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5 Ways to Have an Awesome Company Culture for Employees

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August 6, 2012

Besides having a dream to create a profitable venture, many entrepreneurs also have a dream to build a company that is loved by not only its customers but also its employees. Nevertheless, for doing that they require a company culture that is revered by the people who make it, which is, the employees. Many a time startups and small businesses end up concentrating more on their services and products, and less on HR management and employees.

Anyway, here are 5 ways to create an awesome company culture:


As the leader of the organization, you need to have a vision as to where your organization is going. There has to be a goal. And when you share this with your employees, they too should be in tandem with the vision that you have set and will have a set direction to work.


An organization is somewhat of a living entity. And that's why there should be a lot of interaction amongst all its stakeholders. The employees and teams and the management should communicate regularly, for matters that are of formal nature as well as informal, such as extra-curricular activities.

Non-monetary Rewards

Money is not the only motivation for employees these days, particularly in startups. As an entrepreneur if you want your startup to have an awesome work culture, make sure your employees feel the same by offering them something extra in addition to their salaries. It could be rewards, recognition, a better work-life balance, or even regular reviews!


Compared to industrial behemoths, startups usually have a culture that is transparent because of the flat-structure they follow. However, there are times when there is a lack of transparency, especially when decisions that pertain to HR policies are taken. When there is more transparency, there is more trust and thus more motivation.

Hiring Tactics

Hiring the right candidate for your startup is one of the most important things that leads to creating an awesome work culture. Every company, whether it is big or small, has its own unique culture. As a leader you have to ensure that individuals who are capable of carrying forward your principles, ethics, vision, etc are hired. A right profile with wrong attitude can be more counterproductive to your progress.

The points mentioned will enable you to create an awesome company culture for your employees. You can also share your ideas in the comments section on what makes your company’s culture so different and awesome.

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