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[Downtime Notice] Migrating to newer servers in January 2018

Hello User, Our hosting service providers are enforcing mandatory server upgrades at their end to upgrade their security measures. They are migrating sumHR servers (and others) to even more secured servers during these scheduled downtimes. Unfortunately, since this is an immediate and high-priority task for our service provider, we are also unable to give enough […]

Annual Holiday List: 2018 Plan Your Year In Advance

Look how fast 2017 just went! With 2018 kicking, all we want to know is when is the next looonggg weekend coming. Well, we are here to tell you and help you pre-plan your holidays for 2018. With our holiday list for 2018, you can decide when you can pack your bags for outstate holiday or […]

15 Ways HR can show Employee Appreciation

For any company, employees are the most valuable asset. From helping bosses to reach their goals to forming a wonderful environment to work in, it becomes important to give back to them in form of gift, kind or great ideas. This giving back is also termed as ‘Employee Appreciation’  Employee Appreciation or Staff Appreciation is a […]

23 November 2017
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8 Strategies for HR Managers To Improve Company Culture

When the 26/11 attack took place at the Taj hotel, every staff of the hotel worked round the clock to save the lives of their guest. Many of them died in the attack, but their families stood proud of the family of a soldier. The then chairman of Tata group, Ratan Tata visited the grieving […]

11 October 2017
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Diwali Gifting Made Easier With These Top 30 Corporate Gifting Companies

Diwali is a festival that is welcomed with loads of love and warmth. We often tend to celebrate the festival with our loved ones and fellow co-workers. So this year why not surprise your colleague and even your employees with some heartfelt, warm and special gifts. And for doing so, you need not scan through [...]

21 September 2017
Coworking space
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List Of Top 10 Coworking Startups In India  

Mumbai being the heart of financial activities in India is without a doubt one of the wealthiest, developed and yet the most expensive place to live or to be in. With scenic beauty and technological growth, Mumbai has turned into a hub for all billionaires and also the glamour. Mumbai being a rich city, starting […]

18 September 2017
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Methods HR Managers Use in Employee Performance Evaluation

An Invaluable Tool: Employee performance evaluation is an indispensable tool for the success of a business and its workforce. The human resources team, therefore, becomes a critical ‘player’ in ensuring that not only are work evaluations conducted regularly, but also effectively enough, to serve the purpose of development for all involved. Irrespective of the methods […]

24 August 2017
Guest Post
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Top 10 Market Research Companies in India

“Market is a word that has a whole new world in it.” No matter how small or big your business is, no matter the product you are introducing has never been introduced before or there are already a lot of competitors for you in the line, no matter you are beginning with a spa service [...]

16 August 2017
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sumHR Is Now Available As An HRMS App! (Android only, for now)

sumHR’s tech ninjas have been working hard in secrecy for a while now, preparing for sumHR 3.0. To kickstart the launch of brand new features and upgrades, we recently launched an HRMS app version of our software. If you’re a customer of ours, you already know how easy it is to use sumHR. The HRMS [...]

11 August 2017
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Top 22 Artificial Intelligence Companies In India That Are Changing The World Of Technology

The artificial intelligence industry is catching up quickly, and is playing a major role in solving some of the most crucial problems faced by companies as well as customers. Artificial intelligence companies are constantly developing latest products to provide the simplest solutions. Here are 22 top ai companies that are developing some of the most [...]

4 August 2017
Guest Post
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How the Virtual Phone System Is Helping Global Recruitment Process In The HR Industry

To work in an appropriate manner, HR industry requires accurate recruitment. The success of any organisation depends on its ability to acquire and retain high-quality human resources. With the advent of a competitive job market, making a fair recruitment is becoming more challenging. Poor recruitment decisions affect the organisational performance, limiting achievement of goals. Right […]

26 July 2017
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PRICING UPDATE: All You Need To Know About sumHR’s New And Improved Pricing Plan

As you’re probably aware, there have recently been 2 major changes in the way Indian startups run and conduct business. One being the implementation of GST, and the other being how startups and SMBs (like you and us) manage their bottom line vs top lines. It’s no longer enough to just depend on investors to […]

25 July 2017
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Top Gaming Companies In India That Make Your Favorite Games

Gaming companies in India have been making exceptional contributions to the gaming development markets globally. The demands for interactive games are on the rise and gaming companies are using this in their favor. Here’s a list of some of the top gaming companies that are connecting the world through games: 1. 2Pi Interactive 2Pi Interactive […]

28 June 2017
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17 Family Office Funds In India To Fund Your Startup

A single family office, or SFO, is the personal wealth management firm of wealthy families. It is widely believed that the concept was first introduced in the 19th century by the Rockefeller family. This concept is also being followed by the wealthiest families in India. While it is said that over 90 SFOs exist in [...]

14 June 2017
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sumHR as your Payroll Outsourcing Business Partner

We are well into the 21st century now and we’ve seen a sea of changes in the way businesses work. The changes and improvements we see are not going to stop, they’re only going to get better. All these changes and technological advances have prompted businesses to thrive. They’re doing so by leveraging the right […]

8 June 2017
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How To Improve Employee Engagement With HR Software

Disengagement at the workplace is a problem that majority of managers have to deal with! According to a recent survey by ET, a whopping 59% of employees do not feel appreciated at work. That means that over half of the total employees in organizations feel that their efforts are not valued and that they are […]

24 May 2017
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27 Hidden Gems Of The Venture Capital Ecosystem In India

When we talk about number of startups founded, India ranks among the top three countries globally. Startups that raised funding between the years of 2007-16 are also on the hunt for another round of funding. To support these startup ideas, the number of venture capital firms are on the rise too. While there are quite [...]

16 May 2017
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Uncomplicate Employee Reimbursement With These Meal Vouchers

Thanks to technology, methods of transactions are constantly evolving. From barter systems to cash payments, we’ve now progressed to digital transactions. Managing expenses when it comes to reimbursing employees can be a real hassle. Tracking email requests along with proof of expense can result in wastage of time. Corporates these days are opting for other [...]

8 HR Issues You’ve Dealt With And How To Eliminate Them

HR teams are constantly facing problems while enforcing policies or facing the backlash by employees. Apart from this, HR issues also include dealing with daily struggles like complaints against pesky coworkers, all the while handling tedious spreadsheets and data. Here’s a lighthearted take on 8 HR issues every HR exec has faced and how to […]

A Guide To Travel, Work and Make Money Through Freelancing On The Go

There are several case studies and stories of people traveling the world, making money and building careers on the go. More and more people are opting for the freelance route to a fulfilling career. Several companies are also going office-less and hiring employees from around the world. With internet availability in most parts of the […]

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