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Improving Hiring Process: Leveraging Social Media Recruitment


When hiring new people, you only want the best for your company. The company’s hiring process and employees determine its future and its overall success or failure. Thus, hiring the right people for the job is essential. Employees are also the face of the company when it comes to the public. Therefore, they play a significant role in branding your company right. But where can you find the right talent and prospective employees for your firm? This is where powerful social media tools come into the picture.

What Is Social Media Recruiting?


As the name suggests, social media recruitment means using social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Hirect, Facebook,, and Instagram to hire people. With social media platforms’ advent and exponential growth, every business has luck finding worthy candidates on them. Furthermore, most people looking for a job have a social media presence. Therefore, social recruiting has become more common and efficient than traditional job board postings, announcing vacancies, or employee referrals.

An example of social media recruiting strategy can be hiring candidates through LinkedIn. Many job seekers are present on such social media tools to improve their professional network. Through social media and HR management software, recruiters can easily target and find potential hires that fit the company culture and job requirements.. 

What Are the Benefits of Social Recruiting?

Social media sites can help a company find potential candidates and avoid a hiring gap if the current employees leave. Moreover, several other benefits are involved with using social media sites for recruitment:

1. Find Passive Candidates

Your business can find ideal candidates in people not looking for job opportunities. Social media sites make hiring easier for active job seekers and help target a wider audience of passive candidates, although the latter might be satisfied with their current role or might not want to put up with an interview process. However, social media sites allow you to reach those ideal candidates even if they’re not looking to change jobs. They may see a post or video of your social recruiting efforts and be inclined to apply. 

Thus, if you want to access the best talent pool and passive candidates, use social media sites.

2. Find Quality Employees

You can easily find qualified candidates, as social media recruitment strategies allow you to target people matching your job requirements. You could filter your advertisements according to the skills, employee experience, industry, profile, etc. Even if you don’t want to invest in paid advertising, you could push your results and reach job seekers using the correct platform, hashtags, the latest trends, etc. 

3. Promote Core Company Values and Culture

You can entice potential hires by displaying employer branding and the benefits that your company offers on social media sites. It can be employee-generated content communicating the culture and values of your current workforce. You could target highly qualified job candidates and give them an insight into what it would look like to work in your company.

4. Effective Recruitment Process

Social recruiting efforts can be much more rewarding than traditional searching methods through employee networks and websites. You can save money and can also find active job seekers quickly. The advertising would also cost less compared to full-fledged employee networks. Also, using cloud HR software and payroll software can maximize your HR efforts.

5. Easier Candidate Screening

Social media sites, such as LinkedIn and Indeed, are the perfect way to learn more about your potential hires. You can easily check out their past experiences and qualifications. Additionally, scanning their LinkedIn account for published material, awards, and recognition might help you easily get through the applications.

6. Grow Employee Referral Program

You can ask and teach your current employees how to use their social networking platforms to engage with the company’s social media posts. Your employees may promote the job openings in their circles, leading to employee referrals that cost less than paid job advertisements. It can help in employer branding and grow healthy organizational cultures.

These benefits make it worth having social media accounts and engaging in a social recruitment process.

How to Use Social Media Recruitment Practices


Social media channels require strategizing like any other recruitment strategy. You need to engage in the best practices to ensure you reach your target audience. Here are the top social media recruitment strategies to follow:

1. Explore and Choose the Best Social Media Channels

It would be better to focus your social recruiting efforts on the correct hiring channel for your company. 

  • For example, many design, video, or graphic media companies look for hires on Instagram. They can check their social media feeds and get an idea about the candidate’s personality and skills. 
  • LinkedIn is an excellent social media platform to find people for your company among active job seekers. You can post your job opportunities and check out the candidates based on their work profiles.
  • Other channels include Twitter, YouTube, or niche social media sites like GitHub or StackOverflow.

It’s essential to choose the correct platform for your talent acquisition strategy. It would help you find the best candidates and grow your social media presence.

2. Enhance Your Social Media Presence

You should improve your social media profiles to attract the ideal candidates. It would help gain insights into the work culture and help job seekers learn more about the company and the role.

  • Focus on creating separate social media profiles on your company’s appropriate channels. It would help build credibility and increase the presence. However, your focus should be on the best platform for your niche. For example, a professional, legal, or medical business would find LinkedIn suitable. In contrast, a creative start-up might find suitable candidates on Facebook or Instagram.
  • The content should focus on your core company values and culture. It would attract potential hires and passive job candidates to apply to your career opportunities. You could add videos and social media posts about the employee experiences and your company’s offers once you join it. Remember that this content should be targeted towards potential hires and not just your customers to get the best results.
  • Include details that might attract job seekers and put the best foot forward for your company.

You may put your social recruiting efforts into building the best and most honest business profile to attract a high-value talent pool.

3. Invest in Social Media Advertising 

Social media advertising can be an inexpensive and a quick way to find the best people for your team. It targets a specific audience, making it easier to screen through the candidates. 

