphere: For Startups & Small Businesses

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Ankkita Chauhan
November 15, 2012

A guide to create a great office atmosphere should be followed in order to attain better employee engagement and more output. Here are a few pointers:


Honest communication should be carried out amongst your employees, and between you and your employees. Don’t encourage them to lie and avoid being dishonest to get more work done. Dishonesty in the work place and lack of communication won’t help you and your employees be alert about work. The better the communication the better the awareness of what is going on in the work place.


Understand your employees! Whenever they ask you for a leave or make any mistake, hear them out. Put yourself in their shoes and understand what they’re going through. This will help them be honest with you and avoid intimidation. There will also be less or no animosity in the work place.

Be alert

Be alert about your employees, their work, and behavior. How they feel should be reflected in their work and behavior. If any employee is undergoing any problem at work or otherwise, try to help him/her out. On the other hand, if any employee is complained about too much, look into it. Don’t let a rotten apple spoil the bunch.

Clean, green, and character

It cannot be stressed enough that an office needs to be de-cluttered and clean. Get your employees to clean up regularly and recycle if possible. Office plants sooth the environment too. Also, allow your employees to add character to their desks and cubicles with pictures, figurines etc. This will help them lighten up the work place and avoid a drab feeling.

Time outs

Give your employees the occasional holiday or half day if they need it. They too need a break and have important things outside of work. A well-deserved break will do wonders and may even help them work better after a hiatus.

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Ankkita Chauhan
Ankita is a content writer at SocioSquares. She has 4+ years hands-on experience in copywriting, marketing and social media.
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