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4 Leave Management System Modules Your HRMS Should Have

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There are numerous employees in every organization. Keeping track of all their leaves via emails can be quite a difficult task. And let’s not even get into the discussion of maintaining spreadsheets! A good HRMS allows you to effectively manage leaves of employees easily and effectively.

Leave Management System Modules/ Features your HRMS must cover

4 leave management features in a HRMS

Simply keeping a track of how many leaves an employee takes is not sufficient. A good HRMS will have a leave management system & should offer the four features mentioned below.

#1. Creation and Management of Leave Policies

One of the essential features of a good leave management system is to give the employer the power to create and manage leave policies easily. Customization of policy rules regarding accrual calculations, half-day permissions, clubbing of leaves, overutilization of leaves etc. must be made available.

Creation and Management of Leave Policies

#2. Leave Balancing

How tiring and tricky is it to keep track of the number of leaves an employee takes? A good leave management system will help you bid adieu to all confusions regarding leave histories because it will allow the employer and the employees to track the past leave history easily. This will not only add to ease of management, but also to the transparency in your organization. Also, all previous leave applications and the conversations associated with them will be displayed right there. Thus, leave balancing and management will be much easier with the correct HRMS.

Leave Balancing

#3. FAQs about the Company’s Leave Policies

This may sound very trivial, right? But think of it… Are you tired of answering the same/repetitive questions from different employees? A good HRMS can help you get over this problem by providing an extensive set of FAQs about the leave policies of a company. It should ideally auto-generate these and you need not feed them in.

The employees will not have to contact the employer for each and every query as all the frequently asked questions will already be displayed on every employee’s leave page. All the employees will have to do is to click on the policy and find the answers to their questions. This saves time and efforts of both employers and employees!


#4. List of Public and Company Holidays


Another essential feature of an effective leave management system is maintaining a list of public and company holidays. A lot of time of the employer is wasted upon notifying the employees about a public or a company holiday. Typically, such leaves are fixed and are set to occur every year; therefore it makes sense to generate a list that has all these leaves incorporated in it. The effort of creating a new holiday list each year and notifying the company about it will, therefore, be eliminated. The employer will have to simply click and choose the leaves that must be implemented in his/her organization as per their leave policies.

List of Public and Company Holidays


sumHR has all the above-mentioned features in its attendance monitoring and leave management module. You can click here to use it for free and to experience the best way to manage human resources.


We hope this post helped you in understanding the essentials of a good leave management system that must be covered by a human resource management system. Quality is important and with the correct HRMS, an organization can be managed with minimum efforts and maximum efficiency!

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