50 Traits of Not-so-good Bosses


Bad BossesEvery week we put in lot of effort to give you some research ready, resourceful HR articles. But this week we’ve taken a lighter look at ‘management’ to give you some funny food for thought.

[Statutory Warning: Before you start reading, this is a mere generalization and not meant to offend anyone. So put on your laughing glasses and be a sport.]

In your career you will at least once come across this specie called the “bad boss”. The ones who have already faced them will know what I’m talking about. The one’s who haven’t, BEWARE! These bad bosses will make you question your existence every moment and give you nightmares. In the context of this article, let’s assume that your boss is a he.

For the employees who wish to know the qualifiers of bad bosses, and for the bosses who wouldn’t mind a reality check, read on:

1. The Dictator (Read: Adolf Hitler in the corporate world with a suit and tie): He walks around barking orders and expects everyone to follow suit. Anyone who dares to contradict is frowned upon like their birth was such a big mistake. He is the dacoit who manages by inducing fear among the villagers.

Psst… which trait does your boss exhibit 😉

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