All your HR needs, in one HR Software.

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Manage your HR Information

Digitize HR data, give power in the hands of employees

Employee profiles, company directory, org-chart and more! We make it really easy for you to manage HR data with self-service options – on web or mobile – which ensure it’s always up-to-date.

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Automate payroll & expense claims

Run payroll in minutes, hassle free and always on time

Make payroll stress-free with our robust and reliable processing engine which not only automates the calculations but also simplifies the complications, not just for you but for your employees too!

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Track attendance & time-off

Day or night, track employee time from any device

Monitor attendance with web-biometric-mobile integrations that allow employees to clock-in or out from anywhere, and track time-off with a progressive and flexible leave policy system.
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Review performance & OKRs

Strive for greatness and measure all-round progress

Set ambitious objectives, define expected results and check-in to measure goals regularly. Design unique feedback forms, conduct 360° performance reviews and establish a fair appraisal system.