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Best Attendance Management Software in India

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Before we list out the top attendance management software in India, we want to ask whether you knew that performing various functions of HR such as calculating payroll now takes less than a quarter of the time it did previously?

One of the reasons for this improvement in efficiency is by having the best attendance management system in place for the organisations and managing employee attendance and leaves.

Consider how much time and effort the average human resources department devotes for routine responsibilities such as payroll administration, attendance, and time tracking. Adding to that, there are recruitment and performance management activities which are high bandwidth-eating activities.

You can save time on regular activities by having the correct human resources solution at your fingertips, allowing you to spend more time discovering, recruiting, and training people well.


Blame the attendance management?

Today’s workforce dynamics are continually changing, and firms must react rapidly to remain competitive by managing time, and in turn, save the cost.

Your organization must deal with compliance concerns, payroll errors, and other issues if you do not have a dependable attendance management system.

How can you do that?

Your organization can save time, decrease administrative labor, keep correct attendance records, and avoid process restrictions by replacing paper-based timesheets with proper attendance management software.

Attendance management is the practice of recording employee working hours, employee attendance records, login time, departures, breaks, and time off in order to avoid employee time theft.

To control employee attendance, companies use a variety of ways, ranging from punch cards and spreadsheets to automated attendance management systems and biometric systems.


Essential features of an attendance management system


You can recognize a good cloud based attendance management system based on the advanced features provided by them. Some of the key features that every attendance management system must have are as follows:

1. Clocking in/out 

Employees can clock in and out using magnetic card readers or their mobile phone numbers which acts as an employee time clock. Employees can also register break periods using these technologies, allowing employers to keep track of their productivity throughout the day. Card readers are a popular choice since they eliminate the possibility of proxy attendance.


2. Leave management

When an employee fails to show up for work, it is not right to simply designate them as “absent.” Employees should be able to submit a request for leave to management or sick time if they need a day or half-day off.

Making this a routine will build a feeling of discipline in your employees. The attendance software must keep track time of vacation time and benefits. Employees can, for example, use PTO or vacation days to time off, guaranteeing correct remuneration and compliance to business policies.


3. Payroll systems

When your cloud attendance software is linked to your employee payroll, you’ll find it much easier to deduct or compensate employees salaries based on their attendance. It can also take into account permitted leaves and compensated vacation time.

Thus any organization can benefit by using the HRMS & payroll software in various ways like Payroll processing, preserving salary records for every employee in the firm, keeping track of deductions, employee time-tracking and attendance, loans, allowances, and bonuses.


4. Compliance of policies

Organizations may assure policy and regulatory compliance without much effort by deploying an automated staff attendance management system. Every employee is entitled to vacations, time off, and overtime compensation under company policies.

With the help of attendance systems, the companies can edit the policies based on the requirements and every employee in the organization is aware of these attendance policy and must comply by them.


5. Reporting

Based on the data acquired by the system, our time and attendance software should be able to generate customized reports and analysis. Expect your attendance management system to provide you with data for a variety of custom reports, including insights into hours worked, shift patterns, and so on, all with the goal of increasing productivity.

Insightful Reports give data in a visually appealing format that can be distributed throughout a company. Business information elements provide analysis that supports in future decision-making and modifications to attendance regulations.

Top 10 best attendance management system:


You want the best for your company and therefore it is crucial to know all the possible alternatives before making a choice on the employee attendance management system you want for your company.

You must conduct a thorough research on the numerous companies providing a platform for attendance management and thus to make your decision making process easier and choose the ideal attendance management system, below are 10 best attendance management system to choose from based on the major features provided by them.

1) SumHR

About the company:

SumHR is another HRMS that seeks to help small businesses and startups streamline their HR and payroll procedures. Its goal is to change people’s perceptions of human capital management by making boring jobs easier for HR practitioners. It is on a journey to improve the effect of HR departments in businesses all over the world. With over 300+ clients across India, UAE, UK & more, it is by far one of the best HRMS in the market. They are known for being one of the best biometric attendance system in India to track attendance and manage leaves with payroll integration. Not just that, your employees can maintain their attendance and other HRM processes on their app which is available on Play Store.