* You should target candidates based on employee experience, job title, job description, necessary skills, location, industry, etc.
* You should track results from your paid advertising campaign to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth. It will take a bit of trial and error to find your target audience. 

4. Create Lively Social Media Feeds

You must showcase your business in the best light. You should engage and entice your online audience with exciting social media posts:

* Use pictures, visuals, and videos to attract job seekers. Advertise your career opportunities with the help of catchy content. This is especially useful on platforms such as Instagram.
* Be descriptive about the job opportunities. Ensure you include everything you want in your ideal candidate’s job description.

5. Employee Referrals

Both active and passive job seekers often feel better and more confident and secure about a job opportunity when informed by a friend. That’s why an employee referral program could be an excellent option for your potential hires.

* You should ask your employees to optimize their LinkedIn profiles to display the company name and work. They could also include the website link and the open career opportunities in their social media feeds.
* Moreover, you can ask your current employees to post on their social media accounts. They might have a personal connection who would be the perfect candidate for your company. 

Social networks are the perfect way to advertise, grow, and manage your employer brand. You must give the potential candidates what they’re looking for when they arrive at your website: detailed information about the job opening. Additionally, avoid confusion, inaccurate information, and miscommunication when attracting potential employees.

Let us understand how to use social media to get the right talent for the company.

1. A Linkedin Presence is a Must


LinkedIn is a social media platform specially created for businesses and working people and their recruitment process. It is a great place to look for like-minded people, people working in different companies, and people looking for jobs. Having a solid LinkedIn profile will boost your social presence and help potential employees look for the company and know more. 

To complete the hiring process checklistthe LinkedIn profile must be completed and presented up to date, including the core company values, company network, crucial roles, growth opportunities, etc. All the latest news and events of the company must be highlighted here. This way, when potential candidates look up to your company, they know exactly what they would be dealing with and the progress that the company is making. 

LinkedIn uses a search engine algorithm where it aims to pair the right talent with the perfect company. You never know who might be looking for jobs while working in other companies. The LinkedIn job posts section is ideal for announcing that your company is now hiring. For more reach, one can also interact in various social groups related to the company’s interests.

2. Social Media Platform for Hiring Process


LinkedIn is a social media channel that is not meant solely for recruitment but is a largejob marketfor social recruiting. It also helps you to develop connections and look for a like-minded crowd, along with job listings and social recruiting efforts. 

On the other hand, there are several recruitment platforms that skip this connection stage and directly work with job postings. First, the company needs to create its page or account and update it here. Further, they can now post their requirements as a job post. Then, people who are interested in applying can directly do so on the portal. 

The company then gets all the details of the people who applied and can select an ideal candidate from the list. This can also be a part of the employee referral programs, where the engaged employees generate employee referrals and bring in prospective candidates through social media networks.

3. Boost Your Social Media Presence


Reaching out to a larger group on social media channelsand increasing your presence for social recruiting efforts is all about marketing right. You need not spend a considerable sum of money when it comes to the marketing and recruitment processes. Rather, focus on the algorithm of the social media sites you are interested in. Here are some things that can help you catch up with the algorithm.

  • Use Popular Hashtags – Hashtags are a great way to look for interested people and passive candidates on social media sites. These are key terms that prospects search for in their search engine. For instance, while hiring for the digital marketer position, use the hashtag #hiringdigitalmarketer. This way, your post shall reach the right person, making your recruitment efforts advantageous. 
  • Post Regularly and Consistently – Consistency is the key to boosting your social media presence. So make a schedule and post as per that on a fixed time. This helps the social media sites’ algorithm identify you and your page to boost viewership and add value to your recruitment process.
  • Being Trendy – Trends are something that quickly catches up with people. Most users love to experiment and do new things on multiple social media sites in their hiring process. Thus using trends can help your page reach a larger mass. 

Wrapping Up


The workforce is the driver behind every company’s growth. If not for the people, a company would be nothing but a piece of paper and an empty building. Similarly, the HR team and personnel are the drivers behind any business. From finding a team to ensuring employee engagement and satisfaction, there’s no end to HR’s work, including managing the attendance management software, performance review software, or a cloud HRMS. With sumHR, we aim to make it easier by providing a cloud-based HR platform in India for all functions of HR. Visit us now to eliminate tedious paperwork and make things easier for your employees and the team with our HR software!

Which social media platform is used the most for hiring?

LinkedIn is currently the top social hiring platform. It allows candidates to build a professional network while the companies can easily post their job opportunities.

How can social recruiting help save money?

Employee job boards and websites are often expensive for postings. It can also lead to an application influx of unqualified candidates as there is often no filter. With social media platforms, you can target your audience with minimum expenses. Moreover, you can use organic posts or paid advertisements depending on the budget. These options are cheaper than the traditional methods.

What are good social media hiring practices?

A few good social media hiring practices include:
- Investing in paid advertising;
- Creating a strong online presence
- Engaging in employee ambassador programs.
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