3 Things to Re-consider When Recruiting

Team sumHR
September 20, 2015

For an entrepreneur or a business owner, one of the biggest concerns is to get the best talent.

3 Things to Re-consider When Recruiting

The last few decades has seen various perceptions developed about a person’s behavior and mentality and his attitude towards situations and scenarios. Everyone wants to hire a person who not only has awesome skill-sets but also an awesome attitude.

As the world changes and becomes globalized, all facets of the business world will require some amount of flexibility and recruitment is one of them. Here are three things that you shouldn’t bother about when you begin the recruiting process:

Job Hopping

Job Hopper

How many times have we not hired a skilled individual just because of his job hopping tendencies? The general perception is that if he has done it earlier, he will also do the same at my business. Agreed, it is better to be safe than sorry, but as they say in every difficulty lies an opportunity. In fact, if you come across a ‘job hopper’, you can probe further to know why he left all his ex-companies. Maybe you’d have something different to offer him that his ex-employers didn’t? Who knows, your company culture or environment could be what he was expecting as his ideal workplace.


This is something that affects people on both sides of the spectrum. New-age companies tend to prefer younger individuals while old behemoths favor older candidates. There are always petty reasons – maybe she is too old for this strenuous job or maybe he is too inexperienced! At the end of the day, everything in business is about challenges and achievements. Age does not usually play a role in such things. How else can you explain ‘inexperienced’ young entrepreneurs making millions or 50- and 60-year olds climbing the highest peaks? Age may play a role when it comes to adjusting to the company culture. But beyond that it doesn’t play a role as such. What really matters is the skills and the zeal to find solutions to problems.

Professional Background

One more factor that plays an important role when selecting someone for a position is the professional background of the individual. Many a time, a resume is discarded just because a person is from a different background. At a time when talent crunch is at its peak, business owners should be bold enough to take decisions and do something that is different. There have been multiple instances when professionals from one industry have gone and achieved great heights in another. In case you are bothered about the ability of a person to deliver the results in your industry, you can always choose to meet him for an exploratory discussion and gauge his problem-solving skills.

At the end of the day, it is all about the ‘human’ factor. It is not for nothing that recruitment is a part of Human Resources and not Sales or Purchasing.

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