2 Tips for Admins to Enhance the sumHR User Experience

sumHR Groups Being from the HR industry, we at sumHR know how difficult the job of an HR professional is. But we are sure you are enjoying the sumHR HRMS experience and must be at ease using the features we have developed to offer you a smooth experience, when managing your HR functions.

At sumHR, our endeavor has always been to go beyond the call of duty to ensure that our customers efficiently use the product. So here are two tips that will enable you to better communicate and interact with your employees on sumHR:

1. Groups
The ‘Groups’ feature, so niftily embedded in the software, not only allows you to create official Work groups but also hobby-based communities called as Interest groups. Our experience with multiple clients shows that a platform to allow employees showcase and/or share their non-professional skills and talents keeps them engaged and thus happy. Bonus tip: Almost everyone loves music, some -prefer to listen, while some love to make it. A ‘Music’ group will surely engage your employees and also act as a team-bonding exercise.

2. Ask
sumHR Ask Polls Right from the time the Greeks popularized democracy, polling is an activity that has begged proper tools. As you know we have already incorporated the ‘Ask’ feature that allows you to ask questions and receive almost instantaneous feedback. Again, from our experience with clients and even our own, employees appreciate it when they are made part of the decision making process. Regardless of the management-style at your organization, you can always use this feature either to gauge employee morale or ask opinions on small but important issues such as venue for picnics or the cuisine for that quarterly party!

These two tips on effectively using some of the awesome sumHR features will surely augment your user experience. That’s why we call it Human Resource Management Simplified.

And yes, one more bonus piece of information as you have been kind enough to read this article: The boffins here are furiously typing away lines and lines of code for two new awesome features. Keep watching this space for more details.

Jay Thaker

Jay is the Chief \”Go-To\” Officer at sumHR. He spearheads sales, support, product management and all things \”creative\”. Before this, he\’s worked in the startup teams at Burrp! and Directi.com. He loves writing whenever he gets the chance. Most often his writing will talk about sumHR, startups, leadership, motivation, inspiration and of course, HR best practices.

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