Distinctive features:

  • Maintain control over your HR data. Employees will have more control if HR data is digitized.
  • Keep track of attendance and time off.
  • Track employee time from any device, at any time of day or night.
  • Payroll and expenditure claims can be simplified.
  • Organize the HR department.
  • HR processes are made more efficient.
  • Examine your performance.
  • Recruit people and help them advance their careers.


2) Keka

About the company:

The main purpose of Keka is to help enterprises in India improve their employee experience using accurate process which in turn contributes to reducing the employee turnover. Keka had over 400 customers across India utilizing their platform to optimize HR and payroll procedures within a year of its introduction in 2016.

Distinctive features:

  • The employee-centric HR and payroll software.
  • Entry tracking.
  • Time management.
  • Examine your performance.
  • Onboarding and hiring.
  • Managing a project.
  • Specifications of the product.
  • Created with an Indian employee perspective in mind.


3) ZingHR


About the company: 

ZingHR, one of the oldest HRM providers, has maintained its technical expertise to provide a modern and comprehensive HR solution that is used by over 5 lac employees in over 500 enterprises. ZingHR offers a mobile-first, employee-centric approach.

ZingHR is trusted by startups and medium-sized organizations to achieve company strategy alignment, team execution, and peak employee performance.

Distinctive features:

  • It claims to use a mobile-first, employee-centric approach that spans the whole employee life cycle, from recruitment to termination.
  • Employee self-service portal.
  • Employee data management.
  • Leave management platform.
  • Claims management.
  • Payroll processing.


4) GreytHR

About the company:

Greytip cloud-based Software was formed with the goal of offering enterprises all around the world with relevant and cost-effective HR software solutions. Focusing on small and medium businesses, the company claims that their product GreytHR is solely assisting with the technical part of the business.

Distinctive features:

  • Employee lifecycle management.
  • Control of an employee’s information.
  • Leave, attendance.
  • Headcount analysis.
  • Payroll processing.
  • Salary payout and pay slip creation.


5) Kredily

About the company: 

Kredily was established in the year 2017 with the goal of making HR software accessible to all businesses in India and began with the goal of transforming HR for businesses across India. Kredily has been trusted by 1000+ enterprises since its beginning. 

Distinctive features:

  •  Employees can punch in their attendance from any location
  • Organizations can create custom attendance policies and integrate them with payroll in real time
  • Kredily comes with its own self-service portal
  • Biometric attendance monitoring devices can be attached to the system
  • Management of Human Resources
  • Data Retention and management of the employee database.


6) Securtime

About the company:

Securtime is India’s most popular time management and workforce management software. Securtime provides with services that allows enterprises to track their scattered workforce in real time. It includes biometric systems sensors, a Web app, and mobile apps as components. 

Distinctive features:

  • Regulating of employer-employee interactions.
  • Securtime offers customized attendance/absence management solution.
  • Smooth attendance to payroll realization.
  • Boosts productivity by managing leaves and overtime plans.
  • Works with all payroll/HRMS systems and biometric systems.
  • Absence management.
  • Automated warnings.
  • Job costing, reports, and analytics.
  • Track of your on-premise, remote, and on-the-street staff in real time.


7) Adrenalin eSystems Limited (AeSys)

About the company:

In India, Adrenalin eSystems Limited (AeSys) is a well-known Human Capital Alignment software provider.  Adrenalin is a web-based comprehensive solution that manages business-to-employee strategic and administrative processes.

It enables everyone in the business to work together and with the highest level of commitment and teamwork possible which in turn contributes towards team productivity. Adrenalin develops perfect solution that transforms your HR function into a digital attendance management system, utilizing the power of software to optimize your most valuable resource – your people.

Distinctive features:

  • Cloud-based and web-based human resource management system.
  • Manages critical business-to-employee strategic, administrative, and HR processes.
  • The software is Workflow-based, browser-independent, and with appropriate self-service features to support employee-to-business transactions.
  • Individual skills are tracked, making recruitment a faster, easier, and more effective process.
  • Applications for System Security and Software Management.
  • Resume Database Management.
  • Recruiting Candidate Management.


