Attendance Management for Admins: sumHR HR Software Feature Update

Attendance HR Software

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We have just launched the Attendance feature for sumHR HR software. Users will now be able to record and save their Clock In and Clock Out times. We are sure you would be excited to try out the new feature.

As an Admin, you will have to first set it up for your users, according to your company policies and structure. To do this:

Go to Setup Company (under Manage, Left Navigation bar) >> Shifts (Under Attendance) to create the shifts.

You can define the Shift Name, Shift Timings, and the employees who will work in that shift. In case, the shift timings are such that they encompass two different days, then select the Next Day option. You can also define the Grace Time for late marks as well as the time duration before/after which an employee can punch in/out. Click Submit to create the shift.

The Attendance management system also allows you to restrict the login to a particular IP address.

Go to Setup Company (under Manage, Left Navigation bar) >> Log Option (Under Attendance) to add IP addresses.

Click on the Add IP button to enter the Network Name, IP address range, and the Shifts. Click Submit.

And that’s not all! We are also working to accommodate different time zones, statistics, email notifications, color identifiers, editing of logs by HR/Admin, linking with leaves and company holidays, etc.

Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Jay Thaker

Jay is the Chief \”Go-To\” Officer at sumHR. He spearheads sales, support, product management and all things \”creative\”. Before this, he\’s worked in the startup teams at Burrp! and He loves writing whenever he gets the chance. Most often his writing will talk about sumHR, startups, leadership, motivation, inspiration and of course, HR best practices.

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