8) Qandle

About the company:

The company’s platform provides an all-in-one solution for HR that organizes and manages all essential HR operations, including personnel management, objectives and feedback, performance reviews, expense management, and payroll, among others.

Distinctive features:

  • Can be customized to a company’s program, processes, and rules.
  • Workflows, payrolls, travel, and business expenditures are all simplified with Qandle.
  • Documentation, administrative, and other business operations are all managed.
  • Employee information and records are stored in a database.
  • Profiles and a directory are available.
  • Employee Self-Service is available.


9) HR Mantra

About the company:

HR Mantra is a leading cloud attendance software in India that has been adopted by large companies throughout the country. It uses an adaptive approach and advanced technologies to reduce the difficulties of HR activities.

HRMantra covers all HRMS functions from candidate entry to employee exit, including staffing, induction, HRIS, attendance, leave, payroll, training, and assessments.

Distinctive features:

  • Built with the most recent Angular 7 technologies.
  • HRMantra allows you to auto-assign all employees based on several hierarchies such as company, department, designation, location, and so on.
  • Manual assignment is also possible, as well as the import of assignment data.
  • Compute leave.
  • Learning management.
  • Project management.
  • Payroll can be easily generated.


10) HROne

About the company:

HROne was founded in 2013 with the goal of simplifying  complex process that were previously manual and inefficient. HROne is a systematic HR management and staff management solution for companies of all sizes.

It allows smooth interaction with other applications, allowing you to establish an efficient “human resources system” in addition to unique features and functions.

Distinctive features:

  • Employee Information System.
  • Positions are created and managed.
  • Assign Recruiter Positions.
  • Candidates are evaluated and feedback is shared.
  • Helps to maintain a database of candidates.
  • Mobile App available.
  • Recruitment Management.
  • Employee Lifecycle Management.
  • Attendance Management, leave Management and payroll Management.


By now you have a clear idea about what to expect from a good cloud-based attendance management software and the decision of choosing the attendance system your company wants to adopt is a very vital process, thus it must taken after keeping in mind the major key features, benefits of attendance tracking provided by the software, technical aspects and various other factors.

The days of your organization having to deal with human errors are long gone. With the progress of technology, you can now adopt smart systems that will save all of your attendance information while reducing your tension.

A good attendance management system will provide you with better insight into employee working hours, prevent missing punches, and simplify attendance monitoring. An attendance management system’s features play a key role in making time and attendance tracking easier.

You must choose the software that acts as the perfect solution for all the HR related problems your company is facing and hope you make the right choice with your attendance management software.

If you’re still unsure you can book a free demo with sumHR. Get access to all attendance management features with payroll software, recruit, HRIS and other HR processes for best employee experience.


1. Which software is used in attendance management system in India?

sumHR is one of the most popular attendance management software in India. They have an app from which employees can take care of their HRM activities and check their employee life-cycle easily. sumHR provides easy biometric integration as well and ties it pretty good with the payroll management.

2. Does Excel have attendance tracking feature?

Not exactly. You can find some templates out there which provides sheets to track attendance. You have to define the values first for all those templates.

3. Is there any app for attendance for employees?

Yes, free software like sumHR provides attendance management on their app. This HRM software in India provides free tool to organizations and integrate biometric attendance, leaves management and payroll integration too.

4. How do HR manage attendance?

HRs maintain attendance via HRM software like sumHR, SAP, Oracle, Keka, Darwinbox etc. or by manually registering it on books or via Microsoft Excel.

5. What is the best way to tack employee attendance?

The best way to track attendance is by integrating a biometric HRMS tool (for e.g. sumHR, SAP, Oracle, etc.) in your organization if you have employees working at office. If you have remote working employees, get an HRMS solution which provides attendance tracking online or via GPS.

6. How to install attendance management system?

The provider/ software developer of the attendance management system will provide all the necessary support to integrate the attendance system in your organisation. You just need to provide them your requirements and they will integrate it accordingly.

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